July 13, 2020

The Perfect Triangle with Giuseppe Episode #1 2020.07.10

Giuseppe  & Scorpio interview Dr. Judy Mikovits regarding the Corona-hoax and other fascinating and pertinent issues.  First episode on Revolution Radio.



Holte said...

Not sure who was making that annoying noise in the background but, you might want to work on muting your mic if it was one of the hosts.

Zeebra said...

Looked at the details at archive.org link. I see it's 1h 44m, & the MP3 is 237 MBs ?!

any hope for a smaller size/bit-rate file? slow connection here!

Giuseppe from the District of Criminals said...

I will create a smaller MP3 & put it up at archive.org. The nose blower was nutty. I finally figured out who it was & started muting them. It wasn’t Dr Judy Mikovits.

Zeebra said...

Thanks Giuseppe.

Incidentally, is "Vafanculo" ur real family name, or u just made that up as a handle?

coz I'm aware of the slang term "vafanculo" in Italian, & what it means! :~o

Albert said...

Wow !!!

Your First Show !!!

That was Really FUN Giuseppe !!! :-)

Paul is always a GOOD Caller, he is Very Sincere and Dedicated!

This time his Personal "Mask-tard Encounters" were very very Very ENCOURAGING (and Almost-Humorous!) !!!

-- Especially in His-EMPHASIS that We "Simply"-MUST-NOT: "comply" with the Mask-Crap !!!
-- Because, if we "buckle" / give-even-an-inch ... on EVEN this: "easiest" of STANDS ...
--> It truly IS: FORCED ("Pick us OFF one-by-one...") POISON-Chemical-Injections* (for ALL!) !!! :-o

*I totally-AGREE with Monika !!! --> STOP saying: "vaccine" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

inthemix16 said...

Giuseppe I really dont like to log on since i have to log on to (them) but it was worth logging on to just say Great Job ! I believe you were a Radio TV Journalism major like myself . Never did anything with it but i know what its like . Respect what you did . Living in the heart of a major midwest city ruled by Admiral Akbar , im stunned what i see. Your talking highly educated, single , under 40 demographic.. No body drives so its nothing but a scene out of Night of The Living Dead. As J Fetzer would say "Stunning , just stunning" That being said here is something that is just baffling me Why is it yet not one podcast that im aware has dedicating one single show , to calling out those,guys that we were suppose to thanking for our freedoms for the last 20 years ?? Where ? Wheres all the da boyz who yell out "Semper Fi " on every message board. ? Land of the free home of the brave ??? Crickets ??? What about that oath ? You know the one about protecting your country from within ?? 800 Billion dollars of tax money a year and Bill Gates is still walking. If so. Would he get a burial at sea ? Calling all special Forces calling all special forces, please pic up the white courtesy telephone LOL Hey bro great show.. but guys come one with captcha. That is waaay too much and annoying ... So some of us want to do our best to stay from goog . Lay off of it already

Giuseppe from the District of Criminals said...

Here is the lowfi version link: https://archive.org/details/the-perfect-triangle-10-july-20-lowfi

Thanks inthemix16, yes My first degrees were dual Journalism/Mass Comm Radio/TV. I actually worked in Journalism and radio for nearly 10 years in the 80s, but moved over to more money in PR/Marketing.

Zeebra, you are correct--that is not my true surname. It is a message to Gates, Fauci, Clinton, Graham (who would love it), and all the other globalist rectum lickers and evil minions. I am curious as time goes by, how many peeps will know what that means.

Zeebra said...

ah thx Giuseppe for the low-fi + "Vafanculo" explanation.

To let any lurkers here in on the 'seekrit', it means roughly "fuck you" or "fuck off" in Italiano... :~D

zapoper said...

I'm confused. Giussepe made a show on the third of July. This is from Friday the 10th. I have both recordings but why is this episode #1???

P.S. I forgot to listen to them and so did not post them.

zapoper said...

I see now. He called his first show a roundtable with Deacon John of the Liberation Nation.

Giuseppe from the District of Criminals said...

Zapoper, the July 3rd show was a last minute decision instead of a rerun. It was a roundtable. I was always scheduled to begin my official show The Perfect Triangle on July 10.