August 23, 2020

Financial Collapse - Private equity could be going toxic

There are just over 3000 quoted companies now, compared to over 7000 in the late 90's. There are more private Equity companies than quoted companies. Investment professionals recommend that your portfolio should have exposure to private companies. In this video I go over why you should be very careful about this strategy as the ratio of bankruptcies of PE companies is of a magnitude of 10 times that of listed companies. So, you could be in the position of introducing risk into your portfolio through the back door. Of worry is that there are 2.5 times the ETF's chasing 3,000 companies - this is a major potential risk going forward and one which I will be covering in a near to be released video. Please remember that just because a market (the stock market) seems to be defying gravity and rising higher, it just means that it has further to fall when there is a triggering crisis or crises. We still remain bearish at Strategian but that doesn't mean that there aren't investment opportunities out there. You just have to know what can and is likely to happen and be prepared for events that unfold.

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inthemix16 said...

These are not "investments" . They are trades though one can make the case since 08. So few even ponder, or know. The intentional 08 collapse by my theory was part of the Coupe you are seeing today. Whats the first thing you do when you aral e causing the demise of one entity? steal the loot! Justify printing trillions for yourself. Destroy all price discovery so you can determine who gets what ,and rob the host. Even best of all, you can summons a Website Like Tyler Durdenstein of Zionhedge to play the Judas Goat for your number one mark. Young male, educated, traders, ..The one,s who you want broke. Yes you can always depend on Turdenstein the last 14 years to keep telling you, GO SHORTe, THIS is finally the time, and then such young traders always got the electronic cattle prod rammed right up their ass. How many times to see a large index move 1 maybe even 2 % in 20 minutes. Yea sure. A real " market". It still blows my mind people havent figured out what Zionhege is. The Judas Goat. Come on kids. The water is warm! Then. SNAP! Gone. Some friends still ask, what will the market do today, this week? And ive said for years, Go ask Yellin Yellin the stealing Felon , or the Fall Goy, shabba, Powell, over their morning bagels. Its what ever they want it to be! Anyone to say there is a "market" or price discovery is either lying or an idiot. Remember what is a bullet point of the Protocols i believe? Destroy long trusted institutions . That was the purpose of 08