August 24, 2020

Police Raid Man's Home, Forcibly Quarantine for Refusing COVID-19 Test

I don't know if this is bullshit fear porn or not.

Primary means of acceptable photo identification

Australian passport or foreign passport
Australian state and territory issued identity photo cards
Australia Post Keypass identity card.
Australia Post Digital iD

Do cops ever ask for ID other than the driver's licence? Did this "check point" have medical officials asking to see your medical ID? We don't know from the info provided in this video.

It has come to the point that if you drive you should only carry your driver's licence Any other ID is unnecessary and may cause you problems. They can't create joinder to your medical person with a drivers licence as far as I know, yet!!


Captain Ahab said...

Here is Peggy Hall and Dr. Pam Popper together! When two people with this resolve and attention get together, it is a good sign!

Captain Ahab said...

I do not think the rule of law really matters anymore in Australia and New Zealand! They are all in in this con!They're to the point that they will recognize those laws that have nothing to do with Covid, but those that are in the way, or interfere with this insidious agenda will be trampled upon and completely ignored.

Erik Paul said...

WhatsHerFace's take on Australia