August 21, 2020

History of PCR Testing at Dartmouth as reported by New York Times


Captain Ahab said...

I've said before, when the guys at 'Myth of the 20th Century' are focused and don't stray into tangential and digressive topics, they can put out a solid show. Such is the case with their latest show titled 'Disney- Escape From Tomorrow.' Borsai joins them as they discuss the past present and future of Disney Inc. and how it has completely commodified and bastardized Walt Disney's original vision while primarily becoming now just a massive holding company.

Alternet link if Bitchute is problematic here:!/v/myth20century/QmTyB4eFm9FAiFwBVzhZ3KQ22HZRac2zR2QPCm1GD7fqAM

coincidenceskeptic said...

There must be a silver lining in this cloud - and, I have it.
This is a mass culling of people damaged by media...spearheaded by media.
Just say "NO" to media.
At the very least, if you are addicted to the micro doses of adrenaline created by the hate and fear media promotes, you should switch to a new drug. One that focuses the damage back to you - a person who cannot handle this "High"
Media are the terrorists.
Media is the super spreader of the most dangerous psychopathogens infecting the masses, today.
If people could just enjoy the entertainment value of it all, they could "leave the theater" at the end of the "show" and not go make stupid decisions guided by the Hysteriavirus that thrives in the mind by personal choice - wedged in by an ego that cannot admit to being duped - as that would bring their whole hate and fear filled world down - the best thing that could ever happen to them.
I'm not into horses. I don't care if they won't drink. I'm not dragging anyone, anywhere.
Just because you watched the movie Machete, you do not believe it is real and you act accordingly.
Is it real? Or, is it Memorex? The Shakespearean dilemma of our day.
A real education would have prepared people against the con games.
But, that has not been part of the curriculum since who knows when.
It is still available as a "self study" prisons and on the street - where you will find people adept at self preservation and well aware of the art of the con.

Captain Ahab said...

New York State moving forward with their 'contact tracing,' mandatory vaccinations and quarantine camps. 7 bills up before the legislature dealing with these matters. Here:

Chains said...

This is a mass culling of people damaged by media...spearheaded by media.
Just say "NO" to media.

@coincidenceskeptic, Good points above. Media for my demographic and older is not the media that youth participates and consumes today. It's the comment sections and social media sites that really seem to control so many today. When i go to my elderly parents home today they still have the news channel blaring as background noise, LOL. Not surprisingly they do not participate in any online media. It's a fucked up world but the same brain-dead/ manipulated segment of the population (the majority) continues to feel like they belong and feel like they are "informed". Even you and I can admit we have been duped in this "woke" realm of alternative media, no? :)

Chains said...

I'm finding more and more I have a real desire to pursue old/ ancient hobbies like green woodworking and blacksmithing.

Captain Ahab said...


One of my favorites are the old, traditional glass-blowers who have carried on the ancient art from Jerusalem to Rome to recent modern-day Europe. Werner Herzog's 'Heart of Glass' actually captures the old art in Bavaria in its genuine process and becomes the centerpiece of the movies story. The 'art' of glass blowing knowledge dies within this last village and becomes a microcosm of the decline of the corrupt modern world at large.

Review of 'Heart of Glass' here:

All forms of sculpture give animation to brute matter. From personal body building and sand castles to wood, ice, stone, and glass sculptures! Great work!

Chains said...

Amazing! So sad we put our children in schools for way too long for nothing really.

Liam said...
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