August 18, 2020

Hot Qubits!? [Chicago, DoE, and the blueprint for a quantum internet...]


Captain Ahab said...

Here is the long awaited 'Plandemic Part 2: Indoctrination' released earlier today by ISE Media!

Captain Ahab said...

A video surfaced on Twitter a couple of days ago of dozens and dozens of 'human cages' near Caruthers,CA. Of course, overreaction and the quick drawing of sinister conclusions is the norm in these maddening times, however, there are still those who take the time and effort to research things further before getting carried away.

coincidenceskeptic said...

Quantum Computing smells. Sometimes it smells like bullshit. And, sometimes I hear what appears to be sincere from people I consider to be intelligent.
Dave "Tear it Apart" Jones of EEVBLOG had an engineer on recently that fit that description.
But, I know people who are well educated that still believe in the apocalypse of Man Made Global one tenth of a degree centigrade of warming per decade - and, Death by Covid.
Why? Primarily due to the propaganda technique known as repetition.
So, I have to look back on a time when modern computing theory was being developed and compare the hype of the day with the quantum hype of today.
Where personal computing promised an automation of chores like balancing one's checkbook - which bored the fuck out of me - what hath quantum promised beyond shit like facial recognition and modeling what my next move will be.
What a waste. Just ask me. I'm going to do drugs and try to get laid. Where is the mystery in that?
BTW - why isn't Bill Gates all over this? Assuming that it is a scam, of course.
Bottom line, I have yet to see a user interface. I think they have one but, it may just be a simulation.
And, another thing - where does Intel and AMD stand on this? Their lack of attention maybe the only clue we need.