August 18, 2020

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2020.08.18

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

Today: Fetzer discusses the American insanity with Mitch the producer. (Callers in our two including Giuseppe and Paul)

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KnownUnknown said...

You're a pile of garbage now Fetzer and I no respect left - try some actual logic, maybe read some of your academic work instead of sucking Trump off day...

And Rense is still pushing Hillary so now I'm certain Biden will win.

All the Trumptards failed miserably and I look forward to their demise - especially Jones and the cult over at RBN...

froz said...

Just a little while longer. The children have almost been rescued out of the sewers. Where we go one we go all ! 7D^3 chess moves, trump is a master player.

Zeebra said...

OT: making some twatter waves today that at 2p ET, blue checkmark "FBI Records Vault" twatted out link to Protocols of Zion...

jerry said...

Since this was Jim Fetzer's show, Sandy Hook came to mind. I listened to Deanna Spingola shoot the bull with Dave Gahary here in hour 2: That woman is a total kook. She said that Wolfgang Halbig was having the cops show up at his house a lot because one of his kids was committing SPOUSAL ABUSE! Her claim ... offered no proof. Another thing the idiot said was that Robby Parker (the jerk who was laughing and all smiles a day after his daughter supposedly lost her life at Sandy Hook) had been inside a Mormon church "fellowshipping" with the "brethren" and that's why he was joking around about his daughter dieing.

Spingola claims to be a Mormon, and she says that since we don't understand the character of a Mormon like Robby Parker, we can never understand why he was laughing just before getting "into character for the filming of his bullshit filled tale of woe. I've got news for you Spingola, you liar! I used to be a Mormon (finally got away from them after discovering the truth about them) ... no one, Mormon or not, is going to be laughing and smiling the day after his daughter dies ... NO ONE!!! Got that you lieing bitch!!

She also says that a lot of the children who were supposedly killed there had open casket funerals ... Noah Pozner had an open casket funeral according to her. Again, no proof was forthcoming other than her lieing mouth saying so.

And Gahary was lapping all this shit up!!!

RickB said...

LMAO... Thanks jerry.

Knowing Spingola is a mormon says a lot... like she may be cuku.

And I've had direct dealings with Gahary... shared some earth shattering information on the attack of the USS Liberty with him.

Don't like Gahary. Don't trust him. Been fooled once. Shame on him.

Panzerfaust said...

On Spingola's show Gahary stated the Israelis didn't intend to sink the Liberty because they used napalm.
I suppose the torpedos weren't supposed to sink it either.
Spingola and Gahary:Two disinfo asshats. Period.

RickB said...

I gave Gahary two leads from guys on the USS America. One who was charged with arming the one nuclear bomber on the ship. He testifies that he saw the bomber removed from its storage located and heard it launched when the USS Liberty came under attack.

The second lead was a radar man who was on the radar plane which is launched whenever any sorties are launched from the ship. He testifies that three nuclear armed planes were launched and headed straight toward Cairo. He knows, he was observing their glitches on radar. He said the planes suddenly diverted and headed to Spain since nuclear armed planes can't land back on the carrier once they are launched.

The last I heard from Gahary is that he couldn't contact the second lead, the radar guy that said it was a very confusing day with NATO exercises going on, etc. but the only thing he is absolutely sure of is that three nuclear armed planes were headed straight toward Cairo once the Liberty came under attack. He said the guy never answered his phone or called back.

Testimony from the second guy would support the idea that the ship was meant to be sunk as a false flag attack meant to be blamed on Egypt. The planes diverted from going to Egypt because the false flag attack fell apart.

RickB said...


1st paragraph: he saw the bomber removed from its storage location... which included a chained link fence with several marines guarding it 24/7.

3rd paragraph: Gahary said the second lead never answered his phone nor returned his call.

Zeebra said...

RE Spingy, hate to stick up for her but she's recovering mormon, IE raised in the cult but left it decades ago & is now an LDS-truther.

here's a search of her site for LDS mormon:

RE her & sandy hoax, yep she jumped the shark on that, lost me totally. Plainly sold out for the shekels or whatever 'consideration'... & she didn't just declare her 'belief' in the hoax, say she understood it's 'controversial' & move on-- no she aggressively did show after show with other shills trying to re-bunk the official BS story, wrote a book on it, & disparaged skeptics. Sickened me, after being a big fan for a couple years, pre-2014 when she "came out" with her new SH-whore position :'(

RickB said...

Addendum: The first lead that was below deck says the nuclear bomber landed back on the ship and also doesn't believe Israel would intentionally attack the Liberty.

The second lead, from the radar man who was observing the glitches of the three nuclear armed planes heading "straight toward Cairo" knows that they were diverted to a US air base in Spain before they returned to the ship.

Zeebra said...

Yep Gahary's a sell out too - after Fetzer lost the rigged/kangeroo-court hearing against him vs (((Pozner))) last year, Gahary claimed to have totally believed Pozner's sincerity, shook his hand, & said he'd remove JF's "Nobody Died At Sandy Hook" from Gahary's Moon Rock Books - which he did!

He tries to talk with that "simple, honest, humble man" shtick but the fruit he's born wrt sandy hoax has dispelled any such BS. Not surprised he's now on about the poor innocent izzy-jooz wrt USS Liberty /rolleyes

Panzerfaust said...

I can just imagine Spingola sobbing on-air about the Sandy Hoax children.

Captain Ahab said...


Back in 2014/15, there were a couple of excellent videos exposing Spingola's disappointing take on Sandy Hook. They have obviously long since been deleted, but you describe my exact feelings toward Spingola. I listened to her podcasts regularly and then she began her pathetic take on SH and I all but lost interest in her.

Panzerfaust said...


Albert said...

Wow Giuseppe! You were Fantastic !!! :-o

(I especially liked: 1:10:00 !!!)

Paul is Always En-Livening !!!

And, Yes! -- I think that Paul has indeed mastered the art of being Friendly to Folks ..

--> Whilst BEING: A "Straight-Shooter!"

I am sure that Many Folks over-the-Years ...

Have Grown to LIKE Paul's down-to-Earth REAL-Guy approach !!!

And Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--> There is NOTHING to be Gained (By US !!!) whatsoever ... in Being: "Defeatist" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Zeebra said...

Ahab: yes, recall several 'truthers' w significant audiences OUTED themselves with their "flipping" re SH. Or perhaps they weren't agents all along; were once sincere but everyone has their price, sort of thing? Either case, Spingy, MCPiper, Mark Glenn, Keith Johnson, Jack Blood, at least a couple others I can't recall off hand. & there was "special situation" AJ who I'd long since stopped trusting/listening to by '14/15 anywho.

Remember that creepy "CW Wade" shill Deanna paired up with for many SH re-bunking shows? I didn't include him above coz he was an unknown, had no "audience" pre his numerous shows w Deanna... appears the jooz just dredged him up, tried to frame him as "Joe concerned citizen/researcher", & stuck him w agent Deanna so they could do shill-shows together, as alternative to Deanna's many solo SH re-bunking shows. Was surreal.

Zeebra said...

#FalseFlags (18 August 2020) Jack Mullen offers a devastating critique of what we are living through as designed to reduce the US population from 330m to 99m by 2025. Strong stuff. Not for the timid.

^ heh, clicking through to that bitchute link from Fetzer's tweet, twatter vigilantly warns you the link may be UNSAFE!! :~o lolz

KnownUnknown said...

So how has Fetzer not outed himself supporting this fat piece of shit corrupt president. Fetzer was a piece of shit anyway because he fucking voted for Obama in 2012 AFTER Sandy Hook.

Fuck this bullshit - wake up all of you! And Bart III - Where's the fucking arrests?????

Captain Ahab said...

Here is some additional evidence that Sandy Hook was a drill!

Something Fishy in Connecticut