August 10, 2020

Spreading Medical Misinformation Is Prohibited - Joe Imbriano

 Montreal March For Freedom - August 8 2020
100 000 Dissidents in The Streets
"If you watch television, you need to repent."
WIKI Joe Imbriano

Stefan Verstappen - Know Your Enemy
The Ultimate Plan for Creating a Survival Community

Que cé qu'on va faire - Jay Scott
WIKI Joe Imbriano

Stefan Verstappen

Stefan Verstappen

Montreal March For Freedom - August 8 2020
SONO danse

100 000 people marched for liberty and against abusive government measures.
No traces of ANTIFA, BLM or other idiotic agents-provocateurs; no goon squads or excessive police presence either. The Mainscream Media ignored it. My friend Jay Scott was there and he said people were waving towels & flags from tall buildings everywhere in town. I would have gone myself but I had a music party/gig with my band on Saturday.

One of Jay's friends was at the parade and she sent him a video recording of her walking with the crowd. Jay added one of his latest songs to it.

100 000 personnes marchent pour la liberté et contre les mesures abusives du gouvernement.

Que cé qu'on va faire
Paroles et musique de Jay Scott

The Peaceful Walk For Rights & Freedoms of The People
(La marche pacifique pour les droits et libertés du peuple)

 100,000 March in Montreal as 25 Million Aussies Hide Behind Masks

The Time to Defend Ourselves Has Arrived - This is WAR

!!! LOCK THEM UP !!!

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