August 10, 2020

My Better Half

      Hey guys I'm at a party and I'm introducing my better half. I know that she looks like a female gorilla but I love her. How the fuck do you get a hard on with that type of "female". I wouldn't be able to get it up for sure.

     Fuck all the Hollywood Jews and their bullshit!

     Sadly, it will probably work with the young libtards. "Hey guys! This is my better half and I fuck her because I'm not a racisssss".

     You can't even watch a TV show or a movie without that sort of shit being in your face. Men fucking and kissing, lesbian lovers and trans bullshit is the order of the day. Forget about all the other propaganda like: "I don't believe in guns". What kind of dumbass statement is that? I can show you a real gun if you don't believe that they exist.

     A while ago I read an interview of a Hollywood producer saying that they were just reflecting what is happening in real life. NO YOU FUCKING LYING CUNT! You are creating this unnatural behavior with the import of gorillas and other unsavory animals through jewish NGOs.FUCK YOU!

   Once I get my legal problems sorted out, I'm getting the hell out of Dodge.


Albert said...

That is soooooo Ray-cisss !!!

Not ALL ni88ers are Gorillas* !!!

Some are Chimps that Rip-Your-FACE-Off ...

Others are Orangutans that Gang-Rape-You-to-DEATH !!!

Get Your "Facts" Straight !!! ;-)

WATCH: "Planet of the Ni88ers" ...

and "Learn" the Difference Between:

Gorillas, Chimps, Orangutans, Spider-Monkeys, Quickie-Mart-Monkeys, Code-Monkeys, and Other Noxious Bi-Pedos !!!

-- Your LIFE May Depend on it !!! :-o

NEVER Turn-Your-Back on: "Doctors" and "Engineers" ...

Be READY to Pull-the-Trigger ... around a ni88er !!!

* To "paraphrase" from 1992

Japanese Parliament Speaker Yoshio Sakurauchi said: that U.S. workers are lazy, unproductive and illiterate.

the Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawao "clarified" "Saying":

Not ALL Americans are: Fat and Stupid !!! ...

-- Some are "Lazy" ... and, Some are "Stupid" !!! ;-)

Voltman said...

Meet Zap's Zap's Girlfriend

Zap! Meet your future brother-in-law!
He's offering you a twelve-pack of Heineken!! (He's out of Corona) It's your lucky day!!!

 Zap's Girlfriend's brother

Can I be your best man at the wedding?
Can I can I can I?!!!!!

Oh Oh... Trouble on the horizon Zapop...
Her daddy doesn't like the idea of having his daughter messing around with some hairless hominid from outside the tribe. Watch out for him and her brother! Big Daddy ain't happy.

Zap's Girlfriend's Father

Her other brother (not the one who offered you the Heineken):

Zap's Girlfriend's other brother

Original Larry said...

Good luck, Zap! If I knew somewhere to go, I would be there. As it is I am torn. I live in the swamps of south Louisiana. The people here for the most part are sick of this covid shit. If I could find a more remote location, that's where I would go. Mark my words, by October, the whole world will locked down tighter than a turtles ass, as we say around here. I hope the best for you and all the mods here. If I had money, I would give it to you. Alas, I am an old man on many shit lists. So I guess this is the hill I will die on.