August 01, 2020

The Scorpio Conspiracy Show LIVE

The Scorpio Conspiracy Show 

is live Today from 1:00pm - 4:00 pm.
LIVE on Revolution Radio 

Studio A

check out the chatroom ---and get ready to rumble 


Zeebra said...

Yay! I see revradio archive finally posted last Sat 7/25 Scorpio show w Giuseppe & guest Jim Rizolli ((('Hoax))) truther,

25-Jul-2020 12:58 81M

^ if that nags for username/PW, it's

Kossoff said...

Dont forget/The Perfect Triangle show on rev radio its Giuseppes show.

zapoper said...

I have a backlog of shows. Including last week' scorpio show. I thought that it would have been posted by now. As for today' scorpio show, I only have the last two hours.

I didn't know that it took them that long to publish them at archive.

From now on, I will record the whole fucking Saturday afternoon lol. That way, I'm sure not to miss anything.

Eric said...

Thank you zap

Zeebra said...

Yay, zap's back :~)

Noor al Haqiqa said...

This was an excellent show. Absolutely stellar content. The chat room was pretty stellar too.

Scorpio said...

Yes, my show is like the Covid Virus - it keeps morphing! - lol

Zeebra said...

Just finished last week's Conspiracy Show archive. VG as always, esp first 1h general discussion w Scorpio/Giuseppe.

@ 1h 18m Jim Rizoli notes Adam Green & Ry Dawson won't interview him, fearing they'll "lose their (YidTube) platforms."

Cohencidentally Adam just tackled the ((('hoax))) this past week, via a 2-part DLive stream w archives then dropped into his bitchute, avoiding YidTube altogether. So might be a ripe time to rattle Adam's cage again re interviewing Jim... could get dicey over the "hitler question" with Adam being so married to whatever CJBjerknes says... but regardless it would still be a hot interview, much light thru the smoke.

only way I'm aware of to contact Adam is thru his twatter: @Know_More_News

his BC:

Omg666 said...

Where’s the link

Amanda said...

psychopaths working on how they are going to pressure people to take the killer shot:

Eric said...

Saturday's show


Liam said...

Scorpio said...
"Yes, my show is like the Covid Virus - it keeps morphing! - lol"

Yep! Your last week's show, for a week anywhere to download, was just like covid virus, that is non-existent. LOL

There's the money;

Dr Offers $5000 For Proof That the CV19 Exists;

Liam said...

Maybe German doctors and scientists should be asked about covid, before it gets in-the-wild, lol.

comment from;
Butch August 2, 2020 at 11:57 am
"Looks German people have far more guts and are still in possession of a substantial part of their brains, alas I wish it were the same here in the US."