Friday, September 11, 2020

Happy Anniversary !

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Steve said...

LOL you can't make this shit up. I reckon they must be shafting each other up the a hole while making up this script then saying ' ya think they'll swallow this '.

scott said...

Any 911 "documentary" that references Steven Jones is agitprop controlled opposition. Jones has long been known as an asset of the National Security State. Research his roll in discrediting Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons who have since been more or less vindicated after their careers were destroyed by Jones. He is the Dr. Fauci of Physics.

John Miller said...

Yes yes guys,..very interesting your comments....
apropos 9/11
WHY were 5 Israelis setting Up their cameras - on the other side of the river, in New Jersey -BEFORE the attack- to film whats going to happen over there in Manhattan ??
How come they knew ??

And WHY were these greasy kikes dancing and high fiving each other when the towers burnt, finally collapsed, came down and thousands died ??
( somebody watched these bastards from a window and called police )

And WHY did these slimy creeps - when police finally stopped them - have 1/2 ton explosives in their car ??

Yes yes, we know...they were allowed to go home to Israhell !!
Thanks for infos and

Chainsawmillerman said...

Yes 30 years and no justice. Now we are all going to mask up stand on dots and speak only when spoken to! Why not?We are a brain dead bunch. I hope they all vaccinate heavily!I'll eat a squirrel before i take that shit.

Steve said...

@ Chain and thats with the fur on.

Things are starting to hot up again here in the UK, talks of more lockdowns, increased cases, tracking etc etc

Was chatting to my local cafe owner this morning, as from Monday its law in UK for them to take your name and phone number for tracking so sadly i won't be going again. She said they won't survive the next lockdown, so that is the end of her business because for sure its coming. Still i talk to people and still they just don't get it.

Liam said...

@ Steve "as from Monday its law in UK" It is not LAW, it is colour of law applies to those who consent. You are right, people don't get it. Is it a NIN in the UK? 9-digit national insurance number.

@ Chainsaw "I'll eat a squirrel before i take that shit." Would you have the obligation to comply if you rid yourself of SIN and are no longer "a child of the province"?

Tim Osman said...

Give people facts and the right ones will listen. Uncommon but important facts:

President Bush was 20156 days old on 9/11/01
False flag = 156 (english ordinal)
Six six six = 156 (english ordinal)
Triple sixes = 156 (english ordinal)
Tim Osman (Osama's CIA codename) = 156 (francis bacon)
156th prime = 911

'Tisha B'Av is an annual fast day in Judaism, on which a number of disasters in Jewish history occurred, primarily the destruction of both Solomon's Temple by the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the Second Temple by the Roman Empire in Jerusalem.' Temples = modern WTC

Tisha B'Av = 911 (jewish)
Ritual human sacrifice = 911 (satanic)

VP Dick Cheney was exactly 60 years, 32 weeks old on 9/11/01
The governor left office 63 months, 20 days after 9/11/01
Mason = 632 (fibonacci)
Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 632 (reverse ordinal)

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was 69 years, 9 weeks (666) old on 9/11/01

9/11 occurred 92 months, 10 days after the mayor took office
921 sum of divisors = 1232
1232 is the octal of 666

2156 is the duo of 3666
MMCMXCVI alleged deaths on 9/11 (2996/arbitrary number)
MMCMXCVI = 1666 (squares)
New York = 666 (english sumerian)
9/11 occurred 66 weeks, 6 days after the previous Jupiter-Saturn conjunction
There are 66 weeks, 6 days between the registration date of the ASN of New York City's government domain and 9/11/01
IX-XI (9-11) = 666 (reverse squares)
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 2666 (jewish)

scott said...

Yes, and no truth or justice or relent from the blood juggernaut.

Chainsawmillerman said...

Steve said, "Was chatting to my local cafe owner this morning, as from Monday its law in UK for them to take your name and phone number for tracking so sadly i won't be going again. She said they won't survive the next lockdown, so that is the end of her business because for sure its coming. Still i talk to people and still they just don't get it."

Did you read the law Steve? If so could you post a link?

Oh and I like my squirrel meat skinned deboned and the succulent morsels rolled in panko (Japanese bread crumbs) and tossed into the deep fryer till it floats, yum! :)

@ Liam so far I have not put on a mask. I'm starting to be stopped at entrances to stores and told that masks are required. So far i have had success with telling them I'm exempt. It is going to be the private businesses that fuck this all up. However in the provincial human rights code it says "Discrimination in service, accommodation, etc.


No person shall discriminate with respect to any service, accommodation, facility, good, right, licence, benefit, program or privilege available or accessible to the public or to a section of the public, unless bona fide and reasonable cause exists for the discrimination."

Not sure if covid is "bona fide" LOL it's a fraud!!! so NO!

Will they make their way into denying us the ability to get basic goods without going to some third party delivery service? This is where it gets interesting. IMO sooner or later the UN will supersede our current laws and we will be pooched.So this is where the fresh squirrel comes in. Here in the city there are tons of them(presently at least) I don't plan on getting a bug out bag and making a run for it. Our system is going start changing quickly I think. Interesting times...

Chainsawmillerman said...

Thanks for the interesting numerology analysis Tim. It does seem to make the case that the elite pay attention to it.

Albert said...

Various minutiae .... too Often end-up "egoically" being used to SAY:

"I'm Smart .... and You're Stupid!" :-o

At least ONE thing is for CERTAIN:

Jews had Absolutely NOTHING* to Do with the Terrible Great-CRIME: of "9/11" !!! ;-)

*And ANYONE who even Questions THAT ... is, You Guessed it!

--> An "Anti-Semite" !!! ;-)

Albert said...

Even the Pentagon was "just" Explosives (Placed exactly WHERE the "Missing": $2.3 Billion TEAM with ALL Pertinent-Records were Ass-embled) !!!

The "Planes" were CGI inserted: into Tower-EXPLOSION Footage ... at various LATER times ...

EXCEPT for the ONE: Video-Composite Helicopter "LIVE" (that later got one black-Frame!) "Nose-Out" Video-Shot!

Building-7 was conventional: Controlled-Demolition ...

Towers 1 and 2 were HUGE amounts of EXPLOSIVES* !!!
(With "Plane-Shape"-Cutout + Fuel-Fireball Explosives ... for the initial "Plane" Strikes!)

🌝 🌚 🌞

(*"Nukes" DON'T exist!)

Steve said...

@ Chain - no, i'm going to ask her next time if she can show me what she has in writing.

Panzerfaust said...

"Nukes don't exist"
"Viruses don't exist"
Fuck you disinfo pos

Panzerfaust said...

"How come they knew ??"
Because it was a Mossad act of nuclear terrorism and there were there to record this demonstration of physical and political power.

Albert said...

* $2.3 TRILLION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... and that in 2001 !!! :-o

Panzerfaust said...

"Happy Anniversary"
What's so happy about it Chainmiller?
Imagine the terror of being trapped on the floors above the explosion.

Panzerfaust said...
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Chainsawmillerman said...

It was sarcasm. Almost 20 years have gone by and nothing has been done. I agree the alternative media is no better than the mainstream in many cases.It seems to be the "revelation of the method" like Michael Hoffman describes in his book " Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, published in April 2001" Here is a a good interview of Hoffman., I was awakened to the 911 scam in 2006 by of all people James Brolin when he appeared on the "The View" and suggested people check out "911 We" Now why would James Brolin do that? I think Hoffman is correct and his book was published before 911.

Chainsawmillerman said...

This interview by Robert Reyvolt and hoffman was good too!

Chainsawmillerman said...

Panzerfaust, who is Andrew Gage? I think you mean Richard, no?
I mistakenly called you slurp and I had top delete my post. There must be some sort of association thing going on there LOL

Panzerfaust said...


Panzerfaust said...

Ryan Dawson, gatekeeper