Friday, September 11, 2020

The Brizer Show 2020.09.07

Brizer's guest: James McCumiskey.


Albert said...

Very Very Very Good Talk Brizer !!! :-)

Not just FLAWLESS ... but indeed: Ground-Breaking !!!

THIS is the Beginning of Our: TRUE Emancipation !!!

--> Throwing-OFF the "Shackles" of Terrible Terrible MIND-(((Poisons))) !!! :-o

Many many of us have NOW: "Cottoned-Onto": How "Going to a 'Doctor'..." is indeed a Very "DANGEROUS" Prospect!
-- But actually TEARING-DOWN (((their))) 500+ False-(and FAR worse!): Foundational Dogmas ... is NOW obviously REQUIRED!
It is a DIFFI-CULT ... but now VITAL Priority!
(This Con-vid-Hoax ... by its: "Reduce-to-ABSURDITY": Exposition of the "Germ Theory" ... has Sparked: A New AWAKENING!)

It will be "Interesting" to See: If anyone can "detect" ANY "faults": in What YOU are DOING Brizer !!! ;-)

You are Not-Only: Obviously 100 % Sincere ...

But ALSO Obviously 100% on OUR-Side ... and that: WITH, and IN the (Whole)-TRUTH !!! :-) :-) :-)

--> There is No: "Pulling Your Punches" ... with YOU Brizer !!!

-- No German-People Bashing [(((hollywood)))-Depictions of "Fascists", "Naatsees" etc] ...

-- No HoloHoax Schilling ...

-- No Churchill-and-the-"Allies" fought-to-"Free"-us from "Tyranny" -- "Good-War" BS ...

-- No (((banker))) Butt-Licking ...

---- Not "even" Medical-Pharma-(((mafia))) "Authority"-Worship !!! :-o

Wow !!! -- WHEN we Imagine many many More Good-Folks as AWAKE and Active as You Brizer ...

--> It is very VERY Encouraging !!! We can SEE the Beginning of a "New" Paradigm:

----- Where WHITE-Nations' TRUE-Peoples can once again Begin:

To Prioritise: WHAT are OUR True Needs ... and to Step-by-Step Build-UP OUR Societies: BASED upon THESE ...

-- Understanding the Pricelessness and ENTIRE-POINT: of the TRUTH-which-is Built-INTO: OUR-"Hearts" !!!

--> There "simply" IS No Other: Purpose or Meaning to LIFE and OUR Future ...

EXCEPT the THRIVING of OUR PEOPLES and thus the Nourishing: of this Great-GOODNESS-within-OUR-Hearts!

... No ((("isms"))) to (((Deludedly))): Fight-and-DIE "for" ... Nothing to "Prove" ... or be "Ashamed"-of ...

--> It may-not seem very "Special" to simply BE ONE of Millions and Millions of WHITE-Folk ... BORN with TRUE-"Hearts" ...

---- But, indeed, there IS Nothing Else !!! :-)

We "simply" have to: Once Again: STOP being ((("Tempted"))) to:

Ungratefully: Throw SUCH Wonderful-Gifts Away ... to various-degrees !!!

And "Remove" those: Foreign and Alien to OUR-"Hearts" ...

-- And ALL will once-again: Become Wonderfully: Not just Possible ... but indeed: REAL / Manifest !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

(Well, maybe NOT written so-well ... but I am TRYING to FIND: Words / Expression ...

For the New-AWAKENING: Which THIS Great-Talk ... has Begun to REVEAL!)

Gobbledygook said...

Thanks for getting James on, Brizer - he pretty much confirmed everything that I've been researching since the start of Stupid19. Cheers.

BillyBob said...

The CDC claims that 9,780 people died of Covid-19! They have never isolated the virus, None of Koch's Postulates were followed, even the nyslimes admits that neither the pcr or antibody tests work - so how do they KNOW that a single person has Covid when there is no test that works? This is totally a mind virus, I'm ashamed to be a human!

BillyBob said...

Koch's Postulates were followed for SARS:. Https://

They have zero proof that a single person has died of covid-19!

I've been ragging on this for weeks! There is No Covid!

Brizer said...

Many thanks folks. This is indeed the smoking gun that is needed to blow a massive hole through this scam.

Here are the links for James's book:
Amazon in the US

Amazon in the UK/Ireland

jerry said...

I have Peripheral Artery Disease in both legs. I was supposed to go in to the hospital this Friday to have my leg arteries "roto-rooted", but when I found out they were going to stick those long sticks up my nose to do a Covid 19 swab before the procedure, I told them to forget about the whole thing!!! There's no way I'm going to let ANYBODY stick ANYTHING up my nose ... to try to detect a corona virus? No way. I'm going with Chelation Therapy instead.

That hospital is going to lose money if they keep trying to shove things up people's noses for something as bogus as a Covid swab!

Amanda said...

@BillyBob- fwiw- Andrew Kaufman went over that nature article claiming that Koch's Postulates were met for SARS here and at 3:26, he says the 2nd paragraph admits that they did not use Koch's Postulates and instead used Rivers criteria. It's been a while since I listened to that one, but I think Kaufman goes through and proves they didn't even use River's criteria,

inthemix16 said...

Jerry . Do some serious research on MMS/Chlorine Dioxide. Find a interview with dr. Andreas Kalker and Mike Adams. Might help you bigtime

Brizer said...

If anyone wants to contact James and get copies of his FOI request/appeal you can email him at and he'll be happy to email them back to you.

You can then show these around to people or use it as a template if you want to send in a FOI of your own in your country.

Liam said...

Excellent show, thanks Brizer.
Not only is the virus myth presented but the contagion myth as well.
Neither myth is new, nor is the rebutting of the fake science.
US military conducted control tests to infect men with Spanish flu by sharing snot and coughing and spitting etc and proved Spanish flu was not contagious.
When most people believe these myths, how easy is it to zap them with EMF, via 5G, 4G, Wifi, RF which all cause same symptoms as cold, flu, covid. Most believe they have a virus and line up for false tests, request cut, burn and poison treatments and then vaccination which will be the real bio-weapon. Sadly many people will demand the tests and treatments.

Liam said...

I held a delusion that the courts could provide some remedy. I still think the publication of court cases may help, not so convinced regarding judicial decisions, given the high court in NZ handed down a decision that original lockdown, months ago, was unlawful and illegal. Look what has happened there since.
Now, the case was brought by lawyers, so could be perceived as simply setting a precedent or the government thanked the court for the decision and under merchant law returned it to the court within 72 hours and 'no contract' was ultimately upheld.
This is but supposition, based entirely on hearsay, so not admissible evidence.

Thanks, James and Brizer for the enlightening and comprehensive presentation of the evidence.
Oh! and bring on the rebuttals.

Steve said...

A copy of the 1919 research paper Liam mentions:

Great show Brizer- thanks.

jerry said...

@inthemix 16 ... what are you talking about? Chelation Therapy doesn't use bleach. The chelation therapy I'm talking about can be found here: Go to the Chelation tab and find out about it. It's a way to clear your arteries without running "roto-rooting" wires thru them. And no Covid 19 swab required!!!

ACAM is an educational and certification organization for medical professionals who are already practicing. You can find an ACAM certified Chelation Therapy practitioner near you at the site.

Thanks for your concern.

Zeebra said...

OT -- while zap remains (mostly) out on his latest (& longest) 'holiday',

new Tim Kelly: Musonius Rufus on Reconstruction and the 14th Amendment

Powers & Principalities: Episode 167
The Collapse of the Pandemic Narrative and the Rise of Tyranny

Meryl Nass MD on HCQ & Other Plandemic Issues

recall ACH's daily shows are all @

Not sure where to get Rense or Duke shows

Mami said...

This is the ghost of Mami calling. Don't listen to Zapoper he looks like a jewish Rabbi and he hid out in the wrong hell. (Canada)

Steve said...

I keep coming across the following link in comment sections on various youtube channels which no one has answered. It is a paper claiming to have mapped out the complete genome of coronavirus 2. If anyone knows someone that may shed light on this i'd be interested to hear.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 isolate Wuhan-Hu-1, complete genome

Zeebra said...

UK's Dr. Vernon Coleman abandoned his old YT ch with 170K subs, currently in favor of a BrandNewTube ch:

latest title: "This Fraud is Now Blindingly Obvious"

Steve said...

Good talk here with Dr Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell from the Weston A Price org

topics include: germ theory LOL, nutrition, cholesterol and saturated fat, electricity etc

Zeebra said...

Dr Pam Popper today, 18m:

The College Experience in COVIDLAND - a Dystopian Nightmare

Fiona M Flanagan w Computing Forever 1h 37m

Discussing The Converging Agendas and More With Fiona Marie Flanagan

Sarah Westall 52m:

Tyrannical Takeover by Technocrats, Thought Patterns Behind This Agenda w/ Patrick Wood (1 of 2)

Zeebra said...

good Dollar Vigilante today, if it doesn't survive @YT, search up his bitchute ch, 32m

Surfers and Grandmas Being Arrested, Quebec Black Bagging to Secret Location and the Fed Goes Brrrr

inthemix16 said...

@Jerry I provided you a reference so that you can take some initiative to not make such an ignorant comments. So instead of spending 45 minutes of your time, you just spout of some dumb MSM talking point. Im going to real clear here. Bleach is Sodium HPOChlorite , Chlorine dioxide is Sodium Chlorite. oh which btw if you can spend the time to research , the FDA actually owns a patent in relation to Cancer treatment. But, of course that makes nobody money. I guess ill have to give you the training wheels here since you obviously cant take initiative on your own. Im not saying this would assist you in anyway but no doubt worth the hour , for everyone ! Especially this has been proven to stop CV19 right in its tracks. Really do hope you get well and not make the treatment industry more money.

Fakk said...
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Fakk said...

To make a 'live' link in a blogger comment, add for example:

a> href="">MMS - Chlorine Dioxide /a>

Also add a left arrow before 'a>' and '/a>' (left out above to make code visible)

MMS - Chlorine Dioxide

jerry said...

@inthemix 16 I don't have Covid 19 ... I have plaque build up in my leg arteries. Chelation Therapy CLEARS PLAQUE FROM ALL ARTERIES IN THE BODY!!! Folla?

I'm not gonna waste my time reading about industrial strength bleach ... ok?

Albert said...

I have been Watching some Harry Vox on his BitChute channel:

jerry said...

@Albert ... thanks for the link. I thought that I was the only one that determined that the FBI is a fraudulent, worthless organization that should be either defunded and shut down, or completely re-organized. Harry is spot on!!!

Steve said...

"Beyond the Germ Theory" Panel - Featuring Dr. Larry Palevsky - 2014

jerry said...

@Fakk ... your link MMS - Chlorine Dioxide is interesting ... it leads us to this url:

This is interesting because in 2015 a guy selling MMS was convicted and sentenced to 51 months in prison for doing so:

It's interesting to note that Mr. Kalcker, unlike the guy who was sentenced, isn't selling anything, but he will sell you a book on how to make your own MMS. Curious, no? Are Mike Adams and Andreas Kalcker telling us the factual truth pertaining to MMS? I don't know ... I guess I'm going to have to buy his book and find out for myself.

I think the judicial system in the United States is a FAILED system. Judges, politicians, etal are too easily bought off by big pharma. Receiving a FAIR TRIAL in America today is a risky "maybe, maybe not" proposition ... Fetzer thought that by "fighting" Lenny Pozner's bogus lawsuit in court was going to be a breeze; now look at the mess he's in!! Ditto for Corrupt judges are more the norm these days ... look at "Supreme" Court Justice John Roberts; blackmailed allegations all over the place ... and he's the top honcho!!!

Liam said...

Further to;
Scientists Fail to Infect Other Humans With 1918 Spanish Flu

"We entered the outbreak with a notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps, if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease."
[xi] Public Health Rep. 2010; 125(Suppl 3): 27-36.