September 14, 2020

I did what I could

  So I posted the Rense shows and the Scorpio one. Still on the neighbor's computer so I have limited time on it. More to come.

  I wanted to post more but...

  I will comeback on this computer before the end of the Brizer show and go in the chat. It all depends if my neighbor is ok with it. Hopefully Graham can send me his own recording which I will try to post tomorrow.

  A big thank you to all who donated. It lowered my stress levels considerably and I am grateful.



Original Larry said...

Thank you Zap. If I HAD 20 bucks, I would surely send it to you. I could send you my wife, but you would have to pay shipping and handling. Please!
In all sincerity. I appreciate all of your hard work. put the damn button back up. I may have twenty bucks someday!

Mami said...
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