September 14, 2020

The Philosophical Problem Every Government Faces. Michael Huemer & Keith Knight

0:00 - Quote from The Problem of Political Authority 0:31 - What is ‘political authority’? 1:18 - If you do not like the government of a country, you should leave 2:57 - Voting for a political representative is morally on par with consent 6:27 - “Liberty depends on taxation” - Cass Sunstein 9:15 - You benefit from the state, therefore you have an obligation to obey it’s edicts 15:19 - What about the poor? 18:29 - Does potential wealth inequality justify political authority? 21:11 - The major takeaway from the Trump presidency 22:38 - Corporations need regulation which justifies a state Ronald Coase Reason: Homelessness caused by regulation: 29:05 - In the absence of a state, chaos will exist 32:04 - The mindset of the unattainable perfection objection “who will do X” 35:09 - Huemer’s approach to handling objections to anarchism 36:05 - High standards for the market, no standards for the government & incentive structures 38:57 - Governments v. HOA’s 42:42 - The market commodifies human beings, therefore should be replaced by the state 46:03 - Where has anarcho-capitalism worked? 49:10 - Why are believers in government so confident in their low information position? 52:06 - How has the state created a double standard in the minds of the masses for thousands of years? 55:30 - Shame is the health of the state 1:00:10 - Most important thing you learned from Bryan Caplan 1:01:15 - Most important contribution of Jason Brennan

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