October 04, 2020

Crimes against Humanity

The video below (UAP's Channel) deals with UAP's own personal battle with his mother's care providers and includes a taped conversation with the care home.


Amanda said...


Steve said...

@ Amanda, my thoughts exactly. Covered everything that i've discovered in my own research.

coincidenceskeptic said...

I do not need to know the specifics of your situation to understand exactly. I lost both of my parents a few months ago not to Covid-19. The Psychopathogen known as Hysteria, along with the torture and consequences of poor medical care prompted by fear on the part of the staff and the isolation killed them.
It appears that our situations are similar although geographically distant.
The events that occur here in The City Angels resemble events everywhere.
I had the same conversations, as well. My mother had mild dementia and the isolation coupled with an untreated infection made things much worse.
I tried the same reasoning and got nowhere. I have lost all respect for the medical community. The only way any one of them could gain my trust would be to speak out against this fraud.
I knew this was a fraud nearly a year ago when I saw some guy in China fall over in a restroom claiming it was the beginning of a pandemic. I've seen more carnage at office Christmas parties.
Unfortunately, I was not able to convince the person in my family who was in charge that we needed to get my mother out.
My parents died alone and apart. Isolated for their 60th wedding anniversary. No funeral services were allowed.
Both tested positive for whatever the fuck it is they test for. I'm very well versed on the claims and how ridiculous they are.
Neither died from that.
Given his horrible past regarding Aids and this newest fiasco, I dub ManFerretWeasel Fauci the worst mass murderer of the 21st Century.
I will live long enough to piss on Fauci's grave - who killed two more of his own. Good job Fauci. Both of my parents were from Brooklyn, too.

Albert said...

I LIKE You Chainsaw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

THIS "UAP" touched on a LOT of very Important Points!

The 10 minutes of the "Nursing Home" Women Phone-Jivers ... was PAINFUL !!!

"Men LOVE Women, Women LOVE Children, Children LOVE Hamsters ..."

The word "LOVE" can be swapped with: "Boss" !!!

Women Should-NOT be "Allowed" to BOSS: Men !!! :-o

"Garbage in, Garbage Out!"

"Logic", as we have been 'Fed' LIES for Our Entire-LIVES ... is of somewhat 'Limited' utility to REVEAL: TRUTH !!!

-- And ANY Truly: TRUTHFUL / Truth-SEEKING Person ... MUST be ABLE to: SEE and ADMIT THAT!

I READ Your GREAT-Posts with the Poison-Stinger-Stage-Name-Show-Host ...

Yes! -- Definitely: LINKING "Hologram Moon" with: Flat Earth, and the Mud Flood ... is DIS-Ingenuous at-best!

Paul-English has said numerous-times: "What's the Point? -- We Don't want ANY of it!" ... as Regards (((their))) "clever" World-ENSLAVEMENT Plans ...

I "brainstormed" with my (30 years younger) nephew that:
"There is NO 'Substitute' for STRENGTH!"

I am Intrigued by the Saying:

"Clutching at Straws!"
-- When Out in the Sea we KNOW: that we MUST: Hold-Onto as LARGE a Piece of Floating-Wood as we CAN!
--> Straw is NOT in ANY WAY sufficient for this: Life or Death NEED! :-o

IF boys Growing-Up ... had been TAUGHT: how NOT to be sooooo "Thirsty" ...
-- Women would Naturally APPRECIATE: How Truly-LUCKY They would be: To Marry a nice Man, and HAVE Beautiful-Children!

What I had as the sort of "Theme" for THIS Post ...

Is the PERSPECTIVE of OUR: "Heart", and OUR Guardian-Angels!

Especially as a child at "State-School", and Throughout my Life ... My HEART has been: CRYING OUT !!!

The Wonderful: Wisdom, and HONESTY of your: "... I can admit I don't know much anymore. I used to think i did, but i know better now...."

--> Gives Me the impression: That YOUR Guardian-Angels must FIND: HELPING You ... FAR Less-Vexing ... than Frustratingly TRYING to Help MANY Others!

Albert said...

As a Child I Watched: David-Carradine "Kung Fu" ... and an Obvious-Theme: Was that Submission, Loyalty to, and OPENNESS to: the WISDOM of: Having-EARNED-Respect-Teachers!

We Do-Not KNOW ... what we Do-Not (Yet!) KNOW!

To foolishly "Think" that one Knows 'Everything' (or even a "lot") ... is TRULY "Ignorant" indeed !!! :-o

I have formulated Previously: That the Natural "Feedback" ... of Friends, and Family ... is that:
With FRIENDS we can Always TRY to Find "Better" !!! ;-) -- and
Within Family ... the Subordinates can APPEAL to: FAIRNESS ... and Elders can if necessary: Give-YOU-a-Slap! (or send you to bed, Without-Supper!)

We have ALL SEEN, especially Lately! ;-) ...
How, in MANY encounters / conversations with Others ... that it would be Less-Frustrating ... to just SAY-NOTHING, and Walk-Away!

YouTuber "Star-Gods" has mentioned a Verse: "Unless you are 'Born-from-Above' you Cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven!"

(It is Quite-Possible: That a MAJOR Purpose of this Present-Life: is to PREVENT those who are UNSUITABLE from Entering-Heaven ...
By the very MOST FAIREST System POSSIBLE: "Self-Sorting" !!! [Giving the Truly-Irredeemable ... 'Enough Rope to Hang-{EXPOSE/Reveal}-Themselves!'])

THOSE, Like YourSelf ... OPEN and Eager to Have the (without-Contradictions!)-TRUTH ... Step-by-Step REVEALED to ThemSelves ...
-- Have a HAPPY: Soul-Growing Path: of Growth, Amazement, and Enlightenment ...

THOSE sooo Brutish and Conceitedly/Conmanly "All-Knowing" ... as to be CONTEMPTUOUS of even "inconvenient"-Questions ...
MUST forever "Project" the Emptiness and PAIN within ... Contemptuously upon Others WITHOUT !!! :-o

--> In the End ...

WHEN: Strong and Happy WITHIN ... what MORE does someone even NEED ... Except to TRY to SHARE such Good-Fortune WITH Others !!!

and Conversely ...

WITHOUT Being Strong and Happy WITHIN ... WHAT could EVER Bring us ANY even Temporary relief (or True Purpose or Meaning) !!!

ONCE we DIS-COVER: The JOY of CREATION ... the JOY of "Channeling Our 'Muses'!" ...
... to Step-by-Step: Manifest: Goodness Beauty and TRUTH ...
-- It is as simple: As a Retail-Business: Selling to Happy-Customers, and Automatically restocking with Wholesale-Stock.

WITHOUT being OPEN: to RECEIVING the LIFE-Flow: From Our GREAT-Ancestors, and Guardian-Angels ...
-- It is Like: Desperately-STARVING !!! -- With NO HOPE of EVER rising-Above such!

There are soooo many People in the World ... (TRUE, a LOT "Watch"-(((TV)))!) ...

--> How LONELY indeed to be soooo repulsive ... so as to DRIVE-AWAY: Even Your-OWN Guardian-Angels' Generous-HELP and Guidance ...

and to Have Your-"Heart" Wretchedly-PAINFULLY: CRYING-OUT: "This is WORSE than DEATH!" ...

... Or to Have HAD this VOICE-of-TRUTH: to Have Even Been ENTIRELY-EXTINGUISHED altogether !!! :-o

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

Yes! --The Above seems to be: jumping-around topics ... -- But it Actually WAS Focused on a POINT: that, in the End ... We are Either: Happily-GROWING (on the Side of Goodness!)... or Wretchedly DYING-Inside (on the Side of Evil!) !!! 😮

Chains said...

Nice post Albert, You are one of the good guys! I'm Movin on brother, Take care!

Chains said...

coincidenceskeptic, I hope you have some luck with your intentions and make sure you hold your piss back before arriving at his grave site to really make it memorable and satisfying! I wanted to do the same to Maurice Strong. All the best to you!

Albert said...

@ Chainsaw :-)

I have been Feeling Quite Strange over this 9-Months Non-Stop-Barrage of Covid-Hoax BS !!!

I Think that we ALL have been! ;-)

Sooooo much has been REVEALED to US by all this .....

That a LOT of things Don't seem to "Matter" much to us Now! :-o

--> WHENEVER you want to Pop-BACK for us Chainsaw ...

I, and Certainly MANY Others will be very HAPPY to Once-Again GROW with You !!! -- On Our Journey-of-LIFE!

Like I have Expounded-Upon quite a few Times ...

FRIENDS naturally are KIND to One-Another ... as we can Always TRY to Find-"Better"! ;-)

(And within FAMILY: The Younger can appeal to "Fairness", and the Elders to Knowing-BETTER!)

I have grown a bit Tired of some-Talk-Show-Talkers* ... -- We DON'T really-KNOW much of WHO: a lot: Truly-ARE!
(*I Certainly DON'T "miss" the "cat-report" !!! ;-)

TODAY I have Listened to "Btwixt" (An Irishman in Spain):


Then "UAP" on Saul/Paul:


And I am Starting on another "Btwixt":


DON'T BE a "Stranger" now Chainsaw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Yours, Truly, -- Albert-the-Weird :-) :-) :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

@ Chainsaw :-)

I "Messengered" this to a Friend yesterday ;-)

I just listened to UAP on Paul etc...

-- I can Imagine a child asking Questions of Grown-Ups and them becoming more and More upset with such! 😮

-- I am Amazed at How MY "World" Expands and Contracts! 😮

-- Just like we have clothes and houses to Pretend that we are-NOT ridiculously-FRAIL Physically ...

we have Written-Stuff etc to PRETEND that Our Intellectual-Capacities are-Not: Ridiculously-Pathetic! 😮

-- It is STRANGE how "Influenced" by Others' ("Opinions") we are, how Strange Group-Think is, and, how over-Time it seems to Wear-OFF! 😮

-- I Think a LOT of stuff is like: "Entities"! (or sort of computer-subroutine-algorithms add-ons that can "rub-Off-onto-us" ATTACH-themselves and FEED-Off/Influence/"Possess" us!)

-- We NEED to AVOID: Bad People-Influences, and Demon-Possession-Substances! 😮
(Intestinal-Intelligence, and having a CLEAN-System is Intriguing! [wolves and sheep have VERY DIFFERENT "Perspectives" !!! 😉 )

-- I was chatting to a guy yesterday (who I hadn't seen for 6-12 months) about how:

"sheep" are surrounded by FOOD ... and SEE NO POINT in being-an-Arse-hole! .....

Whereas "wolves" NEED to EAT a sheep every few days ...

-- Simple-GOOD-Humans don't SEE the "Point" in being Arse-Holes, or in trying to extensively-CONTROL/Manipulate Others!
(Which is a LOT of Effort, for what-reason: except a type of built-in weakness/lacking!?)

-- I also Mentioned that perhaps a MAJOR Point of THIS Mysterious-LIFE: is to: "Give enough 'rope' ..." so that (((those))) FAKING-being-Human REVEAL/EXPOSE (judge)-(((themselves))) ...

as THESE: Terrible-Ineligible-Creatures-(who are VERY-convincing-Mimics of: "Friends"/"Humans"!):

--> REALLY REALLY: MUST NOT be LET into Heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮

(Heaven is a VERY "High-Trust" Society and the EVIL would become Empowered to DO GREAT-EVIL !!!)

("BTWIXT" was mentioning Imagine: Letting some Foreigners into Your HOME and Helping Them ... and Them Immediately beginning to CRITICISE: Everything about Your Home-and-Family!)

Freedom of Association! 🙂

--> It is "curious" that just being ABLE to BE with Others LIKE You ... is "NOW" the "MOST Racist-Evil thing Possible*!" (*For WHITES!)

----> Like I mentioned to You, a Month or Two ago: A WHITE Family going-BACK Generation-after-Generation ....
IS indeed, by ((((their)))-"Definition" ... the VERY MOST DESPICABLE "Racist" thing Possible !!! 😮
-- And Of course STRONG Happy Protected-Families ... is based upon the "Patriarchy" !!! GASP !!! 😮

Albert said...

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together !!! 🙂

AFTER we DIE ....... we Naturally (Self)-Sort OurSelves! 🙂

(Thus WHERE Nice-People Gather IS HEAVEN ...
and WHERE Arse-Holes Gather IS an interminable-HELL !!!)

I listened to "Grandpa-Lampshade" give his Christian-Specific message yesterday ...
And he explained how Christians SHOULDN'T be WAITING and LETTING: Jesus FIX everything!

What is Presented as "Christianity" ... has sooooo many Confusing and contrary-to-even-the-simplest-"common-sense"-principles ideas ...
That "Christians" are "adopting"-black-children etc.... and welcoming-IN Invaders ... who will so-OBVIOUSLY: GAIN in Numbers and Strength ...
To TERRIBLY "Turn-On": Those who so FOOLISHLY "condescended to TRY to Uplift/Help: Them !!!
(Poor old Ireland ... in just the Last-few-Years ... is becoming HELL for the Indigenous-IRISH !!! 😮 )

The STORY of Saul who was the GREATEST-PERSECUTOR of Christians ...
Instantly "Becoming": "Paul" the Greatest "Apostle" ...

Seems quite evidently to BE a total-INVERSION of ALL the Jesus TAUGHT to HIS REAL-Disciples !!! 😮

-- NOT by "Works" ..... but By "Faith" ..... indeed !!!

There are NO Men / Women ... ALL are ONE under Jesus!

WOW! "Fascinating"-Stuff! 😮

I Think that the "Tartarian" View of:

The World, OurSelves, and Jesus ....

is FAR FAR more TRUE as compared to Anything: "Frozen-in-Time-from-Thousands-of-Years-Ago" or "Modern-Science" !!!

Obviously WHITE-People and "Western-Nations" are: CHRISTIAN !!! ...

In a SENSE that it COMES-FROM: OUR Ancestors and National-PAST !!!
-- And NOT from the "Official"-Narrative of "History" and "Religion":
"Written in Books Centuries and Centuries Old" !!!

The (without-contradictions)-TRUTH Really IS: WRITTEN / Present WITHIN-OUR-"HEARTS" !!!

--> IMAGINE IF we WERE-NOT: Non-Stop (((brainwashed))) by (((TV))) and (((State-Schools))) ... since BIRTH! 😮

--> IMAGINE IF "Grown-Ups" could Become-CHILD-LIKE:

And WHEN: Un-(((brainwashed)))-Children INNOCENTLY-ASKED simple-Questions about:

Christianity/God, the World, Different-Peoples, etc...

RATHER than Becoming: 'Proudly'-Insanely-ANGRY ...

"Grown-Ups" could HONESTLY-LOOK within Their-"HEARTS" .....

And SEE that: WHITE-Folks are Like Flocks-of-"Sheep" BUILDING Wonderful HAPPY Kind "High-TRUST" Mutually-Uplifting Societies ...

--> And that "wolves" ... simply MUST NOT be Allowed to ENTER Our Innocent-Non-Arse-Hole Happy-'Big-Families' NATIONS !!! 🙂