October 03, 2020

The Brizer Show 2020.09.28

Brizer's guest: Loki Huldgaard

Cornwall Stream



John Miller said...

Where can I buy Henry Ford's book 'The International Jew' ?
Thanks for infos

Harry McFudd said...

You can probably find it on the internet as a pdf. I have of this thing they call paper from tree bark I think.

Glad to see you back Zap. I know you get sick of the place ever so often. It must be a lot of work. Just take a sabbatical ever so often. We know where to find most of this stuff. But Jeff Rense? He can suck donkey balls.

zapoper said...

LOL Harry.

No problem, I like you posting comments.

As for the Henry Ford pdf. I I thought that every one had a copy of it on their hard drive:


John Miller said...

Thank you very much for the infos.

And what about this one ?

Where can I buy the book about the 6 million JEW holocaust, written by Dr. Arthur Butz,
'The Hoax of the Twentieth Century', ?
May be "The greatest Hoax in history" !!
I appreciate infos,

zapoper said...

The hoax of the twentieth century.pdf


Steve said...

Rocco Galati, COVID-19 Supreme Court Lawsuit


froz said...

11 mins in. I was gangstalked to hell on the Gold Coast in Australia from at least 2011 to 2014 (only realised it was happening in 2013) - and targeted with microwave weapons that prevented sleep for days and put my blood pressure up to dangerous levels despite being an athletic, fit, long distance runner prior to that.

It was hell on earth, was forced to leave Australia back to my birth country of Poland in 2014 after living in Australia and being a citizen for over 24 years. (Dual citizen, born in Poland but migrated to AU at age of 7 in 1991).

Returned to AU in 2018 for a year and managed to get my parents out of Australia in April 2019 last year before this covid nonsense begun. I am very intuitive and just kept feeling an energy in 2018 "get the hell out of Australia".

Very lucky with the covid nonsense currently going on in AU... it's very relaxed here in Poland, for now, masks only in shops but am in rural area and almost no one wears them at the local corner deli.

Liam said...

Does anyone have a download link to Brizer's last week show with TL lady, Helen, please?

John Miller said...

Great informative show.
Thank you Brizer
Btw :Your guest was repeatedly mentioning " ...jews and their chainsaws.."
"Chainsaw", oy vey

Very very interesting.....................

Brizer said...

@ Liam. Here you go: https://castbox.fm/episode/The-Brizer-Show.2020-09-21-id3326330-id309240262?country=us

John Miller said...

apropos ...
Check out at Bitchute : 'The Jewish Plan to Murder 6 Million Europeans' !
posted by Rick Heskey

Alex said...

Thanks for sharing the information. Its too beneficial for me. :-)
Dementia care facilities

Mami said...

This the ghost of Mami, I'm happy the blog is still going and I thank y'all for keeping it running!

Erik Paul said...

Hey,Grizz! Glad to see you finally slept it off!🥴

Brizer said...

Folks, if you want to help out Loki with a few shekels or just reach out and offer him support in any way you can contact him here:


He's a good guy going through a lot of shit right now so any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.