October 03, 2020

New Song by Van Morrison: We were born to be free.

            Great song by Van the Man! One of the very few musicians to call out this Covid bullshit!


Chains said...

This will go a long way to helping some people realize something is amiss!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Unless they have never heard of him or have already forgotten him....

Trust an Irishman to do it; wonder if Bono was on board. (As IF!)

Brizer said...

@ Noor. Bono?? Whenever I hear his name i think of the term "Cue Bono". Oh yes he does "benefit" very well from gullible goyim but one fine day he'll be put in front of a Peoples Court and charged with treason. And may God help his soul. Though I think Satan will have first dibs there LOL

jumping snake said...

of course morrison has self interest in this "protest" the lockdown prevents him and his ilk from raking cash in from live concerts that takes the shine off it despite its message .

Brizer said...

@ jumping snake. Why aren't other musicians and celebs calling out this shit then? Surely they would be affected too. Sold their souls maybe???

Zeebra said...

Searched yidtube for this song with lyrics overlay, didn't find. :'(

Well, well the birds in the the trees
Know something we can't see.
'Cos they know, we were born, to be free.

Don't need the government cramping my style
Give them an inch, they take a mile.
Take you in with a phony smile,

wouldn't you agree.
The new normal is not normal,
it's no kind of normal at all.

Everyone seems to have amnesia,
Just trying to remember the Berlin Wall.
Some kind of new old ideology,

With new psychology,
But it's not for the benefit,
Of you and me.

The new normal is not normal,
it's no kind of normal at all.
Everyone seems to have amnesia,

Just trying to remember the Berlin Wall.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Brizer, I hold Bono (U2) in the highest of contempt. Just to set the record straight. So badly that I cannot even listen to their music. At all.

jumping snake said...

brizer: as with non musicians and the corona bullshit a lot of people let others do the work and hope to gain from it ,maybe some do not want to be seen to disagree with the official line

Henry said...

Keep blaming "fascism" when liberalism is the rot that's killing us. I met "Van the Man" twice. He's an absolute dog. I knew two wel known musicians who played for him and they walked away from his employment hating him. Another musician that I knew and who worshipped him before becoming involved with him almost spat every time his name was mentioned in polite company. He's a nigger lover too and makes that clear to anyone unfortunate enough to spend time in his company.

Liam said...

Muh heroes/ZEROES of muh youth will be leading the protests, any day now;

"Any day now, I shall be released"

"Back in the USSR boys, you don't know how lucky you are"
Are we there yet, Daddy?

Or is it;
"Just my imagination running away with me"

Asskickfilms said...

Brilliant song. Poor Van. He just can't fuckin win can he? :-(