October 20, 2020

Santa Klaus & The American Nightmare

Stop Banging Your Head Against The Wall
12 Year Old Girl Explains Bank Fraud in
Corrupt Banking For Dummies
Santa Klaus is Coming To Town
Your Guide to the Great Reset
James Corbett 
Peggy Hall's Zoom Meeting
So Happy Together
Nightmare Coming to America...
Brace Yourself
Dana Ashlie

What are youse guys doing in my office?

Eight years ago, a 12 Year Old Girl told the Truth about

She's exposing our racket. We'll have to delete her.
Better Call Dark Zuckerborg.

Santa Klaus is coming to town with a Great Reset for all!
Your Guide to the Great Reset
Peggy Hall's Zoom Meeting

Coming to America...and what to do in the face of it.

So Happy Together

Andrew Gause Fought The Bankers


Finding the right pillow is a pain in the neck!


Steve said...

I love nature programmes and it fascinates me that all species of animals will fight to the death to protect their young. Humans must be the only species that willingly and happily hands over their young to be abused and exterminated. And we think we are intelligent.

Amanda said...

Thanks for this! Lots of good info!

Also, in case some missed it, here's a great online book put together by the German "Doctors for Truth"- it includes lots of US data and facts showing it's scam!!

Global Covid Report- There is No Deadly Pandemic