November 19, 2020

Demoncracy in The Flu World Order - V For Vigilante

The World Has Gone Completely Insane
Demoncracy Ushers in the Flu World Order
Where Can You Run From The Great Reset?
 The Dollar Vigilante
 Mass Media And Big Tech: World Enablers of Fraud Coruption War and Genocide
Max Igan

Swamp Creature Operatives Rubber Stamp Corrupted Election
Russ Winter
The TRUTH about 5G and WiFi. 
Barrie Trower

The Dollar Vigilante
The Taco Vigilante on The Real New Green

The Dollar Vigilante

Split Redwood Lodge 
Where Can You Run From The Great Reset?
 The Dollar Vigilante

 Feel The Magic...
  Let me look into my crystal Baal...

“They’re Getting Ready To Kill Millions … That’s What This is All About”
Durham And Barr Head Fake, Trump Deception

Momma, I can't breathe...!

The TRUTH about 5G and WiFi. 
Barrie Trower

 This lastest Lecture from Feburay this year 2020 shows Dr. Barrie Trower, a Military microwave expert discussing the TRUTH about 5G and WiFi. Scary, detailed, honest and all backed by science and data. He even goes as far as to reveal the existence of TOP-SECRET documents hiding the known results that were known back in the early '60s.

Part 2. Barrie Trower – Lecture: ‘The Truth about 5G and Wi-Fi’

Chainsawmillerman suggested...


    Audio Book in three parts below (150 + pages) containing 21 chapters.

Safe downloads, enjoy!

Trump-Appointed Parapolitical Swamp Creature Operatives Rubber Stamp Corrupted Election

I Can Afford The lifestyle Since I Work For The zew
Tree House


Harry McFudd said...

Dollar Vigilante I already follow religiously. The Barrie Trower data is awesome. He seems to pop up sporadically.

If they were so goddamn concerned about saving the earth from humans then why are they letting them cook all the life on it with goddamn 5G? All they want is full control and they are willing to use total destruction to attain it. Glad I don't have any offspring. They would blame for bringing they into this hell.

Liam said...

Thanks Voltman, especially for the God-zone nature pics. Love em.

Harry, sorry you missed one of the purposes of life.
Is there anything new under the sun?
Mike + The Mechanics
Every generation
Blames the one before
And all of their frustrations
Come beating on your door
Is the generation gap, yet another masonic fabrication?

Thanks to chainsaw for sharing remedy and solution.
That Ken guy sure has them.

Erik Paul said...

GUFFAW!! ... totally forgot about that little ditty. Be sure there are no open flames nearby.

John Miller said...

Reading reading reading ....

Everybody should most of all, read : Henry Ford's book 'The International Jew'

and a MUST READ certainly, is the booklet "The Jews and their Lies " written by the great German Dr. Martin Luther, 1483-1546

Dr. Luther wrote 125 fine hymns (The most famous of which is "A Mighty Fortress is Our God")

The Encyclopedia Britannica calls Luther, " One of the most pivotal figures of Western Civilization."

Gobbledygook said...

Thanks for the Gemstone University audios. Very good basic course explaining our indentured servitude!