November 19, 2020

The National Intel Report with Farren Shoaf 2020.11.18

Guest host: Farren Shoaf who is joined by Georgia Peach in the first hour. (Callers in hour 2)

Fuck Off Google!!!



John Miller said...

Hi everybody

My dog eats a pizza like that in the morning and one in the evening...

PS : info for zapoper: my dog is a 120 pound German Rottweiler who hates Bolshevik Communist Jew controlled Antifa Red Rats !!


zapoper said...

If you don't know that Trump is part of that circle, you've lost the plot a long time ago.

John Miller said...

Oh Yes... Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden...
WHAT'S the there one ??

And I DO KNOW that Jew Bolshevik Communist Red Rats and their supporters HATE "Nazis".

Tell us WHY !!!

PS : Do YOU KNOW that Children in school (History class) are being taught to HATE - NOT Jew Bolshevik Communists - but 'Nazis'/ Germans, and that WW II , the war against Germany was a "Good War", the mas murder of German civilians, innocent women and children.