November 05, 2020

The Winners Voted For Nobody And Nobody Won!

Lauren Southern
The Subversion of America & The US Election
The (s)Election Chaos Circus is a Nice Break
From the COVAIDS Plandemic Tyranny
The Dollar Vigilante
Every Bunny Was Kung Fu Fighting

Second Wave Documentary !
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Just Another Movie
Timbuk 3

Nobody Won!
Nobody Was Elected!
!!! The Winners Are Those Who Voted For Nobody !!! 
The Future's So Bright I Got To Wear Shades!
The Subversion of America & The US Election

Crested Coua

Second Wave Documentary !

Video Exposing Everything regarding second wave & Great reset. Timed Stamped Video to go easily to your favorite section. Exposes details of second wave, Lockdowns, Casedemic and faulty fake tests, Isolation camps, 5G weaponry, Inducing Food shortage & Crisis, Universal basic income, Economic Agenda behind Banks & Corona Virus and finally details of Great reset & Global take over.

Deep Swamp Reflections

 Every Bunny Was Kung Fu Fighting (Again)
Confidential horses, who asked to remain anonymous, revealed that one of the fighters was a demonrat and the other was a repuglycan... 
Menorah Cactus?
Free Admission: Believe it or Not


Albert said...

"She" is Looking: More and More Like: Man-Coulter !!! ;-)

Voltman said...

"She" is Looking: More and More Like: Man-Coulter !!! ;-)

WTF are you drinking Albert?!

I don't know much about Coulter because I don't care about those liars and ignorant TV personalities; especially those who were around in 2001 and who were on TV. Yes, those insufferable, ignorant, stupid and pompous hypocrites who were NOT calling bullshit on the unbelievabull psyop called 9/11. That includes all the God damn cocksuckers and fudge-packing assholes who infest Shitstream Media.

Does Lauren Southern fall into that category?! I don't think so. Coulter looks like a horse. Lauren Southern is beautiful, articulate and she's a REAL woman, unlike anyone you see on the Shit tube!!!

Is this the only comment you have to make about this post, Albert?

How pathetic!!!

Voltman said...

Here is an intelligent debate about freedom, statism, euphemisms, principles, being effective, statism, open borders, etc...

Lauren Southern vs Larken Rose - Open Borders

Albert said...


On THIS Matter:

"She" is LOOKING: More and More Like: Man-Coulter !!! ;-)

Is ALL: That I wanted to Say! (It was "Short-Hand" For: FIND a REAL-Woman to Adore etc...)

--> I DON'T: "Get the 'Hots'" for Facades:
(No One: "Watching" this: "Mud-Shark" actually KNOWS: Anything TRUE about Her!)

With HEAPS of LAYERS of "high-tech" "Make-Up", False-Eyelashes, and FALSE pretty-well everything Else! ("Damaged-Goods" that could BRING NO True-Happiness ... to ANYONE!)

IF "Thirsty"-Young-FOOLS ... "want" to "Get THEIR 'News'" from Such ...

Well, Good-Luck to Them !!!
("It will all end in Tears!" -- As Grandmothers Used-to-Say!)

The REASON WHY: "Victoria's Secret": is that Their "Models" are Trannies (ie: XY-Men) is that:
WITH: LOTS of Make-Up, Hormones, Surgery ... etc.
BECAUSE THEY DON'T have: Soft-Gravity-Sensitive-FAT ...
And DO HAVE: "Exotic": Looong Arms and Legs, Low-Body-Fat, Angular-Jaws, and "High-Cheekbones" ...
-- To MANY "Thirsty" Men ... THEY: "Look BETTER" ... than REAL-Women:
(Who HAVE Short-Legs, and Back-of-Thighs "Cellulose"!)
--> Who Actually-MARRIED: Looong Ago, Had Many Children, and DON'T put-on: HEAPS of "Make-Up" ... which was, even Originally: MADE for Trannies / ("Drag")-"Queens" !!!

A somewhat-Chubby: WHITE-Mother who is Spending MOST of Her TIME Cuddling and Teaching, and Actually-hands-On-CARING for and RAISING-UP: Her MANY Children ...

Is TRULY-BEAUTIFUL to ME ... NOT Because I "want" to "Have-Sex"-with-Her ...

--> But BECAUSE I (Or ANY Real-Man!) Would Have That: I had Been-LUCKY-enough ... to Have Married and HAD lots of Beautiful WHITE-Children ... the SAME !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

Andrew-C-H says:

"Put on the Armour-of-God!"

This "Creature" puts-(/"CAKES")-on the "Armour"-of-LIES !!!

We MUST NOW: ALL Step-by-(Hard-won! -- Through the "School of HARD-Knocks!")-Step:
LEARN to SEE: With the EYES-of-TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!

And Learn to LOVE the TRUTH !!! ...

UNTIL someone,

like, for example, To be REVERED: Ursula-Haverbeck* !!!

Has actually EARNED Our GREAT: Admiration and RESPECT ...

--> It is indeed somewhat-DANGEROUS: To even "Listen" to: "snake-Tongues" (who, IF we can SEE them on YouTube etc, Are certainly-"Compromised", and most-probably: "Of the (((TRIBE)))"!)

* Wonderful 92 Years Old GRANDMOTHER: Ursula Haverbeck is FREE !!! :-) :-) :-)

sqirl said... what is left out? We need to build off the narrative.

Henry said...

Southern's asymetrical dial is turning into Dali's melting clock face. She should seek a second opinion and a refund from Dr. Lipshitz before it slips away.for ever.