November 13, 2020

Water & Life - Professor David Icke & Doctor Tom Cowan

Watcher of The Skies

 Water & Life Science

The Contagion Myth
Tom Cowan
 * Suggested by Steve *
 Turpentine: The Miracle Medicine?
Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Water through its adaptations brings matter to life.

Water is an information system for all living systems.

As long as you take out the garbage and clean your water, the body maintains and repairs itself. Forget about cells!

Consciousness interfaces with substance everywhere in the body.

David Icke talks with out-of-the-box thinker and doctor Tom Cowan, author of The Contagion Myth

 * Suggested by Steve *
"Turpentine dissolves the gels in your system."
A Few Comments
Amazing - I’ve always questioned that modern medicine seem to want to stop the body doing its thing by interfering with its own healing process. I had a car accident years ago and suffered from neck and back issues. I went to a doc who was also a fan of eastern medicine. He told me to do nothing for four to six weeks (no medication, no physio, no type of interference) and to let the body begin its own healing process. I did that and I healed better than others I met who did interfere with things after they had a car accident (I was working for a workplace occupational therapist at the time and we would visit workers who had car accidents to help them return to work). The body is a self correcting incredible system with an intelligence we will never fully understand.
Mindblowing! Thanks, keep up the good work and keep putting it out there! I want that book! 😲💲👍
Thanks guys🍏🙏❤️!
Comments from:

Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Turpentine for healing? Really? Dr. Daniels tells us about this natural substance and how she came to start using it on herself. What is the minimum lethal dose? What kinds of ailments does it heal? Who can use it and how to take it.
Dr. Jennifer Daniels
Turpentine: The Miracle Medicine and Candida Cleaner

 Steve Hackett Live at The Royal Albert Hall
Watcher of the skies, watcher of all
His is a world alone no world is his own
He whom life can no longer surprise
Raising his eyes beholds a planet unknown

Creatures shaped this planet's soil
Now their reign has come to end
Has life again destroyed life?
Do they play elsewhere, do they know
More than their childhood games?
Maybe the lizard's shed its tail
This is the end of man's long union with Earth

Judge not this race by empty remains
Do you judge God by his creatures when they are dead?
For now, the lizard's shed it's tail
This is the end of man's long union with Earth

From life alone to life as one
Think not now your journey's done
For though your ship be sturdy
No mercy has the sea
Will you survive on the ocean of being?
Come ancient children hear what I say
This is my parting council for you on your way

Sadly now your thoughts turn to the stars
Where we have gone you know you never can go
Watcher of the skies watcher of all
This is your fate alone, this fate is your own
"Do you judge God by his creatures when they are dead?"
Genesis 1972

Square Icebergs?
It's Nice to be out of hot water!


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must see/Like/RT clip of Kermit & Mel Gates... 47 secs:

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Here is Bill Gate’s Injectable Biochip, for Those Who Think it is Conspiracy Theory
November 4, 2020 Winter Watch

by Spiro 4/20/20:
Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Bill Gates, ID2020 & Vaccine Microchips

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(((Soros/Pizzagate)))-linked Media Matters trying to shame YidTube... inner-chicken-swinger family feud! lolz :~D

YouTube has allowed conspiracy theories about interference with voting machines to go viral
The platform has also made money from ads airing on some of the videos

PUBLISHED 11/13/20

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Audio Book in three parts below (150 + pages) Safe downloads, enjoy!

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