December 24, 2020

Commie Christmas Everybody!

Rona Around The Christmas Tree
With Fauci The Con-Man
Media Bear
New Coronavirus Mutation Attains Its Final Form... Communism
The Dollar Vigilante
Socialist Media - The New Rules
JP Sears
A Critique of Dugin’s National Bolshevism
Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson
Crystal Blue Persuasion

JP Sears

JP Sears
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The Lord Protector Abolishes Christmas
Ian Fantom – Dec 20, 2020

Picture taken with his Great Great Great Grand Pappy

New Coronavirus Mutation Attains Its Final Form... Communism

The Dollar Vigilante

Hurry up and take the darn picture!

"The National Bolshevik idea, according to Dugin, derives from the argument that the Bolshevik movement wasn't essentially Marxist, but primarily anti-individual and even “national.”

Despite endless writings on internationalism and the loathing of all national movements, a civilizational and ethnic nationalism was buried underneath."

- Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: A Critique of Dugin’s National Bolshevism – TON 122320

The Orthodox Nationalist With Matt Johnson 2020.11.04


Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson: calm, rational, even tempered, objective, subtle, clear, articulate, precise, exact, scrupulous and persuasive.

I'm going to quit drinking too...!

Tommy James & The Shondells 
 coincidenceskeptic said...

  "Covid-19 as a deadly entity is a Psycho-pathogen. It exists in this form only as a concept portrayed in some of the least believable fear porn seen to date, by the Media - who are in fact the most prolific terrorist organizations in history. Covid-19 Hysteria, on the other hand, led to the torture and death of both my parents."

I offer you my condolences sir.
- Voltman


coincidenceskeptic said...

It started out as ridicule at family gatherings for my disbelief in media.
So, I stop casting pearls of knowledge to swine - with the assumption that I would be insulated from the effects of their brainwashing.
But, years later I got it.
Fear makes people do stupid things. Make bad decisions. Decisions for other people's lives. If those people cannot be convinced that they have been fooled - innocent people get hurt.
Thank you.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

JP Sears is absolutely awesome. Just spend an entire day watching his work; truly a man worth paying attention to. His "intelligent" more serious work is pretty top drawer; his political work right off the roof.

He is, to be honest, delightful and ... to some... very dangerous.