December 24, 2020

Merry Lockdown Everybody!!!



Eric said...

Pretty good thanks for the laughs during these dark times

Original Larry said...

Thank you Snipp, for the excellent work! It makes my week!

zapoper said...

Those were from me. I had time to kill this afternoon.

RickB said...


Give me an Ebola... formerly known as Corona beer.

coincidenceskeptic said...

Merry Christmas from Camp Fauschwitz - where the jab sets you free!

zapoper said...

Serious question for coincidenceskeptic

Are there any jews out there that are "good" or are you a fluke?

coincidenceskeptic said...

For zapoper
I make no claims of "good" - Who would I compare myself to? - good is relative.
I cannot claim to be a good Jew because I was raised agnostic and celebrated Christmas. No Jewish holidays were observed. Lived in an area with a large Jewish population but, I always went to school on Jewish holidays.
I've been called Self Hating. But, that is obviously ridiculous. I learned to dislike stereotypical Jewish idiosyncrasies and political stances long before I knew my family religious history.
I grew up watching Hogan's Heroes. Before the Holocaust Industry showed up. My family is mostly German. We laughed at Klink like we laugh at Gomer Pyle. Germans were our ancestors. They are people just like us.
Upon learning of the Palestinian situation, I lost any feeling of a connection with Israel. Yes. American Indians. I get it. But, this is now. I thought good might win. Now, it looks like Governments surrounding Israel have sold out, too.
I'm a Carlinist. I don't believe anything from the Government/Media Entertainment and Distraction Unit.
I'm not brave. I just know that Media are the terrorists.
Media is run by Jews - I think we can safely say these Jews are not good people. By we I mean Americans. Born and raised here - never even been to Israel.
But, a Good Jew - fulfilling their ancient whatever the fuck it is - working in media while pushing an agenda that makes America look, Israel can continue to get away with what it is doing...
So, please. I'm not that kind of "Good Jew."
From the other side I would get heat by laughing at the ridiculous stories of Auschwitz - making me a "Bad Jew"
I'm an American who has been deceived - just not quite as much as most in the last 15 years - as most have been.
I'm as good with that as possible - which means not great - just not as bad as some.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Excellent content Mr. Zap! I see a talent in you.... You had me on the vodka eggs! Just put the stuff in your juice!

Amanda said...

LOL! Good ones Zap- thanks for the laugh. Still can't believe this is nightmare we are living in.