December 23, 2020

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2020.12.23

James Tracy on the Lords of Fake Media & Election Fraud

Dr. James Tracy returns to Our Interesting Time to discuss his video "Lords of Fake News & Election Fraud." We also talk about the corporate media's role in promoting the fake pandemic and the history of the corruption of the Fourth Estate by the Money Power. 

Dr. Tracy is a former tenured professor of media studies at Florida Atlantic University who was forced out of his position in 2015 largely as a result of his personal blog and research regarding political conspiracies, media fakery and false flag events. He is the proprietor of the Memory Hole Blog.

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Zeebra said...

anyone else unable to play this?

I can't, whether @ mami's player or podmatic

I finally resorted to trying to download file, & while my connection is SLOW (40 - 80 KBps), it's giving me time estimates of 15 - 18 hours!

reminder to keep an eye on Dr. Tracy's YT ch; new vids weekly or less -- short, punchy!

Zeebra said...

RE ^

podomatic appears A-OK now, based on my file download effort, cruising along at my max KBps transfer rate, just about finished up now.

2h 10m show, 90 MBs