December 06, 2020

The Perfect Triangle - Episode 22 - December 4 2020

December 4th 2020

Giuseppe and Scorpio are joined by legendary conspiracy researcher and truth teller "Jim the Conspiracy Guy" Dr Jim Fetzer. We discuss his mega virtual conference 12/5-6 ( and fete Jim's 80th birthday!


John Miller said...

Stalin was an enemy of the USA ??

Is Mr. Fetzer also being brain washed ??

An older gentleman, shouldn't he know that the Soviet Jewnion under Communist

Bolshevik mass murderer Joseph Stalin, a close buddy of US President F.D.Rosenfelt, was an

ALLY of the United States in the war against Germany?

Also: It was in those days widely known that F.D.R.'s Communist Bolshevik wife Eleonor Rosenfelt passionately called Stalin "uncle Joe" !!

oy vey, and Happy Birth Day.

John Miller said...

As always, Interesting show!
Lots of thanks