April 10, 2021

Address to the lemmings

Published by John Kaminski: Saturday, 10 April 2021 13:28

on the disintegration of our country

About your plan to be free?
That ship has sailed

One prediction is that because of that shot you took upon the recommendation of your doctor, your newspaper, your evening news and even your presidents — and also God himself, according to the son of Billy Graham — you will now come down with Mad Cow disease in six months and soon cease knowing everything in your remaining moments as your melting mind screeches into delirium and darkness. The mRNA vaccine took away your soul, you see. You allowed it to be stolen by not paying attention to what your so-called leaders were telling you over the course of your entire life. Thus, this disaster was totally preventable had you really zoned into what they were saying and doing. In fact they were sabotaging life itself.

Now you are really the zombies. Never having realized all the flu epidemics we’ve ever seen, from smallpox on down, were and are spread by those who have received vaccines. They are the ones who become contagious. The karmic multiplier effect means this could be curtains for even the monsters who invented this plan. They wish to rule a graveyard and we really can’t understand why.

The danger is great when you pretend to know something that you don’t really know. This inevitably leads to bad diagnoses, bad medicine and tragic outcomes.

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Mike Smith said...

Hallo John, thanks from 'Hermann the German' for posting this.
Have a great weekend and
always 14/88

zapoper said...

Miller is a silly troll.

Scorpio said...

14/88 glows in the dark

Mike Smith said...

Hallo, zapoper and Scorpio, you guys are super administrators!!
Thanks for all your postings.
'Hermann the German'

Mike Smith said...

Uphold the honor of our White race at all times and destroy and banish all Jewish thought and influence from OUR society!!
Thank you
'Hermann the German'

inthemix16 said...

Hey!! The goalie for the Edmonton Oilers is here !! Bet you love Dollar Vigilante. You had a shit game last night ;)