April 10, 2021

Canadian Doctors Speak Out + Dr. Ryan Cole

Maybe sharing these with brainwashed family members might help


Mike Smith said...

these are extremely important videos!
Thanks to zapoper for posting.
'Hermann the German'

inthemix16 said...

This vid is very old. Probably back to around May of last year. Its really good. Especially that HOT thang that introduces him.If i were the doc , id have asked what she was doing after the show. LOL

coincidenceskeptic said...

I've never been afraid of Covid. I learned to be afraid of people who are afraid of Covid - because they do stupid shit while forcing others to do the same. Like forcing old people to stay inside, getting no sun and no natural vitamin D. If you need Man-Ferret-Weasel Fauci to tell you that, do us all a favor - dig your own grave and take the vaccine or shut the fuck up.