April 19, 2021

Operation Scorpio 2021.04.17

Scorpio Show # 59 on Revolution.radio

Scorpio, Giuseppe and Chris welcome Mark Snider of rev.radio and Roger Sayles.

Topics include:

1) Termites Eating Away Our Foundation
2) MSM News as Comedy and Theatre Of The Absurd
3) The Empire of Lies
4) Amerikwan Donkeys And Beasts Of Burden

Mark starts hour 2 off talking about Billy Meier UFO stuff but I school him on Billy's photos of 'extraterrestrials' taken from a Dean Martin TV special and his dinosaur pics taken from a children's book...then a better discussion ensues.  Roger Comes on hour 3 and schools us on the fraud of legal fiction that enslaves our minds.

Revolution.Radio Studio A

Feel free to contact me: drscorpicusmaximus@gmail.com


Scorpio said...

no audio file?

Voltman said...

This primitive and buggy program doesn't allow me to upload audio files, only videos and photos. And there's a 100 MByte limit on videos. So it's up to Zapoper to handle the audio, unless someone has a better suggestion...

Albert said...

1:40:00 Twitch-Feed:

chris-jewess-Slave is such a piece-of-shit ... "chomping-at-the-bit" to "Put"-his-"Question" OVER: Scorpio's about Adolf-Hitler ...

-- Henry-the-Fifth AND "Rothschild-Maid" !!! LOL!

The (((bs))) is supposed to Be: "Rothschild-Maid-GRAND-MOTHER" !!! ;-)

... And Adolf-Hitler's Grand-Mother was 42 WHEN She Gave-Birth to His-Father!

(ie NOT a "maid"-in-a-Rothschild's Vienna-Mansion, and that: Rothschild was PROHIBITED from staying in Austria at-all: maybe the WHOLE-TIME!)

(From what I recall: Adolf-Hitler's Father was the SON of the (OLD)-BROTHER: of the man-whom-She would MARRY-5-Years-Later ... so that Adolf-Hitler's-FATHER could BE-with: His "Uncle"-ie-REAL-Father while He Grew-Up!)

--> NO-ONE: Who ACTUALLY LOVES Our-People would EVER BE: Soooo ((("enthusiastic"))) to SPOUT such UTTER-"clever"-(((bs))) about Adolf-Hitler ...

(((Desperately)))-TRYING-to-MAKE-(((whatever-"clver"-bs)))-(((he)))-CAN: "Stick" !!!

THE Adolf-Hitler* ... THE much-(((Maligned-and-LIED-about))) GREAT-LEADER:

WHO SHOWED us the TRUEST-WAY To COUNTER: the jew-"Banker"-DEATH-STRANGLEHOLD that (((they))) HAVE: Upon: ALL of Our (Now-(((becoming)))-Formerly)-WHITE-Nations !!! :-o

* AND, IF the "All-LIES"' (((Media)))-DUPED-Citizens: Had NOT Been Soooo Cut-OFF-from-TRUTH (THOUSANDS of TRUE-Patriots WERE-"Locked-Up" to "Silence" Their TRUTHFUL-Voices!): and "Con-Scripted"-etc: into Terribly-Fighting-Their-Own-BEST-Brothers ...

Adolf-Hitler-and-His-Wonderful-GERMANY: WOULD have SHOWN: the WHOLE-WORLD HOW:

To be TRULY: Happy and FREE !!!

--> Step-by-Step: QUICKLY BUILDING STRONG Healthy Societies ...

Where, BY-MERIT: Each Profession/Industry would Send: the-BEST-QUALIFIED-Man-Representative to Form and Inform:

A Government RUN: in such-a-Way as to TRULY: Work-FOR, and BENEFIT:

Their ENTIRE-NATION ... and the FUTURE Wonderful-Generations of Their Happy THRIVING Peoples !!! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...


--> NO-ONE: Who ACTUALLY LOVES Our-People would EVER BE:

Soooo ((("enthusiastic"))) to SPOUT such UTTER-"clever"-(((bs))) about Adolf-Hitler ...

(((Desperately)))-TRYING-to-MAKE-(((whatever-"clever"-bs)))-(((he)))-CAN: "Stick" !!!

Scorpio said...

Zap in da house - thanks Z

Scorpio said...

Albert - czech out The Young Hitler I knew by August Kubizek. It's the only book I know of written by a childhood friend of AH -Zubizek knew him as a young man as well and it paints a fascinating and unique portrait of young Adolf.

Scorpio said...

I have a hard copy of the book but I just came across a free PDF:


This is well worth the time for anyone interested in the subject.

Albert said...

THANKS Scorpio :-)

153 pages ...

I Listened to a David-Irving Talk from Decades-ago(?) which was Posted a couple of days ago on BitChute:

Where he SAID that: As "Mein-Kampf" was "NOT" actually-WRITTEN by Adolf-Hitler, He had NOT READ it! ...

... but that "Table-Talk" WAS "Authentic", and Written-from-"Memory" by someone AFTER each day's Lunch-Meetings ... and "Signed-Off-on" by Bormann ...

EXCEPT that: the LAST Year-or-TWO was INVENTED-by-THAT-SAME-Guy ... but could-NOT-have-Been-"Authentically-signed-Off-on-by-Bormann" because HE was-NOT-Present at THAT Time ...

But that Adolf-Hitler's: "SECOND-Book" ... was to-be-Read ...



Ostara SAYS that Theirs is the BEST, but it Costs $15!


🌝 🌚 🌞

The Hour+ Irving Talk was INTERESTING ... but HE is Somewhat "Full-of-Himself", and I Don't Recall ACTUALLY "GETTING"-much-FROM-His-Talks ...
... and His "Compromised" Later: "Limited-Gassings"-"Stance"

Somewhat Take-Away from HIS "Content"! ;-)

(I TRIED to Post-This: WITH "Clickable"-Links ... BUT it was "Auto-DELETED"! -- Wow! -- What a "Feature"! ;-) )

Albert said...


Albert said...


Albert said...


Albert said...

INFO about: "Auto-DELETING": "Clickable"-Links:

AFTER I DID the ABOVE-SEPARATE: "Clickable"-Links...

I just TRIED to PUT TWO "Clickables" in ONE-Post ...

and it AGAIN: "Auto-DELETED" Them! ;-)

Albert said...


PLEASE LISTEN to: Dr Peter-Hammond's Talks on "WWII"

The One About: Rudolf-Hess Flying-to-England is FASCINATING !!! :-o


And, in FUTURE-Shows: "Hold" chris-jewess-Slave up on his:

"Hitler was: "An-Agent"/"Actor"/"Rothschild"/"Rothschild-Puppet" ..."

"Everything/ONE is "The-SAME" ..." ((("Stuff")))

(((church-ill))) : (((FDR))) : (((stalin-Married-to-3-jewesses)))


Adolf-Hitler ... Who Painstakingly-and-SINCERELY-Led: The European-Christian-Forces FOR-True-FREEDOM: AGAINST the DARK-(((communist)))-and-(((All-LIES)))-Forces

And MOST-Certainly: The Germans WERE in a Life-and-Death-Struggle: To "DO-or-DIE!" against: (((MURDEROUS)))-"Strategic-Bombers" ...

... and IF-NOT For "America's": "Lend-Lease" GIVING to the (((Blood-Thirsty-DEMONS))): Practically-UN-LIMITED: Food and WAR-Supplies ... and even THEN (Because even-THAT wasn't "Enough"!): THEN "Entering-the-War..."

--> The Forces-of-GOOD: WOULD Have PREVAILED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the ENTIRE WHITE-Races-WORLD WOULD indeed have Become: HAPPIER and HAPPIER by-the-Day !!! :-)

So, HOW "Exactly" chris-jewess-Slave: Was THEIR-"LOSING":

"Evidence"/"Proof": Of Adolf-Hitler: "Intentionally-LOSING"!?

-- And, NO!:

ASKING, in Every Conceivable-WAY: England to Agree to PEACE... (And Being WILLING to MAKE most-ANY-Concession Towards Such!)

NOT: Killing the British-Forces at Dunkirk and Allowing them to Return-to-England, as a Goodwill-Gesture-for-FUTURE-PEACE ...

Launching the PREEMPTIVE "Barbarossa"-Campaign to Mostly-ENCIRCLE and CAPTURE Within-weeks: Millions of Russian-Troops and LOADS of Military-Equipment
... as These were in OFFENSIVE-Positions to INVADE and Overcome: ALL of Christian-Europe ...

(David-Irving Says: That ANY-EARLIER an Attack [Because of MUDDY Roads in Spring?] would-NOT have Been-"BETTER" ...
But that: 2-weeks-of-illness STOPPED Adolf-Hitler from Being-ABLE: To Personally-STOP [By His Personal-PRESENCE at Meetings!]:
some Generals: From DIVERTING: VITAL-Forces to-MOSCOW*: Against Adolf-Hitler's STRATEGIC-Plans/DIRECTIONS to DO-Otherwise and thus SECURE-a-TOTAL-VICTORY!)

and NOT: Actually MURDERING-in-Camps: ANY "poor-unfairly-prosecuted"-jews ...

--> DOESN'T "Count" as "Evidence" to "Support" such: a Ridiculous, and REQUIRING-Substantial-EVIDENCE For Such: an EXTREME-Claim!

🌝 🌚 🌞

---->> NO! Gaddafi WASN'T: "Funded"-by-Rothschild ...

And, of course: NEITHER was GERMANY / and Their TRULY-LOYAL-to-HIS-Folk--LEADER-Adolf-Hitler !!!

*Maybe I DID Learn Something from David-Irving after-all! ;-)

RiggedGame said...

Great opening monologue Scorpio and thanks for putting up that link for the pdf.

WWS said...

@Albert, re: Preemptive Barbarossa Campaign

"TIK" is a libertarian capitalist and no friend of NSDAP Germany; however, his tactical military analysis is often spot on:


Viktor Suvorov (Vladimir Rezun) is a tool of British intelligence, based in London and published by the Naval Institute Press (Annapolis MD). He briefs NATO flags at the U.S. Army War College (Carlisle PA) with an "IceBreaker" agenda provided by his masters. Not reliable, but too often accepted as such by those who refuse to vet their sources.

Albert said...


KNOW Your-Self, Know Your (((enemy)))

WE are "Sheep" (etc.) ... (((they))) are "Wolves"/"Parasites"/Demon-Possessed-Satanists etc...

(Jesus OUR-Good-Shepherd) Creation: The Sun is LIGHT Wisdom: Warm, LIFE-Giving ... where Angels / Muses etc Inspire-us from ...

(The-Adversary) Destruction: The Moon is DARKNESS Ignorance: Cold, and where Demons / "Reptilians" / evil-Spirits especially-in-the-Evening come-Down-From ...

THESE seem to Be WITHIN The DOME of this Flat-Earth: Of "Duality": Hot-and-Cold, Light-and-Dark, Good-and-Evil ...

God-the-Father / Dark/Black-Sun is BEYOND This World of Good-and-Bad, HE is in "Heaven(s)"/Ether

(Beyond the "Temporal"/"Temporary" ... Of the Ether / Un-Erasable / "Et(h)ernal)

HE is: PURE-GOODNESS / Suddha-Sattva :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

LOVE YOUR-People: Old and Young, Men and Women ...

HATE YOUR-(((enemies))) ...

BE of the-LIGHT: Goodness CREATION (WE were MADE to be "Gardeners" !!!)

And "Weed-OUT": (((those))) of the-Darkness: Evil DESTRUCTION (The Blood-Sucking "Parasites" !!!)




🌝 🌚 🌞


Sun : Black-Sun/God-the-Fa[r]ther : Moon

G-enerator : O-perator : D-estroyer

In Childhood we are: "Ignorant" and WEAK (Fearful, and "Selfish") ... TAKING ("Absorbing-Like-a-Sponge")

In Youth we Marry: CREATE and Nurture OUR-Loved-Ones, and CRUSH-OUR-(((enemies))) !!! ... GIVING-and-TAKING
(GIVING: OUR-People LIFE ... and ... TAKING: OUR (((enemies'))) LIFE ie 'Giving' (((them))): DEATH!)

In Old-Age: We Generously-(Like 'Santa'!) GIVE: Our Folk: KNOWLEDGE, True-LOVE, TIME ... and, as THESE Present-Temporal-Bodies are of-Carbon (6-6-6?) "Pass-On" and GO-to-a-BETTER-Place of ALL-LOVE: Where NO (((evil))) is even "Allowed" to ENTER !!!

🌝 🌚 🌞

Panzerfaust said...

Every hospital has 24 hour guards overlooking a vault of birth certificates?

Panzerfaust said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
inthemix16 said...

Yes. Thanks for the link Scorp. The truths of WWII are fascinating. ! Im sure you all know where the link for "The Bad War " is. Some pretty gruesome shit in there but its appropriate.
Albert ,I could swear that ME-110 that Hess used was modified to the max. Pretty interesting story in itself
Great show as always. I dont know how you guys come up with these people who are such great guest i never knew off. For someone to come out and say they made a huge huge mistake takes guts. I know all about making huge blunders that change your life , and some just cant grasp giving some slack . That has to suck living with that memory. Great job !
But man, dont be teasin me with the Enigma Sounding like music on break 2 to 3 , That makes any normal guy start thinking about texting bitchez and fucking up money

Panzerfaust said...

Article concerning former Pfizer VP's vaccine depopulation concerns 404'd
Even off the wayback machine.


Panzerfaust said...

His airplane was fitted with drop tanks. What they did to Hess was real tragedy.

Mike Smith said...

in occupied Palestine they use little children for target practice, killing a pregnant woman is being celebrated on t-shirts: two dead with one shot!!
What they do is a real tragedy.

'Herman the German'

Mike Smith said...

yeah, and in Russia they killed ca. 40 million people, murdered the Tsar family, bestially with bayonets in a satanic ritual, and starved to death ca. 7 million Ukrainians in the so called Holodomor.
What they did to the Russians and Ukrainians was real tragedy.

'Hermann the German'

Mike Smith said...

yeah, and in Iraq ca. 500 000 little children lost their lives.'
US Secretary Madeline Albright in interview: " Yes, it was worth it."

What they did to the Iraqi people was real tragedy.

'Hermann the German'

Mike Smith said...

Now, have a nice day, everybody.....

'Hermann the German'

Scorpio said...

Thanks for edjewmicating us, Mr. Glow Worm.

Mike Smith said...

Hi 'Scorpio', young man....How do you do?
Oh yeah, You truly are a great educator, lots of live experience , I guess.....
WOW...you even read books! You have piled them up right there for everybody to see!
Please continue educating the millennials....

'Hermann the German'

Chains said...



They are getting ready to take our shoes and lunch money again! LOL, Who the fuck cares anymore? I will meet you guys when it's time under the bridge by the burning barrel. Not sure what is going to be roasting on the stick, but I'll share with my brothers who are willing to lose it all to live in the truth. Should be interesting to see just how many there will be. Secondly should be interesting to see how long people like us will have freedom of movement period.

Mike Smith said...

Hi 'Scorpio'
Certainly I do know that I don't need to "edjewmicating us", the 'Operation Scorpio' crew!
You are extremely smart, and well educated, especially on that subject. You know the truth!!!
But remember: There are 7,5 Billion, 7500 MILLION, people on this planet.
I guess 0,1% of those - that's 7,5 MILLION - are listening to your shows.
Most of those people never heard of what I am posting.
Have a great day.

'Hermann the German'

Chains said...

Yes miller the world population hangs out at Mamis's LOL you really are brilliant. Thanks for sharing your thought process. It was amusing to say the least!

Mike Smith said...

Hallo friends...
did you notice? every time I post a comment, it doesn't take long and there pops this Jew creep up.
Our friend 'Panzerfaust' calls this %#@$&% 'chainsawjew'.
ok,ok, we know, also Mami's has been infiltrated by these scumbags.

Btw: I am looking forward to "One of these days..." when MILLIONS of patriots are waking up and "take care"!!

'Hermann the German'

Zeebra said...

David Irving's "post prison stint" story of his 'awakening' to the 'reality' of the SixMillion™ number, & "limited gassings" is obv considering, he was let out of prison BEFORE his full sentence was completed... hint hint... oh those jooz are so forgiving & merciful! /rolleyes

Panzerfaust said...

Actually I've used Chainsmiller as I found it humorous coming from Fetch a year ago or so.

Chains said...

LOL yeah poor Sans-nom has to make an appeal to the peanut gallery and when it arrives it's just as incoherent as Sans-nom's own unoriginal ramblings. You are the most jewy POS on this site Sans-non!
Guess what folks, the Talmudic takeover is done. It has washed over the corporate drones and they worship the system and would be lost without it's favours. Pointing your finger at the stylized Jew does nothing. What has to be done is the corporate strongholds and the international banking cartels need to be taken out. The masonic European white man have been practicing kabbalistic ritual and they share in the booty fleeced from the "profane".This whole fucked up planet is infected with scum of many shades of this vast conspiracy. Being one dimensional like you sans-nom makes you look like the fool you are.

Once again Miller you and Bart were at the heart of the fetcho thread acting like the psychopaths you are. Go fuck yourself. You are here to bring the IQ of this site down to a level your brothers want to see it at. You are what you say I am fuckwit.

Chains said...

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Co.

This is most likely one of the most important cases establishing corporate personhood.
It would be later used against us to create corporation fictions that the flesh and blood lapped up like pablum. We are dumb stupid and trusting and that's our own fault because we let it happen. Evil and deceit have always walked beside goodness from the start. It takes a lot of effort to fight it off. Not that you all don't know that, just saying. Here we are!

Zeebra said...

Panzer, that former Pfizer VP interview is still up at...

EXCLUSIVE - Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’
‘Look out the window, and think, “why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?” Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.’
Wed Apr 7, 2021 - 8:47 am EST

davID²³ said...

What's the opening theme tune to the Op Scorpio show please??

zapoper said...


davID²³ said...

Thx Zapoper....

Feels a very lone highway @ times...

I'm seeing a few names from the early days of ConspiracyCentral [I mean pre torrent tracker early!] - names like Ognir and a few more ring a bell...
My shadyNym for posting on the tracker and forum was 'shuffle' back then I think.

I love this show and the Triangle one... three great hosts including Chris Honesty.

See you in time...