May 17, 2021

Operation Scorpio 2021.05.15

Scorpio Show # 63 on

David Scorpio, Giuseppe Vafanculo, Chris Weinert with guests Russ Winter in hour two and Gertjan Zwiggelaar in hour three.

Topics include:

1) Newest Installment of Kosher Scripted Clown World
2) Magic Building Collapses: Shades of 911
3) If I Don't Steal It, Someone Else Will
4) Embracing Hate and Other Forbidden Tools

Russ discusses  holes in the Dylann Roof false flag narrative, Son of Sam connections and the corrosive Jewish thinking of György Lukács and how it is being implemented today

In hour 3, Gertjan takes a deep dive into philosophy and the soulless hive mind alien parasite ruling the roost today

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inthemix16 said...

Scorp.. You do have some points. I did provide on another post some of my sources twatting at which you can formulate your own opinion.. Yes. No doubt the apt buildings do seem strange,like all US cities from what i understand...Locked and Loaded. Yes. I have always been of the belief that Hamas is an Israel construct. One can never rule that out. Those missiles at first are A-125s/135s . Their range is around 80miles Warhead is about 120Kg. Thats what i know. I could be totally wrong. Who knows whos behind this but i did have a source that based on serial numbers the yids have blown around 30k iron dome missiles. Get your check books out boyz and girls. Ted Cruzenstein. has already said we need to pay for replenishment. Remember the Dimona strike 2 weeks ago . I will never buy that , that was an errant Syrian S-200. The yids buried that story. No way an errant S-200 SAM had a blast like that 25 miles from Dimona . Someone had an Isakander to send a msg. I havent checked out what is going on. I could be waaay off base here. Your not the type to get your panties ruffled because we may see things a bit different. I get your point in that maybe the yids manufactured this as a reason to justify a Gaza Invasion and final death blow. Its the timing. Yes One thing i so left out when we traded some ideas regarding that,the how, who, whats of MH17? Me so bad I forgot to point out that the chosen ones just happen to launch Hell in Gaza only hours after MH17 went down and yes, without doubt due to 2 Ukie Su-25s. See how lucky you are with timing when your chosen ? I do find it hard to believe that Hamas would blow their entire load,knowing payback would be fatal, and not have backup plan. But if i were Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq, Syria id be salivating like when Sylvester the cat is inches from Tweety birds cage..Every guy stumbles upon by mistake once in their life to get laid by a young hottie.. Even Mike Smith. ! Doesnt matter what those A-125s did. According to some twat posts Iron Dome is short 30k interceptors. One can only dream...You have great points and reason to be skeptical

inthemix16 said...

I did move on and do think the subject of "hate" was something all should listen to. If you didnt do some retrospective soul searching there , you arent human. Not too long ago i had "a moment" or knee jerk reaction with someone whom i had some of the most respect of any person i met on earth. Mostly guys here on Mamis but lets just say its what you would call , a Unicorn. Of course, me and this person have our faults to. Till this day im so horrified what i did. There were some justifiable reasons but it doesnt matter. You cant comprehend what i have done to try and patch it up . Sometimes i get so frustrated and not understand why i cant be at least told, "chill, its good," but at the end of the day i always know this person's hate is justified. The biggest lesson i learned was probably 6 months after in one of these freaky small world experiences. Thru this forumn i cant go too much in to, I had this conversation with someone in Cape Town , who by chance happened to know of this person i shit on, and asked me about what had happened. ? This person was very nice and understood my frustration in that i couldnt get why the time heals all wounds ideology didnt come to play. She told me one of the most profound things i had ever heard. She told me , you have to understand, "Tolerance is not a universal concept" Since that day ive always let it bounce off me. People are going to hate. Many times there are justifiable reasons. Its what we do after thats more important.

Scorpio said...

ITM16 - interesting posts, especially the 2nd one - food for thought.
Are you in South Africa?

inthemix16 said...

Thx Scorp. Class act you always are. Honestly i didnt think anyone would give a rats ass about that story. Its just you brought the subject up and im a firm believer in one must look back at sins of the past, as to not do them again. I learned there hate is justified even if your the one that caused it. Your bringing that subject up allowed me to be a bit retrospective. Nah. Im in same place as @Brew. If you ever get back i guarantee he ,myself would lay out the red carpet of hospitality , though i cant speak for him. He seems like good peeps. That was actually a story of someone i was "dating" who had done work in Cape Town,and the person that stuck up a conversation with me later ,was actually born in Georgia (the country) and moved to Cape Town that was a professional photographer . i think you can connect the dots there. You can define a female unicorn however one wants but that moment cost me dearly of someone i admired so much. We always look to blame others for hate ,but IMHO the hardest part is to know the one that caused it is in the one in the mirror. Just my .02 Now i had referred to this in the past but i did find it.. To me this defines true hate. This had profound effect on me ive never forgot.. Warning it will get some emotions flowing

Mike Smith said...

Hallo Scorpio,
great show.

you were asking this @ITM16: "Are you in South Africa?"

This Jew sounds and talks like a millennial...." to get laid by a young hottie."

He may be a faggott:

I suspect the guy is a janitor in whore houses. He mentioned one in Tel Aviv and one in Haifa...Israel.

Study his answers on my comments....

'Hermann the German'

Mike Smith said...

I never 'talked' to @ITM16, but this &^%$#$@ Jew is always mentioning my name in his huge bla bla bla 'comments'...

What could be the reason?

Have a great evening.

'Hermann the German'

Sean said...

Intodix247 is simply misunderstood, I think.

Unknown said...

Scorpio, your show truly is top shelf material right now. I know this may ruffle some feathers but I think a conversation between you and Kyle Hunt from Renegade B. would be incredible. In any case.....Thanks for what you do. Good day from New Zealand.

Amanda said...

fwiw- Here's a guy testing out his vaxxed arm with stud finder and compass:

Panzerfaust said...

" I have always been of the belief that Hamas is an Israel construct."
It is but got out of control from what I understand. However the Mossad must have operatives on the inside.

Panzerfaust said...


Mike Smith said...

Hallo friends

Today I had a conversation with my Mom..
A sad story....

She just came back from church. She admires the teaching of her Pastor.
My Dad is not a church goer.
She told me she is "..very unhappy about the situation in the "Holy Land" Israel"..

I told her I am a Patriotic National Socialist, I don't like Jews, don't believe in the holocaust, and don't believe that Adolf Hitler ordered to murder 6 million Jews.

My Mom is already 45 years old. She started crying.....

She said : I brought you up a good Christian and now you are worshipping the Devil!
She said she will talk with the Pastor how to bring me back on the right track!

oy veyy

Is there somebody at Mami's that can advise me how to solve that problem?
I love my Mommy!

'Hermann the German'

scott said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
scott said...

I find it very interesting that this attack on Gaza happened just as the world was maybe paying attention to the anti-vax, anti-lockdown protests that were growing in IsraHELL. Don't see any reports anywhere on the medical apartheid and "new holocaust" movements there.

And I find it very interesting, as Scorpio pointed out, that many primary targets are apartment buildings, as well as communication and new organizations.

The Jews eat their own and then move on to the world. Nice.

Mike Smith said...


US ally and friend Israel's actions today.....

Todays News Headline

'Predawn Israeli airstrikes kill dozens in Gaza'

Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, director of the long-established Tsomet Religious Institute...
"All of the Palestinians must be killed;
Men, women, infants and even their beasts."

And here a statement made by a Prime Minister of Israel:
"The Palestinians would be crashed like grasshoppers....heads smashed against the bolders and walls."

Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir in a speech to Jewish settlers.
New York Times, April 1, 1988

'Hermann the German'

Mike Smith said...



@scott said:
"The Jews eat their own.."??
What are you smoking??

'Hermann the German'

Mike Smith said...


Yes, and Judeo Zionist "Christians" are singing: PRAISE THE LORD...

Have a nice Sunday, everybody

'Hermann the German'

Mike Smith said...


No wonder:
those slimy Jews and their down to the bones corrupt allies are ROFL, laughing their arse off...

'Hermann the German'

Steve said...


Zeebra said...

Russ Winter Joins ‘Operation Scorpio’ Brain Trust for Another Round

May 16, 2021 Winter Watch Podcasts

Russ and the brain trust of Chris Weinhart, Dave Scorpio and Guiseppe Vafanculo meet up to discuss the latest developments in the full-tilt Clown World shit show.

The crew focused on the preposterous Dylann Storm Roof staged deception and “FBI interview” of 2015, before moving on to a discussion of the Sons of Sam cult, anarcho-tyranny and the influence of Red Vanguard cultural Marxist György Lukács.

The show can be heard here and Russ comes on for hour two at 01:01:00.

hans said...

you were driving ladykikewhore mad in the chat *lol*

Amanda said...

Found this at rense-- in French with subtitles. very quick clip, but this Dr. Gilbert in 1995 said there would be vaccines that would inject liquid crystals in the brain that will be microreceivers of eletromagnetic fields were very low frequency signals will be sent (I kind of think this fits with what Dr. Carrie Madej has been suggesting)

Amanda said...

We're dealing with epic psychopaths!!!

Amanda said...

thought this was interesting--another guy named "Fauci" is a jew, so I wonder if our short little psychopath is a jew too (I've always suspected he was):