October 03, 2021

La Palma Inferno - Bushcraft Bear, Dutchsinse, Jiri VonDrak, etc.

Erupting, Smoking and Venting Cumbre Vieja Volcano
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North Half of La Palma Rises 4 Inches/North West Coast Sinks 4 Inches

Over 100 new earthquakes in the south of the Island.
The Volcanic Eruption is likely to last longer.
 "Is there a Mega Tsunami coming now? I ask a Geologist live on site." Sept. 22
Bushcraft Bear

Jiri VonDrak - (Sept 21 2021) 
Major Seismic Unrest Worldwide
La Palma Volcano to Australia M6.0 near Melbourne
* Suggested by inthemix16 *
Earthquake Swarm – La Palma – If Blows, Wipes Out US East Coast via Tsunami
Hal Turner
 Jiri VonDrak
"Volcano Eruption Reflections in the Sunset"
Fagradalsfjall Volcanoe, Iceland
Jiri VonDrak
Car and Pocket Survival Kits
Jeff Rense Interviews Stefan Verstappen 
 Cargo ship BREAKS IN HALF whilst underway
Jim Crenshaw
 Dance on a Volcano
Cumbre Vieja La Palma South End

The Volcanic Eruption could get out of hand. Is it time to leave the Island?
Bushcraft Bear

Day 11 of the Eruption. Live News La Palma.
Sep 27, 2021
 9/27/2021 -- La Palma Update

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"New pressure has arrived in Greece, resulting in a M6.0 at Crete.  This flow is exciting things back at Gibraltar, and also at La Palma.

USA update... guys... I stepped in it bigtime again, Nuclear, and Military sites.. geeze... smh facepalm"
Live News La Palma
Sep 27, 2021 
La Palma Live News
Sep 27, 2021

* Suggested by inthemix16 *

September 24 2021
Bushcraft Bear - La Palma

September 22 2021
Bushcraft Bear - La Palma

Answer at 13:33
La Palma Southwest Coastline
Bushcraft Bear, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
September 23 2021

  La Palma Southwest Coastline

La Palma new earthquake. The volcano is getting stronger. Another city is evacuated.
 Canary islands
Bushcraft Bear - September 23

A rare M5.8 to M6.0 struck Melbourne Australia, as well as major eruptive activity on the opposite side of the planet at La Palma in the Canary Islands.

Three different M6.0+ earthquakes in the past 48 hours indicates a magnitude rise across the board globally, this means more is yet to come and magnitudes should increase yet again as new deep quakes pump more energy into the system from the West Pacific spreading out to Europe and over to South / Central / North America.

9/21/2021 -- Major Seismic Unrest Worldwide -- La Palma Volcano to Australia M6.0 near Melbourne

A new lava flow map of the current eruption published today (image: @CopernicusEMS/twitter)

The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island first erupted on Sunday—the first eruption in the Canary Islands for 50 years—sending volcanic ash, toxic gases and acid droplets raining down.

Scientists have measured the plume emanating from the mouth of "Old Summit" at two miles high, with up to 11,500 tons of Sulphur dioxide spewing in the air per day, according to the Canary Islands Volcanology Institute (INVOLCAN).


Earthquake Swarm – La Palma – If Blows, Wipes Out US East Coast via Tsunami
Hal Turner
 * Suggested by inthemix16 *

Geldingadalir/Fagradalsfjall Volcano, Iceland
 Jiri VonDrak
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 Dancing Out with The Sunlit Volcano


Car and PocketSurvival Kits
Jeff Rense Interviews Stefan Verstappen
Cargo ship BREAKS IN HALF whilst underway
Jim Crenshaw

Brandy, you're a fine girl...
Dance on a Volcano
Live at Hammersmith, 2019


 La Bamba Bambi Mobile


inthemix16 said...

Really glad Bushcraft Bear his just do.Also bringing to attention to what can be a very serious situation for us. I does fit the narrative of what TPTB want for us. Hope he sets up a givesendgo account. The last vid he posted just has a very eerie feeling with that constant thunder in the background. He seems like a real genuinely nice guy. Hes giving us some great info . Latest

This volcanic eruption is not a show. People need help! Live News from La Palma Canary Islands.

Volt maybe wa can all extend some luv to "Dutchsinse" USGS wont even acknowledge this event. Buoy system is mostly down except one. Hmm. Dutch is well worth the time. Very informative and charismatic and will have you LOYA a lot . That is THE go to place for situations like this

9/21/2021 -- Major Seismic Unrest Worldwide -- La Palma Volcano to Australia M6.0 near Melbourne


He does have a twitch livestream and seemed like all agreed at the time the situation has escalated.

inthemix16 said...

Absolutely fantastic follow up regarding La Palma Volt ! You took it to an entirely different level there ! Including Turner , Dutchsinse etc.. No matter what happens it is sure a very intriguing learning experience !
Today we had this supposed 9.5 in Argentina , then USGS said. .ooops. No , Its a 6.5 then oops , it doesnt exist. .WTF ? That incompetent ? USGS doesnt even acknowledge the La Palma event exists. If anyone can debunk please do.

About 5pm today this one went totally viral. Its only 45 seconds. Look at the shock wave at about .06 / then about 10 seconds after.. BOOM !and these dumbasses are bringing their dogs along for the show. Bet that felt good on their ears.

Off topic but i thought this was kinda funny. pantie bunching between Highimpactflix and Richie from Boston. Both have always been worth the listen for the most part. Bryan just brought out some legit questions IMHO in a very classy non confrontational way

My if RFB doesnt get he had to loose a lot of cred in this one, he truly is an idiot. Is it me or was RFB response, so shallow and childish . Ill give him the benefit that maybe hes gotten a bit unhinged. One of his main arguements whas that Igan, and the likes always get "technical difficulties" at key moments i think ? Idiot its the other way around . I get more concerned at a someone like Berwick whos productions are top notch. Id rather have some technical difficulties ..or stubbornness hint hint Mr. Fetzer. Please someone tell him he has stop reading articles word for word for 10 minutes while burying his guest. Just MHO
. RFB lost this before one word in shutting off his comment section

Anyway. Have fun with this. Seems to me who the adult in the room was.




Oh btw . Regarding Camps. Its real. Mike (its the chi coms) adams. About min 2:30

Situation Update, Sep 21, 2021 - Washington State hiring "strike teams" for COVID quarantine camps


Might be time to dust off that "Cookbook" zeppie mentioned on The Event the other day bitchez ! Aaal Aboard ! Next train to Auschwitz all you white Christian males . Hotel California like you never imagined.

inthemix16 said...

..and btw Mr. Fetzer, Mr Olsen, Mr Ivey. Dr. Howard , Dr Fine , Dr Howard. While the jury is still out and gets the benefit of the doubt for now.. I see Mr Stew Peters slowly morphing into Mr. Jew Peters. Along with how so recently being some version of a cop, manage to get such a high end platform so quick , while the best ones still have audio issues ?? Starting to look more and more like just an offspring of Alex Jonesenstein.

Albert said...

"JOKE": CDC Staff ... EXEMPT from "vaccine"-Mandate! 😉
WhiteHouse Staff (The "Mandate" is an "Executive Order"-ONLY-Actually-PERTAINING TO: The WhiteHouse Staff! ;-) )
Congress, Senate, Post-Office .....

(Joke) Trans-People, and Gender-Confused (In the Military, and elsewhere) ... EXEMPT from "Man-Dates"* ... also 😉

Man DATES ... get it? ;-)

Albert said...

Breaking: Rabid Lesbians EXEMPT from All: Man-Dates! ;-)

KnownUnknown said...

Fetzer is one of the worst! Fat Qtard piece of shit. And Rense. Fucking Sidney Powell is useless smelly cunt

Albert said...


Albert said...

Tonight I read "The Emperor's New Clothes"! ... there are Many allusions to the con-vid-Scam! ...

-- Even AFTER: ALL of the People AGREE with the Little boy: That the Emperor is-Naked ...

--> the Emperor, as He goes-Back-to-His-Castle: STILL HAS-to PRETEND: That He is-NOT! 😮 😉

Voltman said...

Thank you, inthemix16.

inthemix16 said...

..this comment section. I just shake my head what its become. Im sure i made a mistake underrating the level of intellectual bankruptcy here but im sure at the end of the day im misinterpreting. Im not going there because at the end of the day everyone is free to write, feel how they do ,and im very guilty of falling off that wagon many times.

No No No Volt. THANK YOU! Thank you for posting Bushcraft Bear's Dutchsinse and may others post. If you watch and then go thru the comments of BBs post, people are asking him to set up a Ppal or Givesendgo acct (f##k go f@@k me part of the tribe) and yet to my knowledge he hasn't. He acknowledges he reads comments. Hed make a killing IMHO but seems to not want to because he seems to just genuinely just wants to help and give good info to the world. Ive learned a lot about character from him. One can sense a genuine human there. Its not just about learning what is going on the island the USGS and MSM are burying this , but about someone who truly cares about informing everyone! I and thousands others hope he gets his just due. And stays safe. As he says in his latest, and further out , the situation has gotten worse. (((They))) do tell you. Think St John Church. NY . I do still side with this will blow over, but if i lived on the East Coast id sure be all ears. Not saying its probable , but possible. Here is his latest. And side note. After digging into "Dutchsinse" seems hes caught a ton of flak in the past, but its obvious hes over the target. He doesnt post a lot but when he does, its EF Hutton 2.0 . Appreciate Volt, you gave some good people their just due. !

It gets worse. More lava. More people evacuated. It´s sad! Live News from La Palma Volcanic Eruption


Unknown said...

Its frightening..
and thanks for that informative link.

Albert said...

Listening to "The Event" ...


Sabbatean-Frankists ... Sabotage

Kabbalah ..... Cabal

"Vampires" ... Sucking-OUT-Your-LIFE-Force

"Troll"*-under-the-Bridge ... Demanding: "Toll"
("Trolls" can APPEAR to be HUMAN!)

"Merchants" ... Demanding their "Pound-of-Flesh" ...

It is Déjà-vu .... all-over-again! ;-)

Albert said...

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Albert said...

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Albert said...

Wow! -- "The Event" / Wisdom-Circle was Maybe Their BEST show EVER !!!

--> DON'T Miss Listening to it! :-)