September 12, 2021

Operation Scorpio # 80 - 2021.09.11 - 9/11 False Flag Solved Roundtable

 (Audio Update)

Scorpio Show # 80 on
Scorpio and Giuseppe present:

9/11 False Flag Solved Roundtable

Joe Olson, Mike Gaddy, Daryl Wayne, BlackBird9, Jim Fetzer & Dennis Cimino

 Live from 1PM-4PM EDT

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Could someone please post my page? I have no idea who to contact any more. Today's programme was stellar by the way. Thanks to all who contributed. Ancient history is such a fascinating subject, isn't it?

Can you believe that there is an entire generation born after 9/11 who have never known anything different than a police state?

Good to have you back, Scorpio. I can imagine you have been on a major relearning curve for the past month.


Thanks so much.

Erik Paul said...

Thanks for posting Volt! Btw, what happened to all the other "Admins" here?

Albert said...

If I INTENDED to Bring-into-America ... Literal-ARMIES of Trained Afghan Soldiers ...

I WOULD of-course First-SAY: that I was Training 'GOOD' Forces to FIGHT: The 'ebil'-Taliban! ;-)

-----> And in-order to GET: Harmless / Pathetic Footage of such "rag-tag" "LOSERS" ...

I would TELL the Drill-Sergeants etc. that we WANTED the very-BEST: "Before and After..." Footage Possible! ;-)

--> Then the Sergeants who would be TRAINING the New "Recruits" would TELL THEM:

Hey, we want: A very-GREAT-CONTRAST in Our: "Before and AFTER..." Footage ...

So Let's First: DO the "Before"-Footage of "Jumping-Jacks"! ;-)

-- Be SURE to ACT as Lame, and UN-COORDINATED as Possible Now! ;-)

OK, that was GREAT! ;-) -- NOW Lets DO the VERY BEST: CO-ORDINATED "Jumping-Jacks" ...

--> The WAY that I've Now Fully-TRAINED You: ALL to DO! ;-)

Wow! That was GREAT! --- Such an OBVIOUS-Contrast!!! ;-) -- We'll Get LOTS of 'Funding' from THIS!

Then, Later ... As HUGE Afghan-ARMIES are being Prepared to Be: MOVED-into-Place in America ...

Have the "Completely-Incompetent"-Withdrawal ... with Thousands upon Thousands of "GOOD" Afghans ...

--> "NEEDING" to Be BROUGHT: "Safely"-to-the-US ...

AND RELEASE the "LAME"-"Jumping-Jack"-Footage .... Which YOU ALWAYS PLANNED to DO!!! ;-)

--> STUPID "TV-Watching"-Americans will LAUGH AT: Such "LAME" "Rag-Tags" ... as NO-THREAT at-all! ;-)

By-the-Way: IF You 'just': SET-OFF-Callously: EXPLOSIVES in the Pentagon to DESTROY the "Missing"-$2.3-TRILLION Records etc...
--> HAVE some General "Leak"/ TALK about: A "Missile" "Hitting"-the-Pentagon!
... And the "Smarty"-Know-it-All "Conspiracy-Theorists" ... Will "Lap-it-UP"!!! ;-)

(D.E.W.-Weapons? That's a GREAT-Story! -- Oh, and Be SURE to HAVE: Some "Mini-Nuke" "Alternatives" Too! ;-)
-- THAT'S ALWAYS a GOOD-One! ;-)
-- NUKES !!! -- It Gets-Them [The American-People, and the World] EVERY TIME !!! ;-) :-o :-) )

Panzerfaust said...

Hava nagila,
Hava nagila,
Hava nagila,
Venis mecha

Albert said...

1:15:00 in so far ...

What a GREAT Line-Up! :-)

-- As Giuseppe Says: Great Short no-fluff-Points! :-)

I SEE that Harry-Vox has 3-Hours too! :-)
(So NO Podcast SHORTAGE Today!)

JACK said...

HOW ABOUT AN MP3 FILE? Great think tank discussiom! One of the best Scorpio!

Panzerfaust said...

The pilot stories took me back to days when my dad, a retired USAF officer, had buddies over telling war stories about flying the Polesti B-25 raid and 105 missions over Vietnam.

Panzerfaust said...

Opps Ploesti

Imagine flying over the smoking WTC remains. The underground fires burned for months. Radioactive steel? Couldn't be anything else. Nanothermite burns itself out immediately and a DEW LOL yeah right shove off Mer.

Panzerfaust said...

Interview with OBL 17 days after 9/11

Albert said...

Just Finished to Hour-2 so Far ...

Yes! -- The "Continuity-of-Government" aspect is Startling !!!

--> Especially as Almost NOTHING is SAID about such ....

... Yet in-Law etc (With the RENEWAL of such Since 1988!) it HAS been STATED to BE such: Very-CLEARLY !!! :-o

Albert said...

A Jam-Packed Show Guys! :-)

Very NICE to see Scorpio BACK!!! :-)

RickB said...

Haven't listened yet. Looking forward to it. Been watching MSNBC bullshit. I'm so inspired by the celebration and speeches that even though I know it's all jewish bullshit meant to manipulate us stupid goyim... I'm so moved that even though I know the COVID scam is more jewish bullshit meant to kill us stupid goyim... for unity's sake I'm going to get vaccinated.... NOT! But I'm sure some vaccines hesitants are so moved to do so.

Sean said...

We’re all out of this together.

Albert said...

LISTEN to the Rockin' Harry-Vox !!! :-)

(NO "mini-nukes" BS!)

Panzerfaust said...

Key word searched don't bring it up on JooTube like they used to but here is Chairman Inouye scolding Rep Brooks for asking LTC North about COG

Panzerfaust said...

Note the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights have been labeled disturbing content by the National Archives simultaneously with Resident Biden's vax decree speech.

Panzerfaust said...

Fetzer lost some weight but he pulled through, tough dude.

Panzerfaust said...

So you just lurk about to reach down and hurl shit from your anus I see Mr Albert

zapoper said...

NORAD stood down on that day. End of story!!!

Who gives a shit how they did it.

zapoper said...

I'll need a few days to post the huge Rense dump but I'm back guys. I needed a long break. This shit is depressing plus I've got health issues to deal with.

From what I heard from Dave on this show, I'm not sure but SOCAL might be even worst than Québec which is saying a lot.

Kossoff said...

Take care of you health Zap

inthemix16 said...

Zap. First of all , much thanks for posting. Wish you well. I hear you. One cant imagine what a grind this has been. Only thing that keeps me fighting is i know the grind is part of their plan. Bring back Le Nordique !

What a awesome show ! You wont get a collection of more classy, humans in one podcast ever! What id do to drive out to North Kaka Kaka Laki to pic BB9s mind over lunch. You wont find any person on earth that has more info /stories to share. I actually miss his old show just telling his audience what its like to live up there. Some of the best stories ever ! You a legend BB9!

Albert are you saying Vox doesnt buy the nuke narrative ? Hard to believe if true. Thanks
for link. If you really dig, there are videos out there that did sound analysis of 9-11. You can literally see, and hear the nukes going off

Panz EXCELLENT analogy putting DW almost the same as the ships coming out of the smoke and flames of Ploesti. Im not a spelling grammar nazi but that was actually a B-24 Liberator . Reason why is you may remember the legendary pic of the one Lib just exiting the smoke. Im sure you all know. You can find some awesome stories on YT of Edit entry Robert W. Sternfels
Lt. Robert Sternfels. He was the captain of that ship, SANDMAN. Still alive as of 2010 but not sure about present. Great stories es he told. What a shame that it appears as of today, those brave young men that made the ultimate sacrifice seems for nothing

It is worth noting the credit that is due to VT. These days Uncle Gordie's site is just a useless rag , but you have to give kudos to the work they did regarding 9-11 and Tianjin . Some of the best work ever. One can never forget this video. Poor guy . About to get some asian booty and then this. ..this is epic ! It does show that was NOT some above ground chemical explosion. VT did some great digging on that one.
Odd there was the talk of Field McConnell . Jason Goodman, yea, i know, did 3 vids with his hommie David Hawkins. Really good stuff. I was not aware of FM's possible shady side.

On a side note. They also did a piece on the Kamloops story. Zap your a Canuck i believe. Is it me or i found it odd, never once in that video did they mention Tranquille . Maybe im just over thinking that but you would know why if you saw the Tom McDonald vid on Tranquille.
Did they miss it or was it intentional misdirection ? Its really good. Then connect dots. Even more spooky do a goog satellite view of Tranquille and zoom in . Odd they dont allow a streetview of that place.

Albert said...

Wow Wow WOW !!!

.... the Harry-Vox Presentation was actually: way way WAY BETTER than ANY: "Mini-Nukes" BS !!! :-o

Yo simply-MUST: LISTEN-to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I had "buffering" hastles ... but SOME SAY a "tor-window" or-something STOPS that ... as it IS a DELIBERATE (((ploy))) !!!)

Albert said...


"... and hear the nukes going off" ;-) LOL

What you HEAR on various-Videos is: Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom ...


--> LISTEN to Harry-Vox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- There is a LOT MORE than "just" THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

the" fife dancing Israelis" while watching Americans dying in the Trade Center towers,
Hava nagila,
Hava nagila,
Hava nagila,

Unknown said...

9/11 Made in Israel & 9/11 Evil ( Book Review Explain Israel's Role in the Attack) by Victor Thorn
Victor Thorn (1962-2016) 9/11 and Holocaust Truther found dead, age 54, by suicide gunshot wound to the head??

Amanda said...

On restriction of movement, that's what Allison McDowell has talked about (she's been researching the Great Reset/4th Industrial Revolution for about 3-4 years). She says they are going to have the ability to monitor our location via satellite (so I'm assuming that some kind of microchipping will be involved). She refers to this as "geo-fencing." I guess all of this will be tied to your social credit score, where you are allowed certain privileges. Perhaps you will only be allowed within 5 miles or maybe not even out your front door (maybe if you haven't gotten your weekly booster injection). Some of her videos and notes on them posted here:
Here's a tweet from her:
Blockchain isn't about money, it's about geo-fencing and derivatives in natural life.

Albert said...

I am Listening to Robert-Reyvolt at the moment ...

and an IDEA is that: SOMETHING that CAN-Awaken "Normies" will Happen
(because "things" are Really Really being (((PUSHED))) right now)
and the AWAKENING will SPREAD really RAPIDLY !!! 😮

Yes! -- I KNOW !!! ....

... For Year-after-year-after-YEAR ...
Good-Folks have Been-TRYING to AWAKEN Folks ...
and some of us HAVE-gradually-AWOKEN! ...... -

Awaken really-Far-Gone-"Normies" .....


Unknown said...

17 March 2006

Unknown said...

I am Listening to Victor Thorn

9/11 Made in Israel & 9/11 Evil
( Book Review Explains Israel's Role in the Attack) by Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn (1962-2016) 9/11 and Holocaust Truther found dead, age 54, by suicide gunshot wound to the head??

Unknown said...

I am Listening to Wardo Rants


Unknown said...

The USS Liberty was a United States Navy Technical Research and Intelligence ship that was attacked by numerous Israeli Air Force jet fighters aircraft AND Israeli Navy torpedo boats on June 8, 1967, which was during the Israeli "Six-Day War".

The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members (officers, seamen, Marines, and one civilian), wounded 170 crew members, as the Israeli forces did their best., to sink this ship.!!

The "US" COVERED UP the deliberate Israeli False Flag Attack!!

Members of Congress have to sign pledges: ALWAYS SUPPORT Israel!!

Unknown said...


Judaism/Talmudism = Bolshevism-Communism, Usury Capitalism!!


AND THEIR CORRUPT LAKEY-Bootlicker-Traitors in OUR Governments, Western Societies!!


PS: I am NOT talking about the "little jew"... like pawnshop owners!

Unknown said...


There are 7,5 Billion people on this planet.

A few million, well organized PATRIOTS, worldwide, could easily "take care" of these stinking slimy creatures!!

By the many are "THEY", the deadly enemy of mankind?

Panzerfaust said...

Was that Mer trying to call in with the Judy Wood DEW?