September 12, 2021

The Talibandito Boogeyman Band is Going After The Trudope!

  Wee'ze comin' to git ya, Castreau...!
 The Flamethrower Drone!

The Trudope Gets Heckled & Chased out of Canadian Suburbs by Mother Truckers & Lumberjacks
Noor al Haqiqa
Here Come the Terrorists. Again
Philip Giraldi – Strategic Review
 Israel to leverage Afghanistan exit to get US to ‘flex muscle’ against Iran?
Israel-Palestine News – If Americans Knew
Sing us a song, you’re the Taliban
The Talibandito Boogeyman Band
Piano Man
Billy Joel

Richard Hugus
The Talibandito Boogeyman Band



Gerald Celente might say that...
Trudope was "born on third base and thinks he hit a home run".
The Trudope is a certified psychopath. Psychopaths go insane during their psychotic phase. It's like a star going super-nova and blowing up. Like their paymasters, these traitors to humanity, decency, standard values and principles, have become volcanoes of arrogant hypocrisy as they spread mental diarrhea like lava all over the land. The onslaught of manure paralyzes the onlookers who, like junkies addicted to cashisch, can't stop believing the Cartoon News Networks. These Branch Covidians are being entrained by their TV gods to blame the infidels, who just happen to be allergic to the Bullshit Virus, BOVID-1984. 

Speaking of bullshit, InFidel Castreau likes to be photographed when surrounded by a host of other smirking psychos who pretend to be movers and shakers. Puffed-up bullfrogs like the Trudope feel quite at home at Santa Klaus's workshop, the WEF (Worst Economic Frauds). Unlike buss-boys, who are useful, these fake leaders are butt-boys for George Sorass & his Mass Morass Dumbass Battalions. Sorass has his ass penetrated through and through by the Wreckafellar - Ratchild crime conglomerate.
Psychopathic Monstrosities For All To See
Justin Trudeau gets heckled and chased out of British Columbia for his mandatory vaccination and segregation policies and his support for a two tier society. But he's Justin Trudeau so he's going to pretend it's not happening. The mainstream media can clean it all up in post right?

 Trudeau has been chased out of every city in Canada.
 Mainstream media lies about Liberals getting a majority vote.
There are none!
Nobody likes Trudeau or the Liberals.
If he wins, it's by RIGGED ELECTION ONLY!
Canadian Prime Minister & wholesale maple syrup supplier Justin Trudeau encountered angry Canadian suburbians. And other news.

Canadians are fed up with this globalist commie. Here Justin Trudeau is seen being chased out of Canadian neighborhoods as he's surrounded by police and personal security.

For more of the same:

We will NEVER get to the bottom of our current predicament with the globalist agenda being shoved down our throats until the truth of 911 is fully revealed. Or at least until the people understand just what happened that day and every hour since then.
A million people have a million opinions, I am no expert. I remember the world before 911 and miss it. It is hard to believe that a full generation has reached their majority since that day, but there we are. 

All I offer here are some images, old and new. There are so many others out there with so much more information for you. I have hundreds of pictures but just stopped with a few. Please "enjoy".
Best way to remember 911 in my humble opinion is to honour those fallen as a result of this tragedy and then get out and fully enjoy your day.  - Noor al Haqiqa



Noor al Haqiqa


antiseptic on August 18:

the Tsheka/Nkwd/KGB always came in the night !
the Gestapo came in daytime !

MM on August 18:

"...when the Taliban go door-to-door threatening death to unarmed people, it’s the Taliban who are the danger; but when our establishment wants to send soldiers door-to-door threatening death to unarmed people, it’s the people who are the danger."

Richard Hugus

Looking at the last year and a half, it seems people have forgotten that evil is a significant and real force in our world. The term has religious connotations which secular societies would like to avoid, but we might do well to remember the old story of good versus evil. Evil people are not stupid. They know very well how to lie while appearing to be the soul of virtue. How could we doubt that the homely philanthropist Bill Gates, or the smiling Justin Trudeau, or Anthony Fauci with his Brooklyn accent, or the fatherly Joe Biden, could have anything but the best of intentions for us? Well, that’s how the game works. These people were chosen for their job because they are effective liars — one of the perks of selling one’s soul.

The “pandemic” is an attack on human freedom being conducted in increments. We started out with a three week quarantine to relieve supposedly overwhelmed hospitals and health care workers. Now, 18 months later,  “there will be consequences” for people who refuse to get “vaccinated” says Trudeau in Canada. In Australia, people who have been under strict lockdown for months are now being told not to talk to each other or bring their children to playgrounds. Internment camps have been mentioned, and some say they are being built for those who refuse the jab. Children are being taken away from “unvaccinated” parents. If current jab rates are any indication, half the world’s population may end up in the camps, but that’s not an insanity too far for our would-be masters.

The globalists seem to care very much about getting something injected into us.  They know better than we do what that is and what it is supposed to do — we can only speculate. Is it a slow-acting poison like glyphosate, promoted for many years by the same cast of characters? Is it a tool for chronic disease to keep the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment in business, like conventional vaccines? Is it a sterilizing agent to reduce the world population? Is it a code to genetically modify human beings? Is it the foundation of the circuitry that will connect us to 5G so that we can be completely surveilled? Or is it 6G, which will have enough bandwidth to bring us into the completely manufactured reality of The Matrix? We don’t know. But clearly there is a hidden agenda.

Some say the agenda of mass immunization is to institute “vaccine passports” to bring in totalitarian social control. But if this was the only goal, why would the clever technocrats, with all their careful planning, have chosen to inject people with a “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent or stop transmission of the alleged virus and is so harmful that not long after it was rolled out it started killing and injuring people in such large numbers that it couldn’t be covered up? The genius technocrats would have been much better off using a saline solution, then declare victory over the “pandemic” with no side effects. No, it seems that there is something important in the shot, and that the idea is to change all of humanity with it. If so, there will have been no crime more diabolical in the history of the world. While patriots thought their love of country and their guns would protect them, Klaus Schwab walked right in the front door and robbed them blind.  Full-on psychological warfare of 2020 became biological warfare in 2021, and not a shot was fired. Our enemy were kindly medical personnel with syringes. Bullets don’t stop nano-scale mRNA.


As they go mad, the globalists are on a race to the bottom. They want to get as many people injected as they can before people realize the injections are not only not stopping disease, they are causing it. The masters of the universe have to suppress clear proof that safe conventional medicines effectively treat whatever the illness is called “covid” — how we hate the word! They want as many people as they can enrolled in their social credit system before people realize they’ve fallen into a trap. They want so much of the crime accomplished that it can no longer be reversed.


We should understand that what the authorities pretend to be incompetence and unfortunate mistakes are actually intended goals. They haven’t destroyed economies and businesses or immiserated, injured, and killed thousands of people by mistake. They know what they’re doing, and they’re doing their best to cover it up. The next flu season may bring disaster, with large numbers of people getting sick because their immune systems have been seriously damaged by the jab. At that point, the plan may be so obvious that even the brainwashed will wake up.

For the rest of the story:
Richard Hugus – Sept 4, 2021

 The Canadian Chief Public Health Officer is Evil AND Stupid to Boot! Looks like someone gave it the wrong quaccine. I love it!

This mass murdering liar is paying the liars to lie all day long

And Now....

For that hard to buy for someone at Christmas...
Light up your Christmas!

Here Come the Terrorists. Again
Philip Giraldi – Strategic Review Aug 26, 2021

Thomas Pickering on August 20, 2021 at 4:00 pm:

As I said in that above linked post, what has happened in Afghanistan is a PSYOP. Its a means to an end where the end is something that has been planned in secret. This post discussing Israel using Afghanistan to get its U.S. puppet to attack Iran provides one possible reason behind the PSYOP but this is likely NOT the real reason. When trying to understand why things happen in this Jewish World you need to learn to think like Jews and you need to understand the Jewish master Plan of world conquest. Jews run this world and everything big that happens in it like this is Jewish doing behind the scenes. This serves a purpose in the Jewish Master Plan. I documented that plan as best I could on my Blog and Google deleted the entire post causing me to end my Blog. But the Jewish Master Plan is the most important thing for anyone to know when trying to understand why things happen in this lying deceiving Jewish World.

مقداد وفائی on August 21, 2021 at 1:23 am

First some points on Afghanistan:

0- US and Saudis created Taliban in the first place, by exporting the sick Wahhabi ideology and poisoning the minds of Afghans who were angry that their country was occupied. Is it possible for others too to try and change leadership and mentality of Taliban?!

1- Zionists would have loved to see Iran entering a war with Taliban and to ignite another Shiite-Sunni war this time on the other side! When still the memory of the savage ISIS is not forgotten. They wanted ISIS to last for 30 years and wreck so much havoc that the people of region would just get tiered of all “religion nonsense”! They also wanted to wear dawn Iran in the process. The Zionist-ISIS plan was destroyed on the ground by general Qassem Suleimani and in the minds of Sunni world through a series of meetings between Sunni Muslim Leaders of the world with Iran’s Supreme Leader.

2- A few months ago the most Anti-Iran Taliban leader (Mola Abdulmanan Niazi) was taken out by Taliban itself. Taliban has had infighting between two factions. Some even say he was assassinated by IRGC and in coordination with Pakistan’s ISI. Either way that meant Taliban getting closer to Iran.

3- Taliban negotiations that went on with US in Qatar could have been a trap for US and its puppet Ashraf Qani. At the same time it seems Taliban had given Iran and Afghan Shiites guarantees not to harm the Shiites and would take over Afghan cities without causing problems for Iran, in return Iran would not use Fatemioon (battle hardened Afghan fighters that fought ISIS effectively) against them; besides if Taliban was to ever control Afghanistan, it would need to transform and receive help. And this is exactly what happened. At least up to now!

4- After taking over, Taliban released Mohammad Ismail Khan, former governor of Herat and a veteran Afghan leader that had fought Taliban before and recently was under house arrest and sent him to Iran upon Iran’s request.

5- One of the reasons Taliban leaders may have seen the light, could be the visible weakness of US throughout the region.

You can also look up RAND analysis on Iran’s Influence in Afghanistan for some other points and clarifications.

Secondly some other points:

1- Israel has no yet even managed to defeat Hamas next door, how can it even dream of attacking Iran?

2- Nuclear weapons are an overrated and fake excuse for Israel. To destroy Israel, sure-strike missiles and boots on the ground will be more than enough.

3- Other than media power and nukes, Zionists don’t have much else.

4- US is setting up a base in Jordan and this is the next line of defense for Israel.

5- There is a massive inter-regional Tunnel network with underground bases and mini-cities made by Iran and it’s allies, at some sections even Trucks can move. JPOST however as usual wants to reduce it and bring North Korea as the main builder… (
According to US and Israel..whatever Iran has is borrowed tech and is either bad or if it is good made by Russia, China or North Korea! : )

Anonymous on August 21, 2021 at 7:30 am:

American voters would be unlikely to stand for another disastrous war. Jingoism and ra-ra nationalism simply won’t do it any more.

The question now is whether or not the administration thinks it can win one fast enough – ie before the voters realize what’s happening.

Thomas Pickering on August 23, 2021 at 2:32 pm:

@Anonymous, American voters are idiots and children who will believe whatever they are told. You must really blue pilled to make such a comment. You do not know the American people at all. Even the people of the U.K. are more red pilled than the American people. I live here so I see the mentality. Believe me, it has not changed since 9-11. Nobody is really awake here except for a small minority IMO and there are mot enough of us to make a difference. Decades and decades of mind control and conditioning of the American people to be blind trusting SHEEP has paid big dividends for our Jewish owners.

Israel to leverage Afghanistan exit to get US to ‘flex muscle’ against Iran
Israel-Palestine News – If Americans Knew Aug 18, 2021

Billy Joel – Piano Man

 O on August 22, 2021 at 1:31 pm:

It’s nine o’clock in Afghanistan
The regular crowd shuffles in
There’s an old man sitting next to me
Making love to his tonic and djinn

He says: ‘ son can you play me some misery?’
I’m certain you know how it goes
It’s sad and not sweet and I knew it complete
When I wore a younger man’s robes

Allah La-la lah-dee-dah
Allah La-la lah-dee-dah

Sing us a song you’re the Taliban
Sing us a song tonight
Well we’re all in the mood for disharmony
And you’ve got us feeling uptight…

Voltman on August 23, 2021 at 12:10 am:

Now O at the bar is a friend of mine
He writes a good song parody
And he’s quick with a joke, or to light up your toke
But there’s some song that he’d rather sing

He says, “Volt, I believe this is killing me”
As the words fall away from the page
“Well I’m sure that I could be a rock star
If I could get out of this place”

Allah La-la lah-dee-dah
Allah La-la lah-dee-dah

Abdul is a real estate terrorist
The kind you don’t want to offend
And he’s talkin’ with Haji, whose real name is Wali
About business they have to attend

And the hostess is hiding her crucifix
As the infidels slowly get stoned
Yes, they’re grabbing a plane they can barely hang on
But it’s better than crying alone

Sing us a song, you’re the Taliban
Sing us a song tonight
Well, we’re all in the mood for a parody
And you’ve got us feeling alright

There’s a pretty good crowd on the runway
And the planes are too loaded to fly
But it pains them to see they were left there to flee
And there’s no one to tell them goodbye

The capital sounds like a carnival
And the president smells like a beer
He just stands at the bar, whispers into your ear:
"Come on Man, what are you doin’ here?”

 Allah La-la lah-dee-dah
Allah La-la lah-dee-dah

Sing us a song, you’re the Taliban
Sing us a song tonight
Well, we’re all in the mood for a victory
And you’ve got us feeling alright

Voltman Plutonymus Rex & The Talibandito Boogeyman Band

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