November 27, 2021


Hyena Kamala, if brains were dynamite, you wouldn't have enough to blow your nose. Just seek a private audience with the Pope... Bow down and kiss his ring first. Don't forget to ask him to pardon you for your sins while you're at it. You'll be the First Jamaican-Indian-African-American Cocksucker to have ever held the Oval Orifice. 

I now pronounce you Pimp and Whore
Me and Lucy, we had so much fun
We were harpin' & barkin' to the Crocodile Rock

 For serious Gorilla Warfare



Wrong. Femininity and masculinity were both put under attack in the early 1900's. Women were "released from slavery" by "freedom sticks", short skirts, bobbed hair and the fake happy roaring twenties. This is when destruction of strong men and women began. They killed off millions of the best blooded strong men in the world wars and then fine-tuned their Marxist war upon the west. You get to the women who get to the men..... No one wins. Everyone loses. Bring back manly men and feminine women. A woman can be accomplished and still be feminine just as a strong man is unafraid to show his feelings. - Noor al Haqiqa


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