December 24, 2021

If I Can Dream...In The Absence of Compassion - John Kaminski, Kevin-OhReally, Umbra Bellator & Company


Off With Their Heads

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Black on White    on December 18, 2021

Imagine if you were one of those who believed all of the lies and hype of our governments and the media and you your child died just before birth because you got vaccinated with their stuff. Then imagine if you dutifully took your three-year old for a vaccination believing all of the lies and your child developed complications and died as a result. How angry do you think such parents and grandparents must be. Totally unnecessary and experimental vaccines where these authorities concealing the facts, and forcing the experimental vaccines on kids, what do the authorities now really deserve?

SHOCKER: COVID-19 vaccines have killed nearly twice as many children as the virus itself
Oye Cuomo va

“It is fascinating but creepy to see how a small group of people around Jacinda Ardern have taken control of this country,” states the Doctor. He questions why a majority of the population goes along with this?

Why do we allow ourselves to be split into “good citizens” and the “anti-vaxxers” or “outcasts”? I have noticed that it is precisely the more intellectual people who fall for it. That includes, unfortunately, many fellow physicians, when you cannot possibly maintain that this regime of vaccines and measures is good for public health. I think the scale of the deception certainly has something to do with it. It is simply too big to grasp. The moment you see through it, you lose much of what you have assumed to be valid up to that point. Intellectuals have more invested in the system; they, therefore, have more to lose. Perhaps our greatest fear is that we will lose our minds. To give up confidence in this corona system is maddening; many people do not yet dare to do so.

Sums Of Hush Money

According to official figures, 117 deaths have been reported as “possibly associated” with the Pfizer vaccine, of which only one case has been assessed as “probable.” The rest are still under investigation, or the deaths were dismissed as “not related to the vaccine.”

These are entirely different figures reaching us through the unofficial route, explains the doctor. We have collected 220 cases via next of kin in which the vaccine is most likely the cause of death. For example, a healthy 50-year-old man or a 15-year-old youth died a day after their shot. He reports that “there are indications that relatives are being offered sums of hush money.”

’Hush Money’ Paid to Victims’ Families
Amy Mek – RAIR Foundation Dec 21, 2021

The vaccine mandates are crumbling before our eyes. The falsehoods of the demented demagogues are being revealed. And how should we regard the doctors we have trusted now that they have been exposed as key figures in the greatest mass murder plot in human history.

Umbra Bellator:

This might sound kind of odd coming from me, a well known smasher of religious fakery and theological foolery, but I’m worried about believers these days. Their beliefs are in ruins. The things that have given them their good lives now lie shattered by the lies of people they trusted, preachers, doctors and politicians who are now all complicit in a misleading massacre so monstrous that one can’t even contemplate what punishment the architects of these atrocities should receive.

Umbra Bellator    on July 24, 2021 at 4:40 pm

As the powers that be crash the system, it will offer us a great opportunity to then kill them. Politicians, federal judges, high-ranking military personnel, they have all turned against the people, violated their oaths, and chose to become part of the criminal cartel that is actively trying to destroy us, so they should be ripe target for slaughter the minute the stores close or the power goes down.

And not just politicians, judges, and high-level military clowns in their overly-adorned costumes should be targeted, also to be hunted down and slaughtered immediately are big bankers, corporate CEOs peddling poison and backing destructive agendas like BLM, the fake doctors and pseudo-scientists who have been backing the covid-1984 narrative, and most certainly mainstream media executives, talking head anchors, and pathologically lying contributors. Every demon working for evil organizations such as the ADL, AIPAC, the federal reserve, and so on should be chased through the streets and disemboweled. And most certainly targeted for immediate slaughter should be satanic enemies of humanity such as Fauci, Soros, Schwab, Gates, and so on.

Idiots like Schwab should remember that people who have nothing then have nothing to lose and will then roast him over the glowing embers of what remains of his WEF office.

What compassion does any doctor possess who will inoculate a beautiful child with a known poison? The new term for it is bioweapon. How many officials and doctors in your town have you heard say they are perfectly “safe and effective”. And how many of these cretins are now polluting America and the world? Just to keep their well-paying jobs.


 Boris Gump Gives Latest Heads-up

These marchers today are all begging their governments not to kill them with poison injections, not to destroy their lives with fraudulent scare tactics, not to force them to close their businesses and prevent their customers from buying their products because they don’t have a COVID passport, and above all not to sicken them with bacterial pneumonia by demanding they wear masks containing microscopic nanopoisons.

Now the marchers are in a worldwide mad scramble to protest a financial power grab impoverishing the world’s population behind a false medical pandemic which cannot answer the one question everyone asks, which was made famous by a young Canadian lady who lost her job for refusing the jab:

Why should the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?

No government can answer this. Yet they press on with their sadistic lockdowns, these pathetic schemes for social control, and the world’s temper boils over as it fantasizes appropriate punishments for the homicidal fraudsters who perpetuate this horror.
Umbra Bellator    on August 28, 2021

Grace to grimace, smile to scream - Kaminsky

The jabbed are shaky in their belief they have solved their disease problem, and well they should be. Every study ever conducted shows that the inoculated are more likely to contract the disease their shot was meant to prevent. So their embarrassment at their own folly must be emphatically denied. How many boosters will it take to feel safe now? Does anybody really know?

The unjabbed, backed by the expert testimony of honest doctors not paid for their work but simply in pursuit of the truth, know for certain that not taking these monstrous government concoctions is the key to their continuing health.

This violent denial of people who are victims of their own stupidity has always been particularly visible in both religious and racial disputes. Defending one’s dogma or skin color has never been a reason for either temperance or tolerance. In both cases, understanding for another’s contrasting opinion has always been the hallmark of only the extremely enlightened, and is noticeably absent in those who remain fuzzy and uncertain about their own actual beliefs.

When what used to be concern and care for those in need has turned to disgrace and disgust for those who disagree with us, it simply means that our dogma we use to give us comfort has failed us. Far too few people ever realize this, as as a result coalitions to combat greater evils than these never materialize; they fall apart amid the misunderstandings of superficial nonessential disputes.

This is how trivial religious snits derailed the 9/11 skeptics movement, as one group constantly boasted to others that their way was the only true path. This elitism of course derives from Judaism, which insists that all other spiritual ethnicities are inferior to their own incestuous hammerlock on the Almighty.

We are all too familiar with this intense hatred for one’s rivals poisoning religious disputes. Personally, I never understood them, perhaps because my own delusion has always been that we all worship the same deity. From that believe I construe any religion that declares other religions its enemy is not a true religion, but only a savage creed to justify aggression and discrimination against its chosen foes.

The vast majority of the world’s faithful would violently disagree with that statement. Which is why we have the absence of compassion that has the potential to kill us all.

The Reality of Guilt - Kaminsky

But compassion for someone’s debilitating illness does not mean forgiveness for premeditated abuse and murder, and we have now the problem of what to do with all those who have tried to kill us for a shallow reason that made billions for those who invented it, produced it and injected it into the arms of millions of people, most of whom have died or will die.

There is only one punishment for such a great crime, the greatest crime in history, and that is instant eradication, with absolutely no regard for the comfort or the rights of those soon to be ruled responsible for this unprecedented, incalculable horror. All of them.

Lucid & Ferrous    on December 10, 2021

To this unpleasant task and undeniable responsibility the entirety of the human species should now direct its unwavering effort. No one who participated in this indescribable atrocity should ever escape the painful compensation they deserve.

Umbra Bellator:

Envision now in your mind the sublime smile of a trusting child, maybe your child, melting into a twisted screech of unendurable pain, but only once, before eternal silence follows. This is a crime beyond description.

Umbra Bellator: 
Kaminsky continued:
The absence of compassion these sanctimonious villains have all inflicted on the people of this Earth should now guide the consequences that should befall those responsible as quickly as humanly possible, for there is no possible mitigating circumstance that could ever justify their avoidance of exactly what they all deserve for what they have done to people that, had they known them, they could have loved.
Arch Bitchip of Planterbury

We can judge the book by the cover in this case as Welby certainly looks like a depraved degenerate; he certainly strikes me as the type who has had every one of his holes used as a gay f*ck puppet and has molested children.

Welby, an agent of the dark, was caught vomiting typical satanic inversion, that it is the uninjected pure-bloods who are “immoral” rather than the truth of it which is it is anyone and everyone promoting the toxic sludge injections who are the disgustingly immoral ones in this crime against humanity. And who the f*ck is that satanic degenerate Welby to claim to know what Jesus would do or what the Almighty wants?? That scum is more than deserving of having his ribs and jaw broken, his treacherous tongue sawed out of his lying mouth and stuffed up his own a**hole, followed by his ridiculous hat, then hanged from the bell-tower of the nearest cathedral.

Umbra Bellator    on July 24, 2021

Oh, and along with all the preparations I've been making for years for when the shit really hits the fan, I've also been compiling a list of names and addresses, even extensive dossiers in some cases, of our enemies, which will come in real handy for the approaching hunting season. Never forget they are actively trying to DESTROY you, your families, your futures. Let them know turnabout is fair play, as it is your right and duty to protect yourselves and your families.
Christslove    on July 24, 2021 at 8:14 pm
I like it ! hunting season for all the evil globalist elites! We're coming for you SOROS! SCHWAB, CLINTONS, OBAMA , ROCKERFELLAS, ROTHCHILDS, GATES etc etc
A Pandemic of Affliction and Torment
O on December 23, 2021:

Some, like the ‘apocalyptic’ Shunyamurti, view the ‘vaccine’ as ‘karma’…a ‘divine wrath’ if you will.

Read ‘between the lines’ here and eventually they will be screaming at you.

“At the end of this final postmodern period of history, the karmic demand for overt torment to strike nearly every human on the planet is being enacted. It was inevitable, in order to balance the internal psychological anguish, guilt, shame, and horror of existing in an empty and meaningless life in a wasteland of superficiality, corruption, narcissism, and demonic levels of greed and perversion. The scourge of divine wrath has now broken through the repression barrier.

Suddenly, seemingly from out of nowhere, a pandemic of affliction and torment has erupted, instantly reversing and nullifying all the enjoyment of depravity brought about by the deliberate unraveling and inverting of social norms of behavior, gender identity, moral virtue, and freedom to speak out. In fact, all human rights and freedoms were taken away in one swoop – to save the elderly from catching a flu. Lockdowns of whole nations, forced wearing of harmful, degrading masks, absurd rules of social distancing for the masses but not the rich; the ruin of most small businesses (while the big ones prosper) and complete destruction of the social fabric itself, covered up and disguised by mass media and massive censorship; followed by sudden engineered shortages of food and other products, have reduced the average unprepared mind to a state of shock and submission – and utter torment. And the coup de grace is delivered directly into the veins..

Looking back, the need for such torment had been growing for such a long time that it had become normal for the sinners to believe they would never have to pay the price for their complicity with Satan. But the submerged volcano of psychological self-aversion incumbent upon the enslavement to vice had recently reached such an extreme level of intensity that it requires for its discharge plagues, civil unrest, planetary wars, rabid brutality and random violence, as well as an organized religious campaign of lethal injections – in addition to spectacular direct acts of God to make sure we got the message.”

I think what he’s really trying to say is…

He’s got Pfizer and Moderna in his hands.
He’s got Fauci and Malone in his hands.
He’s got Johnson and Johnson….in his hands.
He’s got the whole world in his hands.

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