April 01, 2020

The Raw Deal With Jim Fetzer 2020.04.01

James Henry Fetzer (born December 6, 1940) is a philosopher of science and conspiracy theorist. Since the late 1970s, Fetzer has worked on assessing and clarifying the forms and foundations of scientific explanation, probability in science, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of cognitive science, especially artificial intelligence and computer science.

Today: Guest, Lori Price. Callers in hour two.

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Panzerfaust said...

The Quarantine Manager job posting.
Very similar to 9/11 coincidences such as FEMA running a drill in NYC on 9/11.


zapoper said...

A picture like that doesn't prove anything Panzer.

The last time someone posted a similar "screen capture" like that, it had a URL in it and when I typed it in my address bar, It gave me "server not found".

The first part of the url looked like this: https://jobs.cdc...etc.

KnownUnknown said...

"should have let us know"

But the "you're fired" guy didn't fire him on the spot?!?

What's wrong with this picture Jim, the logistician!

KnownUnknown said...

Fetzers cough sounds.... Ominous

Panzerfaust said...


Panzerfaust said...

Was archived two weeks ago.

Panzerfaust said...

I know you don't like me Zap. To be honest the feeling is mutual and furthermore I don't trust you. You seem to coddle obvious disinformation shills which populate venues such as this one.

It doesn't matter to be if you like or hate me. I'm just using the platform to share information. That is exactly what I told Anglin when he sperged out over my 9/11 topics. He banned me for 100 years.

zapoper said...


KnownUnknown said...

@zap i assumed that's meant for panz. I get it lol

KnownUnknown said...

I'm with Scorpio. Q is so fucking stupid!

Their whole thing is JFK Junior is Q with super Intel clearance!!!

Fuck off

KnownUnknown said...

Hey BREW before Trump said the next two weeks are going to be tough he said:


KnownUnknown said...

Another thing that drives me absolutely up the wall is the patriotard nonsense about the money this and the constitution that as if the oligarchs didn't own everything back then too!

BREW said...

Q Q Q... Q-who-cares!! FFS!

Who brought up up Q? It sure a f*ck wasn't me. I don't speak about Q. I didn't bring it up. I, in fact, made attempt to push away from Q, during the discussion.

Alex Jones said this week [Monday or Tuesday], as some of his callers revisited "Q" anon, that he 'knows who was originally behind Q', and that next week he just may reveal who that is.

Jones is resurrecting this Q storyline, that he and his creative department came up with, sometime in 2017/2018, with Piecznik. This was right at the time of the Jerome Corsi last appearance @ Info Wars, as Corsi had to discredit Q and praise Alex for all his wisdom.

Not long after, Jones created, "Zack". Zack was Jones' answer to "Q". Zack is real - Q is not, as Alex had said, numerous times, in so many words.

Zack had me fooled for a lil bit, yet like all bullsh*t, it tends to start to run and become transparent. This is what happened with Zack -- it climaxed with the big reveal, and after one more appearance, Zack never came back and never a mention again, in nearly a year and a half.

Anyway -- point being, I dont look at Q -- I dont talk about Q. I dont research Q. There are those that do, and good for them. We can use it. Q is merely another piece of a very large prolific puzzle that has us all working on, and contributing, in our own ways.

Rense did have that guest journalist that was deep diving into Q as a fraud. I forget who it was, though Rense had him on several times. Anyone recall? It was good stuff.

BREW said...

re: Insider Trading by American Politicians (Rep. & Dem.)

Many only mention what stocks they sold, such as Diane Feinstein and their hotel stock [just one example], while few care more about what stocks they bought,

such as Nancy Pelosi (& husband) buying $5 Million dollars of Amazon stock, which has raised in value since, stimulating a hefty return for the Pelosi's, just on this one specific 'investment'.

There are many within Washington DC that made their trades, buying and selling. In the buying category, pharma and insurance companies + internet companies that are important to the 'work from home' crowd, and home schooling, business meetings, etc.. These companies provide services, such as Zoom and other.

Allegedly, there are investigations into these suspicious trades. That said, these crooks aren't breaking any laws by using 'insider information' to gain financially or otherwise. We have seen this time and again -- some we know about, many we do not.

Scorpio said...

Q was being talked about when I called in.
Nobody wanted to hear about the complete lack of evidence
that substantiates anything Q has said. The guest said that I used
a pejorative term when I called Q 'Paytriotard fantasy' - which is
exactly what it is.

After that, I was silenced while other callers were
allowed to ramble for 10 minutes at a time, which is fine - It's Jim's show.
I wanted to talk about what is actually happening, not paytriotard fantasies.

Trust the plan! - lol

KnownUnknown said...

Brew it's got nothing to do with you man it's to do with Trump!

Anything he says, wait 5 minutes and he'll say the exact opposite. So how can you point to ANYTHING he says as useful? He's actually worse than Jones and AJ is a vile devil of a creature...

KnownUnknown said...

Bernard something

Scorpio said...

BTW - Congressmen and Senators benefit from insider information all of the time - just another day at the office. Nothing will come of those 'investigations' other than words - no arrests, nobody losing their position of power. Why do you think almost all congressmen leave office as millionaires?

jerry said...

Just being as honest as possible here ... I can't seem to be able to wrap my head around anything any more. Recently I suggested people might want to bookmark corsination.com . I now think that that was an error on my part. Mr Corsi has a PhD in political science yet he insists on being called Dr. Corsi. "Dr" is traditionally used to infer a medical doctor; how political science has anything to do with medicine is beyond my paygrade. Mr. Corsi seems to have his eyes firmly affixed on MONEY! He even has a "Donate" button. My suggestion to bookmark his site was a big mistake on my part.

Another couple of people that I have become highly skeptical of are Robert David Steele (and by association, Benjamin Fulford) and Kevin Shipp. Ship and Steele are both supposed to be CIA agents, and in the case of Steele, he states often that he has "sources" (as does Fulford) and these sources give him insights that the rest of us aren't privy to ... at least that's what he wants us to think. And Gerald Celente's "Trends Journal" ragazine ("history before it happens") ... NONE of these people knew anything about this coronavirus bs BEFORE it happened!! None of them. Steele, Corsi, and Shipp are still highly supportive of Trump ... and it only took ole Mr. "make America great again" a little over three years before he flushed America down the toilet. Yet these "intellectuals" and intel connected deceivers still think ole Trumpy boy is still Mr. Wonderful ... makes me want to puke!!

BREW said...

I like Celente -- his agenda and motives are in the open, as.best we can tell.

Celente has been forecasting the global depression - the greatest depression, except it has come one year earlier than he could calculate.

BREW said...

Pandemic or Infodemic? The devil is in the details.


April 07, 2006 @ Harpers Magazine

Out of Control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science


Scorpio said...

Great comments, Jerry.
Not that I'm defending Corsi but it is commonly accepted that
people who hold a PhD are referred to as 'doctor'.

Don't forget, Corsi has publicly stated several times that Edward Bernays
was a close family friend when he was growing up and spoke very kindly
of the man who helped enact mass mind control on the general public
through 'advertising'.

I'm always suspicious of these CIA guys who spent a lifetime
with the company,and then do a miraculous turnaround
for 'truth' after they 'retire'.

As for Fulford, I'm still waiting for the White Dragon Society Ninjas
to start assassinating the members of the illuminati.

Zeebra said...

the CDC jobs post is still up atm

https://archive.is/1BqQv in case above gets memoryholed

RE Qanon, I appreciated Jim & Lori's open-minded take on it, which roughly mirrors my own.

You could say I 'followed Q' (though never 'married' it) from its Oct 2017 intro through about last Summer when they knocked 8ch offline "in response to" another one of their FF/hoaxes where the patsy was supposedly 'radicalized' thru 8ch. Was that their Christchurch NZ 'event?' I was already steadily losing interest all year+, thanks to Trump's toxic zionism + Q's failure to deliver any perp walks -- just the constant 'BOOM BOOM week ahead!' carrot & stick shit, ffs!

Since Q returned from that 'break' with the opening of 8kun last Fall, I simply stopped paying attention, outside of occasionally popping into qmap.pub to skim latest drops. I just don't put any additional time into all the Q-tubers & tweeters' "analysis" -- show me the F'n perp walks, or else I've got better avenues to spend my time!

But what I still DON'T GET is the divisiveness, the vitriol cast upon Q followers/promoters -- like, where are the "Q-True-Believers" doing anyone any harm, worthy of the 'scorn' heaped upon them by 'critics' posturing as more WOKE?! Don't said 'MOAR WOKE CRITICS' have more WOKIER things to do with their time?!

Zeebra said...

DUD PARTS Coronavirus testing delayed after kits found to be contaminated by Covid-19

Whoopsi Daisy!! /rolleyes


Scorpio said...

Zeebra - There was no vitriol on my part - just calling out BS when I see it and the complete lack of evidence to substantiate any of it. Sure, I'd like it to be true as would many in this 'truth' movement but wishful thinking doesn't make it anymore real than the Easter bunny or Santa Claus. I wasn't allowed to elaborate any further and triggered several people with my show me the evidence attitude. When I see the perp walks, I'll be more than happy to admit I was wrong.

Panzerfaust said...

Q is a psyop. Trump is a puppet of International Zionism and is possibly blackmailed. Anyone who is placing any faith in this asshole to "take down the deep state" needs to wake up.

Zeebra said...

Scorpio, your 'mistake' in that call, esp in light of ur post above where u allow for the possibility that Q is legit, was your dropping of the dreaded 'xyz-TARD bomb' straight out of the gate -- which Lori duly/promptly called you out on. What compelled U to engage in that manipulative ad-hom fallacy against your target, if your anti-Q logic alone is so unimpeachable??

Take Q's latest "critic with any platform" Adam Green @Know_More_News, who's very recently decided to engage in an anti-Q campaign. I discovered Adam around the same time Q premiered, 2.x years ago. In that first couple years, Adam just didn't touch Q, except in a couple shows I heard where his guest brought it up for some reason, & Adam would just quickly dismiss it as something he's not on board with, & immediately move forward with the real topic du jour. I really respected his handling of "the Q phenom" this way, despite that at the time I myself was still much more preoccupied with Q.

So unfortunately IMHO, Adam's "cred-#" has taken a bit hit, not only from his 'marriage' to the (((Bjerknes))) world view re which Adam has become quite dogmatic; but also from his recent "proactive/aggressive anti-Q campaign." WHY?! Bjerknes-ism aside... he'd been doing so well, focusing on the J conspiracy?!

One of the ad-hom labels Adam (& his annoying-voiced little buddy @dcrocko200) like to smear Q-promoters with, besides the worn-out 'YADA-YADA-TARD', is 'GRIFTER', which I read to mean, an insincere con artist who gloms onto a cause/movement purely for financial or other tangible gain. Meanwhile, we're not supposed to notice that they're GRIFTING wrt trying to increase their own platform/clicks/cash-flow by noisily attacking Q/believers, pretending as if said believers are doing some kind of 'harm' which must be remedied?! Shameful...

Scorpio said...

I see your point, Zeebra but it is a 'paytriotard fantasy' - At this time, there is little if any evidence of it being legit.
Maybe I should have used gentler words... but in light of what's happening now, I seriously doubt that Trump and company are going to take down the deep state during this 'pandemic' (that's the narrative being floated by Q at this time) .Quite the opposite is happening if you just look around. It's dangerous to be taken in by such deception at this time, imo.

Anyway, I was never allowed to elaborate on my position so it's hard for you or anyone else to know what I wanted to say, which was disappointing given how much leeway is given to 'Paul' with his outbursts. No big deal though - it's Jim's show....
It's not like I called his guest "A fucking race traitor" or anything like that - lol

I don't really know anything about Adam Green, so I can't really comment on all of that.

KnownUnknown said...

I'll bite and say that qanon and qtards are a problem. They are because the "Trust the plan" mantra is mind control and they all slavishly praise and worship a politician - most of whom call themselves libertarians!

There's nothing libertarian about worshipping a President, ever.

KnownUnknown said...

The declass is coming! The declass is coming!! Comey is going to jail!!

Like i told Lindsey, what happened to all that?

Panzerfaust said...

On Fetzer's court you have to swing an elbow in the paint or no rebound.

BREW said...

The announcement of the battle against the "cartels", is a significant element to this large, ongoing, 《drip drip》 information saga that is taking place, world wide, all at once.

The "Cartel" is deeply embedded in The USA and elsewhere, which doesn't just contribute largely to funding ($) so-called deep state, yet Democrats, The Democrat Party, many of its affiliates, NGOs, etc..

Think Comey, who has been on the boards of certain companies that work with Cartels and he was the lawyer for Banks that laundered Cartel money. Think Pelosi others, who are in bed with the Cartels, pushing open borders and defending the 'honor'of invading border jumpers.

The announcement by Trump & Admin. on Wednesday, was not an announcement of what they intend to do, but what they've already begun.

Q or no Q, it doesn't matter -- we are all faced with some unprecedented sh*t - at least for our lifetime, through to out great grand parents lifetimes, as we (nearly) don't really know beyond that, as 'history' is so distorted due to coverups and lies.

In any case, being cynical is fine, although being optimistic is good too. How about utilizing them both, and perhaps we can figure this sh*t out and perhaps get ahead of it, if it so goes awry and becomes a one way ticket to our being f*cked over hardcore.

I mentioned the Coronavirus test kits being tainted, as they're contaminated with Coronavirus, or worse, the CoVid-19 strain. This serves to raise the number of positive test results, plus if a subject were to have Coronavirus or CoVid-19, then they'd have a double dose, to push the infection along.

All in all, there is some nefarious sh*t going on, as the underground war has gone hot to the surface -- collateral damage is par for the course by the 'bad actors', yet there is a good guy operation put there that is attempting to avoid that element.

Keep your head on a swivel -- we are all in it, if you care to realize it or not.

BREW said...

Does anyone have a line on a twitter account that Info Wars played a video from today, exposing people being Forced to take Coronavirus tests?

Being Forced to take one of these tests is a harmful and criminal act, especially to the fact it is discovered they're tainted with Coronavirus and or CoVid-19.

Who knows what else is in these things, as we are aware that vaccines are more so to contaminate us with their bullsh*t, rather than help. This goes for tetanus shots & other. Don't get a tetanus shot!

Another tidbit I picked up is that this Coronavirus crap affects peeps that have stupidly taken the Flu shot, more than others. Something is being activated.

Anyway - who can find that Twitter account or other to these Forced Test testimonials?

Scorpio said...

Brew - I'm not sure what your point is.
Trump's taking down the cartels?

Have you been watching what's actually happening?
We're headed for full on martial law in the near future,
not the martial law light we are under now.
See why Q fantasies are dangerous now?

oh wait, when martial law is declared, it's so all of the ped0s can be taken
to jail and all of the deep state criminals hauled off to Gitmo....suuuuure

BREW said...

Again with the Q.

The push may be made to Hunger Games us, though not without a Red Dawn type resistance.

BREW said...

I could do this in private messaging, but I want all to see this --

Debate all ya want -- predict stuff we seriously dont have enough evidence to conclude, however, please restrict yourself from focusing on me or some others as, the enemy -- I'm not into it and will bounce before I allow anyone to pull me into their need to argue about crap that is beyond my control, etc..

Believe it or not, we do nothing but lose and complain and debate about what we lost or are losing. Why? Because the They keep doing what they're doing to crush us, and we keep doing what we are doing and getting crushed -- more!

Scorpio said...

You're the one that brought up the drip, drip
of the Q drops. I just didn't see what you were trying to get at
with the Trump vs. the cartels stuff, that's all,

BREW said...

HaHa -- the 《drip drip》is a reference to all information -- I wasn't even thinking of Q !! Ridiculously funny.

Scorpio said...

yeah, hilarious

Zeebra said...

heh, that's 'ODD' - my (former) comment above timestamped 3:42 PM, just below Scorpio's (still there) 3:34 comment, has been deleted... what gives?!

here's a screencap of it:

& here's a paste-job; would appreciate feedback!


Scorp: "...but it is a 'paytriotard fantasy'"

^ there's that emotionally manipulative language again; kosher rhetorical wizardry, trying to leverage peoples' FEAR of ridicule, or having their basic intelligence/sanity disparaged, in order to emotionally coerce them towards your way of thinking... which IMHO sidelined you in your call yesterday... after you shoehorned that ad-hom, yes vitriolic anti-Q 'statement' into your introductory sentence.

Here's a Qanon question to noodle on -- I really perked up in early June 2018 (IIRC) when an OBVIOUS 4AM Memo went out, & in the course of ~48-72 hours, a couple DOZEN household-name MSM organs piled on "the Q phenom"... all parroting their same old trusty critical-thought-extinguisher language, "...a fringe right wing conspiracy theory, from the dark dank corners of the internet, crazycrazycrazy, dangerous, yada, yada...".

To me, this MSM dogpile (with some faux/controlled "alt media" organs thrown in for good measure) vilifying Q/followers was a "backhanded proof", the strongest I'd seen then or since, that there's indeed something very real, & very threatening to the DS, re the traction the Q/phenom was achieving.

What's your explanation for the DS's Mighty Wurlitzer coming out on the offensive to vilify Q so intensely like that? Why not just ignore the 'Q-tards'?? The ONLY explanation I've heard those posturing as based/woke anti-Q'ers offer in response is roughly, 'That's the DS playing 5D-chess -- you see, they know Q'ers despise them, & they know whatever they(MSM) say will be interpreted the opposite, & thus they'll properly 'radicalize' the Q-base... Q-dupes not realizing Q IS the DS they nominally despise, all along!"

^ that 'response' strikes me as being of the same fanciful/hypocriful mindset which anti-Q's accuse Q-believers of being guilty of, no?

Panzerfaust said...

"I could do this in private messaging"
I don't do any private messaging on anyone or on any issue. Leads to gossipy shit.

Panzerfaust said...

That is very curious indeed.
I also found it curious that the validity of the CDC Quarantine Manager job posting in was immediately questioned by Zapoper.

Also curious: John Stadtmiller launched on an ad hominem attack upon the source (Mike Adams) which led me to the Nov 15 2019 federal job announcement be for Quarantine Manager positions throughout the US. I sent him the information and crickets.

BREW said...

Mike Adams...

'Hi, I'm Mike Adams... nazis, holocaust fear, nazis, death, holocaust, civil war, anti-semites, racists, haters, deep state, nazis, holocaust, six million, anti-semites, civil war, Coronavirus... buy from us, thank you.'

Panzerfaust said...

Mike Adams did not create the job posting but I guess shills gonna shill.

BREW said...

We have seen many of these job postings preempt many of these (the) events.

The job posting/s are not in question (for me & some others), it's the attempt to use the job postings as the ultimate evidence, when they're simply a piece of the larger puzzle -- a significant piece, fer sure, though just a piece, nonetheless.

Mike Adams- @ Natural News has hyped up many of items. In the above post, having words such as, nazus, holocaust, anti-semitism, civil war, etc., is how Adams plays his game, and as many will note, when peeps like Adams and jones and others, use these trigger words, it is because they are admitting to us that they don't have a stronger argument, so they use these distracting detractors to spur some emotional outrage that many are (unfortunately) conditioned to react to.

Adams has done a lot of reporting for this Coronavirus scam-demic, and has reported it for the worst, in a, 'we're all gonna die', paradigm -- Adams rarely down plays, or concedes to the hoax factor.

This said, it is unfortunate, because Adams has been a supporter of Fetzer and the Sandyhook data that Fetzer and his contributors present. For several of us, it leads us to wonder what Adams really stands for, as he plays both sides of the field.