April 01, 2020

Covid April fools jokes off the table. LOL THE IRONY!!!!

Every day is April Fools day into the near or not so near future..

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Voltman said...

dunno y, April 1:

And something is going on with those swimming with the streams hooked by the flows. People are getting told left, right and center this is a scam and the best they can come up with is “but they’re only trying to save us” or get really pissed off. The screws are slowly tightening on this lot and somewhere inside of them they know they are running out of childlike infantile reactionary statements in the face of truth.

We told them this was coming now that it’s here they say oh we’ll just wait and see. The longer they wait to answer those inner questions the worse they are dragging the rest of us down and now they are getting a sense of it.

Yes the stream can pull that lot in but it isn’t going to pull us in no matter what tantrums they chuck they will have to start using some effort and swim against the stream for awhile if they want any kind of relief now and from the knowing of my own journey that’s going to take some time.

dunno y