April 01, 2020

Why is NOBODY Talking About THIS Crazy Obvious S#!T!!


Holly Woodrow said...

Thanks for posting this chainsaw

Voltman said...

Really good video:

Biggest Deception On The Whole World EndGame Plan
Think About It- Think About It – March 30, 2020

Bill Gates’ Quantum Dot Digital Tattoo Implant to Track COVID-19 Vaccine Compliance
Afshin Yaghtin – The State of the Nation March 31, 2020

Voltman said...

More empty emergency rooms at hospitals

More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't!

Voltman said...

Trump authorizes activation of up to 1 million reservists to help with pandemic

By wmw_admin on March 31, 2020
David Boyer – Washington Times March 27, 2020

Harbinger hits it out of the bull park:
From Ian Fantom – March 30, 2020

Makow – 9-11 (Part 2) – We’re all Trapped on the 94th Floor
henrymakow.com – March 30, 2020

Anonymous said...

Did you catch that -- nazi Pelosi.

for fucks sake....................if every "truther" in on it???

This guy can't be "ignorant". You can't spend time on the Internet and not be confronted with the truth about ww2 and the holofraud.

I almost hate "truthers" more than I do the Jew.

Voltman said...

May I suggest Narcy Pelousi?

RickB said...

One hustler calling out another.

RickB said...

I had this presser on in the background on mute while visiting with my granddaughter. I couldn't believe that is was going on and on for so long going over the curve over and over again... playing trivia pursuit over the curve for two hours.

Now I'm assuming that was what went on for two hours. I'm assuming that nothing substantial occurred.

I'm assuming no one asked "doctor" Fausi what he wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1aFt-k3tQ8

I'm assuming they were playing trivia pursuit for two hours? Do I need to replay it? Or did everybody involved with that presser indict themselves for playing the American audience?

RickB said...

Thanks JM,

I didn't know this guy's name. I didn't know he's a joow. But it's clear he knows how to hustle for money and can't give that a rest. And that's definitely in character isn't it.

Does this guy have any grieving products for funerals?

KnownUnknown said...

Trump really is such a cretin. Does absolutely nothing for months, calls it a Democrat hoax, then a China Virus and gets the US Intel community to come up with some trumped up bullcrap about how "the chicoms did it not me"! So the entire US intel agencies couldn't get their own data real time??

And now the fat idiot is just running a media extravaganza where he's right at home, gaslighting everyone and playing with props.

RickB said...

Oh JM,

I see that you deleted your comment. I see that you were mistaken on the youtuber.

Whether or not the youtuber is a jew, he knows how to hustle for money and can't give it a rest. You see he's a hustler by his dramatic headlining of the post.

I'm a bit familiar with him. I see that he's changed his offering of products. I won't be buying any.

My apologies to the 0.0001% of honest jews out there.

RickB said...


I'm learning my way on here on Miami's Shit. I'm not always favorably impressed.

RickB said...


The youtuber in question of this post is HighImpactFlix not Jason Goodman. I don't know his name.

You're original comment calling out his name to which I was responding has disappeared.

Youtuber HighImpactFlix produced the subject of this post: Why is NOBODY Talking About THIS Crazy Obvious S#!t!!

Are HighImpactFlix and Jason Goodman one and the same person? They don't appear so.

Where are you getting Jason Goodman from? Why has your original comment disappeared?

RickB said...


You're original comment on Jason Goodman was a response to Roy's comment. It is no longer there. Why?

RickB said...

Miami's Blog,

This is my last comment on this blog. Good bye.

Voltman said...

From the comment section:

George Washington: I cannot tell a lie.
Donull Trump: I cannot tell the truth.
A Trump voter: I cannot tell the difference.


zapoper said...

@ RickB, John Miller has been trolling and spamming the blog for a while now. Who ever the admin who put him in the spambox is, I agree with him. Every time we give him a second chance to comment, he quickly reverts back to trolling.

If you want to stop commenting, that is your choice.

Lehitra'ot John.