January 16, 2022

Khruangbin Pitchfork Concert - WhatsHerFace, Ice Age Farmer & The Babylon Bee 👰

Venus in Pisces
Floating Blue Mountain Penguin Paradise


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Omicron patient has one singular sniffle!!
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Jewel Gaither:
Christian, this made me think of a story I heard years ago... A farmer had an old mule who fell in an open hand dug well.  He knew the mule was old and he was not able to get the mule out of the well, so he decided to just bury it in the well.  He kept shoveling dirt into the well and it would land on the mule's back.  The mule would just "shake it off and step up" with each shovel of dirt.  Before long, the mule could walk out of the well.  In situations that seem impossible to overcome, we need to "shake the dirt off our back and step up".  Soon we will be out of the well we find ourselves in.

 The Prince Was a Frog
 The Frog Was a Prince




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Giuseppe and Scorpio:



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Whatsherface has a new jewtube channel “whatsherface entertainment” and has a new video on it, where she dances at the end. Tight body confirmed.