January 07, 2022



zapoper said...

I see it coming.

As more and more people start dying from the poisoned needles, people are gonna blame us for it. This society is gonna degenerate as inflation skyrockets and we get food shortages. Brain dead morons are gonna become tattletales toward the "unvaccinated".

That is if nothing is done.



Voltman said...

The brain-dead morons who believe Trudope the shit stain dumbass will be begging to get their useless fucking skulls smashed against the nearest brick wall if they ever excrete the verbal diarrhea, that this thoroughly disgusting putrid sack of rotting garbage infested with repugnant maggots has said, in my presence!

coincidenceskeptic said...

Thrustin' Turd Hole is Canada's Gavin Newsom. What did Canukistanis do to deserve that douche bag?

Voltman said...

"What did Canukistanis do to deserve that douche bag?"

The Canuckistains overdosed on bullshit.

They obeyed their adored god: Television, the drug of a nation.

I have separated from Canuckistan a long time ago and started my own independent province: O'Kanabec. No one tells me what to do and gets away with it.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

LOL Voltman. Tell it like it is puhleeze! You definitely have a command of English almost on a par with Arthur Topham once you get going.

Macron is pulling almost the same crap on the French, almost verbatim.

This island I am on is totally under the thrall of the Bonnie Beast and everything Trudope seems to utter. Even those I know who formerly despised him now think he is "handling a bad situation very competently." His words of hatred towards the unvaxxed does not seem to bother anyone I know because they all are vaxxed and shunning me because I refuse the goddam booster.

I say, Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do, then go about my own business accordingly. (As best I can all things considered.)

Canada is screwed. At the moment. I do believe dark times lie ahead. Time to stock up on things that keep ya healthy for the next decade. Personally, I don't know if I want to be around for all of this but it is not up to me when I get out of this life.