June 21, 2022

A Message for Americans - Gonzalo Lira - Unholy Smoke Signals on The Horizon - When Jews Run a Country - Brother Nathanael, Henry Makow, Hugo Talks


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Gonzalo Lira gives his take on the full implications of the rail closure.

WHO controls the Biden regime….well informed people KNOW controls Biden….Global Jews Inc. Biden the imbecile is a jew himself or more accurately,a crypto jew,as is his wife Ms Jacob.

For confirmation check the appearance of his son who is exceptionally greasy.
Installing Trump at the next election would be perfect the bellicose 80 year old would be able to stir up patriotic Americans.. to sign up for service in Europe …little do they know that BOTH sides of American politics are controlled by the ubiquitous Jews.

Well the Elders of Zyklon DO want another global conflict….so of course they are ratcheting up the tension.

The ultimate objective is the destruction of Iran….QUESTION…have they already embedded crypto jews in the Iranian power structure?.

Recall that France gave refuge to the first Ayatollah AND ALLOWED HIM TO RETURN TO LEAD THE REVOLUTION.???!!!.

Given the treatment of the Baltic states by the USSR, I can understand this action. But, the current Russia is far from the USSR. This action by Lithuania is unreasonable. It appears that the Satanists like BOJO and Dementia Joe and the Jew WEF will push and push until they are DEAD. Sarmat has their addresses. 

How Many More Red Lines Can Be Crossed Before Armageddon Arrives?
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe published on April 15, 2016, more than six years ago, a report on the torture of Donbass Russians by the Ukrainian military and police forces.  The report documents horrendous torture and it was done out of racial hatred of Russians. You can read the report here: 

The extreme torture of the Russian residents of Donbass has been supported by three US presidents, all European states, and the entirety of the whore Western media, a collection of despicable scum.

Instead of reporting the truth, the scum Western media reported fake news of rapes and looting by Russian soldiers, the most disciplined army in the world.  The Ukrainians, or perhaps the CIA, have been exposed filming fake battle scenes in which allegedly Russian troops are shown fleeing from combat.  The filming is so sloppy that the director’s instructions for the staged act are included and the film crew is itself filmed, indicating that it is a film production and that there is no danger in the situation.

As horrendous as it is that the “free West” underwrites and diplomatically supports torture of Russians by Ukrainians while the despicable Western media covers it up, this horror pales in significance compared to the extraordinary decision of the White House Idiot to place in Ukraine’s hands missiles capable of hitting targets in Crimea, the traditional home of Russia’s Black Sea naval base.

Washington has said that Washington won’t be operating the missiles and is relying on Ukraine’s assurance that they won’t be used to attack Russian territory.  But Ukraine doesn’t regard Crimea as Russian territory. Neither does Washington’s “world community.” The “world community” doesn’t acknowledge the Crimean vote for reunification with Russia.  Officially for the West, Crimea is part of Ukraine.  So Ukraine can use Biden’s missiles to attack the Russian naval base in Crimea.

As Eric Zuesse, an unusual leftwinger who generally respects the truth as far as he can see it, something the left seldom does, notes, the Biden Idiot and his neoconservative controllers have turned over to Zelensky, a Jew allied with Nazis, the decision whether there will be Armageddon.

Imagine being able to make people believe that this is an ammonium nitrate explosion in the port of Beirut!
Vladimir Avatkov, from the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “You mentioned WWIII and the way Americans and Poles are acting on the territory of Ukraine—indeed, we need to remember the words of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who said that anyone who tries to interfere in the special military operation will pay a heavy price.” Skabeeva interrupted: “We never forget about these words of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, but a great number of people are already standing in line, trying to interfere in Russia’s special operation on the territory of Ukraine. Turns out, we have to act—but we’re yet to figure out how we can act without conducting a nuclear strike.”

Just the other day, one prominent Russian politician openly talked about destroying both coasts of the United States with Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles…

The politician, Alexie Zhuravlev, was joined on the talk show by fellow MP and Russian-state mouthpiece Yevgeny Popov, the host of the Rossiya 1 channel show.

The lawmaker claimed that two of Russia’s Sarmat  missiles would destroy the entirety of America’s east coast – before adding it would take just “two missiles for the west coast” as well.

“Four missiles and there’ll be nothing left.”

How Many More Red Lines Can Be Crossed Before Armageddon Arrives?
Paul Craig Roberts – paulcraigroberts.org June 5, 2022
"Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, a group that saved huge numbers of American lives by treating Covid patients with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, while Big Pharma and its captive hospitals and Biden regime killed huge numbers of Americans with non-treatment and with ventilators, remdesivir and mRNA “vaccines,” has been sentenced to prison for two months and fined $10,000. "

The ostensible excuse is that she stepped inside the Capitol through the door opened by the police not to protest the stolen election or to insurrect, but to deliver a warning about coercive Covid mandates, which she did.

She was charged with entering a restricted building–note that the halls of democracy, the people’s house, is a restricted building–violent entry, and disorderly conduct, all false charges.

Dr. Gold expressed her regret for entering the Capitol, a requirement so that the Nazi justice system didn’t sentence her to 20 years or death for saving lives. Dr. Gold, like so many other medical doctors, such as Dr. Pierre Kory ( https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/they-are-trying-to-revoke-dr-pierre?utm_source=email ) and Dr. Peter McCullough, are being punished for interfering with Big Pharma’s profits, which are shared with Fauci and other NIH officials who serve Big Pharma, not public health, as marketing specialists.

The Tragic Fate of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber

Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the Eyes of their Fans? Impacts of Covid-19 Vaccine - Celine Dion and Justin Bieber, same tragic destiny after Covid vaccines

Sustained by media disinformation and fake science, the mRNA vaccine was put forth as a solution to curbing the pandemic. Amply documented, the Covid-19 Vaccine has triggered from the outset in December 2020 an upward trend in mortality and morbidity. The evidence is overwhelming.

National governments Worldwide Are Lying to You the People, to the populations they purportedly serve.

Below is the incisive and outspoken article by Dr. Nicole Delépine on the tragic fate of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber.

This is also a message in solidarity with all humanity, particularly children and young adolescents.

Read More :


The Tragic Fate of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber

Freedom Has Departed the Western World
Paul Craig Roberts
Will the Tragic Fate of World Stars like Celine Dion and Justin Bieber Open the Eyes of their Fans? Impacts of Covid-19 Vaccine
Celine Dion and Justin Bieber, same tragic destiny after Covid vaccines

When Jews Run a Country
Real Jew News June 16, 2022

People can label Brother Nathanael as “controlled opposition” if they like, but BN always states the unvarnished truth about many of the worst satanic pieces of shit in the predator class, and I love and appreciate him for it. Brother Nathanael consistently points out the 8,000 pound rabid Jew gorilla in the room that has been nothing but a toxic pox upon humanity and the source of our destruction, while all-too-many don’t even see that rabid gorilla or, worse, refuse to even mention it while it degrades and destroys everything in sight.

Someone in the comment section of the Truth-Seeker a few weeks ago recommended a book titled The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. I ordered a copy and have been reading it with great interest. It gives a vivid historical context of the genesis and growth of the toxic cancer that is the Jew and provides the reader with a clear perspective of the cauldron of steaming shit we are now in due to the relentless machinations of maniacal satanic Jew demons. My heartfelt thanks to the Truth-seeker who recommended that book!

Yukon Jack    on June 20, 2022 at 6:04 pm

Expect non stop false flags, heat waves, tornadoes, and shootings in Texas from here on out. How dare Texas not bow down and whoreship gays, trannies, and pedos!

Tonight on Democrazy Now! old hag Amy Goodman will interview Rebekah Troglodyke about how Texas has gone auntie semitic.

dwd    on June 20, 2022 at 6:50 pm
"Unfortunately, the southern states, though more conservative than other parts of the country, are highly susceptible to Jew influence due to the influence of evangelical “Christian” religion. They will not be better off if they should break away. I’m a southerner, and I know my people."

Texas Republicans declare Biden election illegitimate, despite evidence
Reuters – June 19, 2022

 Black on White    on June 20, 2022 at 2:23 pm

This is more evidence that the Rothschild dynasty the, actual owners of Reuters is at the very pinnacle of the top-down, totalitarian order controlling our governments, continuing to gobble up asset after asset, institution after institution, and nation after nation, all with their ill-gotten gains and their unlimited credit made out of nothing at our expense, while expunging our basic rights and freedoms with capers such as:

– 9/11;
– their financial backing to create and sustaining of communist regimes such as the USSR, the PRC, and the Fabian communist movement to break down Western civilization and Christianity;

– their global debt-rigging practices mainly through the IMF and their satellite Rockefeller dynasty the World Bank;
– their directives to our governments and to the central banks for the past 25 to extend credit without collateral foreseeably creating great economic crises in order to turn everyone of our nations and us into their chattels;
– their most-obvious control and overseeing of the entire Covid fraud primarily as cover to usher in their UN Agendas and their WEF “Great” Reset, which are the very blueprints for the perpetuity of their despotic rule over us, and to initiate universal vaccination programs to control who is to live and who is to die;
– their highly-controlled little wars everywhere to grab foreign assets and lands, and to displace and wipe out those they deem as unwanted or in the way of their highly exclusive visions.

juan kerr    on May 27, 2022 at 7:33 am

Police politicians and social workers knew for years that thousands underage girls were being systematicaly raped by muslims and the jewish gangs were targeting boys from care homes but did nothing because the kids were white.

These kids were often ferried round all day by muslim taxi drivers from outside bolton rail station to one group of men after another, some kids even ended in in kebabs


Anonymous    on May 27, 2022 at 7:34 am

Two world wars to kill off the best and 70 years of welfare socialism to encourage the worst to breed. That’s why there has not been, and will not be, a revolution.

You see idiots posturing with their guns, but nothing ever comes of it. They simply don’t have the brains or the backbone to act any more.
Black Pete    on May 27, 2022 at 8:39 am

You must admit that after what the english speaking nations did to Germany and Japan during and after WW2, they deserve to be exterminated.

antivax    on May 27, 2022 at 12:05 pm

    all my life i stood away from mass
    stupidity + even did not believe in
    german ENDSIEG. its all only human
    megalomania under which disease the
    jews suffer since 3000 years . but also
    the brits + french took part in their
    pathological colonial times . the german
    Siegfried legend for me is only parable :
    Siegfried was killed insidiously from
    behind by Hagen . but today we have
    millions of Hagens in germany + in
    west its not better .
antivax    on May 27, 2022 at 12:12 pm

at least the black criminals have character using their illegal guns.

Cabalists Tricked White Race into Committing Suicide
HenryMakow.com – May 26, 2022

2200 Celebrities And Politicians Got FAKE JAB #Saline #Spain / Hugo Talks
Hugo Talks – Odysee May 26, 2022

Britney Spears Being Shipped To UKraine
By Spritney Beers

British Army’s New Top General Tells Groops to Prepare to ‘Die in Europe Again’

DISASSOCIATED PRESS – Rootin’ for Brutain, Britney must prepare to return to incontinental Europe to spite and spin a conflict with Russia, General Matrick Slanders, the new Thief of the General Chaff of the Brutish Harmy, has said.

“There is now a burning imperative to buy a Harmy capable of harming by yelling and screaming alongside our all-lies and deafening Russia in rattle. We are degeneration that must prepare the Harmy to fight for love of money and The Queen of Depravity once again,” Slanders wrote in a letter to the tropes after talking over his predeceasor, General Dark Cardemon Shit, earlier this week.

The general suggested that the isis in Ugraine highlighted the Harmy’s “core circus”.

Sir Matrick’s sentiments have been echoed by Crime Sinister Doris Johnson & Johnson who wrote in an article for The Sunday Crimes that the JUK and its all-lies must “peel” themselves for a “long” flog in Ugraine, and that the West needs “more enlust time in Ugraine’s hide.”


British Army’s New Top General Tells Groops to Prepare to ‘Die in Europe Again’

Beirut Blast Crater

Prepped For Nuclear Winter


Albert said...

This 37 minutes was Interesting and had many Important-Points:



To Mention a DIFFERENT Point: Showing How Adolf-Hitler was (((TRICKED))):

"enochered" has made an Astounding-Point that NO-Others that I have Listened-to: Have MADE yet! :-o

--> We KNOW that Benjamin-Freedman EXPLAINED that the Versailles-Treaty:
(Which was almost 100%-jews on ALL-'sides'!!!)
Carved-UP Europe, and Especially CARVED-UP: Germany ... so that there were Literally: Millions upon Millions of GERMANS:
TRAPPED within-the-Borders of very very Hostile-and-Cruel-to-Them: neighbouring-Countries !!!

--> We have Heard of: "Sudetenlands" in connection with Czechoslovakia,...
"enochered" uses the Same "Sudeten"-Germans term: for Those GERMANS Trapped-within-the-Boarders of POLAND ...
("Poland" HADN'T even-EXISTED: for 70+ Years! :-o [For Comparison: American "Civil-War" was-ended in 1865 ... just: 53 Years Before 1918!] )

----> "enochered" Explains how (((anthony-eden))) (the British Foreign Secretary) SPECIFICALLY-TOLD:
Adolf-Hitler to-GO-INTO: These Bordering-Areas-of-Poland: to PROTECT the: Being-Brutally-Murdered-Germans !!! :-o
--> Thus ((("England"))) FINALLY-HAD (((Their)))-"Excuse": For Declaring-"WAR" on Germany! (And, NOT on USSR of-course!)

In Speeches Given by: Adolf Hitler: You can HEAR His DISGUST when Mentioning: (((anthony-eden))) !!!!!!!!!!!! :-o
--> NOW we can: Specifically-KNOW: WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

(Very much Like The State-Department-Bitch: TOLD Saddam-Hussein: That America Didn't-CARE: If He Entered-Kuwait BECAUSE of Their-Slant-Drilling of Iraqi-Oil!)

"enochered's" Bitchute-Channel:


Albert said...

"Hindsight is ALWAYS '20 / 20' !!!" :-o

The Whole POINT of: Cons, Con-men, being-Cheated, being-Tricked, ...

Is that: At the TIME: You are NOT at all Aware of the Foul-INTENTS, what-to-Speak of the FUTURE-Foul-Actions: which will be Perpetrated UPON-You ...... some-TIME ... along-the-Line! -- In the FUTURE !!! :-o

Events "Unfold" in-TIME in-a-LINEAR-manner !!!
(And WE: simply CANNOT: Go-BACK in-TIME!)

"Logic" is ALSO pursued: in a LINEAR-sequence!

And, of-course: When "Logic" is Applied to Events-in-TIME ... it is Also: Very-Much: A LINEAR-Process !!!

For Example: There is the Term: "Anachronism": Something OUT-of-Their-TIME-Sequence!
Eg: A Roman-Legionaire WEARING-a-Wristwatch !!! :-o -- When Wristwatches WEREN'T-in-USE / 'Invented'-Back-THEN! :-o

Mount-Vesuvius ACTUALLY-'Erupted': 300+ Years-ago: Engulfing Pompeii and Covering-an-UNDERGROUND-Aqueduct:
--> Which had Been RECENTLY-BUILT-THROUGH-There: just-BEFORE-such !!!
--> Thus Specifically-PROVING (and DATING!): Such a RECENT: Eruption-DATE !!!!!!!! :-o

-----> Hence ALL of the "Histories" of Nero and Vesuvius-'Erupting' COME-INTO-QUESTION/ GREAT-DOUBT as to Their Authenticity !!! :-o

"DATES" are ESPECIALLY the CAUSE of MANY Problems with "Logic" !!!

--> As SOON as a "DATE" is "GIVEN" for something .... THEN it simply-MUST: "Logically" Be INSERTED:
BEFORE some-other-Events, and AFTER Others !!! :-o

(LIES: "Oh what a Tangled-web, we-weave ... when we do Try to DECEIVE!")

---> "Bottom-Line": "Logic" ...... when there is EVEN ONE "clever"-(((LIE))) (or even 'Mistake'!) inserted ... Becomes Very-FAULTY / 'Problematic' !!! :-o
(And the 'winning' of: a back-and-forth-Debate, can Alternate: As NEW 'Facts' are continually-Presented!)

----> The "Logic" ... that: "Adolf Hitler was an 'Agent'-etc. ........ because HE LOST! ...."

Is Especially dis-Honest ........ because soooo many Events unfolded-over-TIME, which many many Folks Did-NOT / COULD-not: even KNOW at-the-TIME !!!

GERMANY Absolutely Did-NOT LOSE: "WWI" !!! -- Russia Pulled-OUT: On the EASTERN-Front, ... but America was Brought-IN near-the-end, and an ARMISTICE was Agreed-Upon!

GERMANY in "WWII" even-though a SMALL-Country ..... on MANY-Occasions ... very-Nearly: DIDN'T LOSE either! :-o
Many of the Countries of Europe Sent VOLUNTEERS to JOIN-into: Germany's Struggle: As United: FREE-Christian-Europe:
Against: (((Bolshevik)))-Russia ... which was Being SUPPLIED: With such MASSIVE "Lend-Lease" Supplies By the USA ...

----> That such was Actually-INCONCEIVABLE to the Entire-German-People at-the-TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

And, of-course: ONCE "Pearl-Harbour" (A "TRANSFORMATIVE-Moment/Event" !!!) -- Brought the American-"Goyim":
Enthusiastically-MADDLY into the ((("WAR")))-Against-Germany ... HOW could Germany, Surrounded, and Without even FOOD-Resources ... Possibly-SURVIVE ....... At-THAT-STAGE !!!? :-o

Albert said...

By THAT: TIME: The GREAT-German-Folk: KNEW: From the 1941-Publication: "Germany Must PERISH!": That the (((INTENTION))) of (((DEMANDING))): "Unconditional-Surrender" ... Was the TOTAL-DESTRUCTION: Of the GREAT-German-People-Themselves !!! :-o

But, WITHOUT: ANY True-ABILITY to Continue-to-Resist ... at THAT Stage-of-TIME ...... the German-People soooo Totally-EXHAUSTED ....

Had NO OTHER Option: But to Collapse .... and 'HOPE' that the: Geneva-Convention-Signing-Americans ... would-NOT be ENTIRELY-so-HARSH as-THAT !!! :-o

--> UN-FORTUNATELY ... (((America))) WAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

Locking-DOWN Germany for 5+ Years of Intensive: "De-Nazification" .... Where 10x as Many German-Soldiers, and the German-People in-General: Were BRUTALLY MURDERED ...
AFTER Surrendering-Completely, and BEING: Totally-DISARMED !!!

And AFTER: The Millions upon Millions of POWs-in-German-Custody were-SECURED!
--> The LAST: True PROTECTION that the Germans-HAD: Against Such: Merciless-Brutal-(((ANNIHILATION))) !!!

inthemix16 said...

Great History lesson Albert , in a way only you can the real story My only slight grip was that i didnt think i saw reference to the Danzig Massacre.. Hmm. Kinda sounds a lot alike Donbas . Reference to Rhine Meadows death camps would have been the cherry on top. Great job as usual!
Not to get on the bash Fetzer bandwagon again, but seeing he had guest as Russ Winter, i figured i give it a chance. Same ole same ole. Why cant he understand that listening to him reading articles over and over is like nails on a chalkboard.He never learns. It too 7:00 minutes before his guests even had a chance to talk.
Jim said,(paraphrase) he finally thinks its all been about bringing the JewSA down. Duhhhh. Earth calling Dr. Fetzer
Still think he gets lifetiime exemption since i think he really does care and has been a pioneer in alt Media. I could be wrong

inthemix16 said...

Everyone should give kudos to Scorpio. Hes one of the very few that understands interest rates are ground zero. To take it a step further, never in history that i understand, interest rates were only raised when the economy was truly hot. Raise interest rates because ((they))) create the problem is criminal at very least. If one can recall the internet boom, the not so Fed Reserve raised interest rates without even pondering.. While the boom was fake also at least the "market" was somewhat organic, not algos with trillions in dollars printed out of nowhere.
Said it before say it again. The ,cough cough, market IS NOT a casino. Stop using that already !! Casino implies at least some risk. When you have trillions in fake money and algos totally running the show, it is NOT a casino but broad daylight theft !!
The algo is simple. If CEO = Hyme Yickman then ramp and camp their share value, else
No profit necessary starting with Scamazon as example
George Hobbs seems like an excellent addition though it does seem like hes been given the Jew Peters treatment. Im sure ya get my drift ;)

Just be warned of his call in shows. .It seems his followers are quite different than say, a Perfect Triangle show.

Maybe George understands hes the new kid on da block but eventually i hope he gets a little quicker with some callers. Sat i had to listen to some woman , who sounded like she took a bit too much xanax,ramble for 20 minutes. It was too painful I had to press PAUSE..Myre, Mir, i cant spell her name..Although i think you really are Kay Griggs, i think you called in and brought some sense to that show. God bless ya. Your a rock star!
George needs to get a little quicker with that drop button.
Im elated Speakfree proved me wrong. Seems like an excellent platform . But why no things like an ACH or NoAgenda replay? Youd think Paul English would get a break from ACH for all the years he made those 2 "must listen"
I dont know what the criteria is to get on the SF archives but if its naming the Synagogue of Satan , i can think of a few shows that fit the criteria...Brother Nathaniel, Ted and Austin Broer, RedIce , Voxx to name a few.. I understand maybe its based in the UK and there are many risks but it baffles me why there arent more shows to be archived with some type of partnership.
BTW Zeppie. Yes. Get BN on your show if you can. Never understand why he just keeps to himself. ie. very few interviews. Although he can be a bit of a red ass.
Really think the KGB show has a very high upside. Great combo.imho Gaddy offsets some of John's historical weak underbelly . I stress "sometimes"... another one with a lifetime exemption
Funny i see Volt's Makow post. Once i emailed Makow and asked him "what ever happened to Scottie Spencer aka "Smoloko" ??? (THE pioneer of meme to tell a story) His answer was "hes taking a long break" Yea. Like a permanent one. I doubt that dude is even alive now.. My did that dude ruffle a few feathers like nobody ever did. One can still find him on archive.org Its worth all the time it takes. I heard rumor Makow and Spencer saw very different on Holocaust. I dont trust Makow as far as i can throw him. Maybe Spencer was a PSYOP? Speaking of .. why dont we hear what Piezick thinks these days? Huh Alex? I still based on what Makow wrote of his life story , ill take him over Makow anyday.
Keep up the great work all !

inthemix16 said...

...Speaking of Bro Nat...hate to be the king of redundancy here ..Keeping in mind this days potential unconstitutional "laws" potentially being put in place, do think its important to reiterate one of Bro Nat's most epic , must view videos . I keep the message here in the back of my mind all the time. Although not a owner myself, sometimes i wish i had . Me such a pussy..So Israel gets to arm itself to the teeth against bottle rocket armed Palestinians , whle the "goys with their guns" are being disarmed. Makes sense eh Chuckie Joomer ?

Jews Lead Gun Control Charge


and to think i believe this vid was originally done in 2013

Albert said...

@ inthemix16

:-) :-) :-)