July 23, 2022

Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns - Anti-Agenda Protest In Solidarity With Dutch Farmers - Dennis Wise & Dave Gahary on Jewish Supremacism - Yukon Jack's Fiery Dream - SonOfEnos, Jon Rappoport, Evolutionary Energy Arts - Flashback to July 24 2021 Protests

Painting by Adolf Hitler

 All ACROSS The World Freedom Rally July 24th 2021
Hugo Talks
Flashback to a year ago

Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns, Social Distancing
2nd Smartest Guy in the World – July 21, 2022
By Tyler Durden


William Repillem is joined by Dave Gahary and Dennis Wise – creator of Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told – to discuss the history of Jewish Supremacism

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Paintings by Adolf Hitler: 40 Rarely Seen Artworks Painted by the Führer From the 1910s


The Worldwide Revolt is really picking up steam and spreading like wildfire around the world. Canada's Farmers are preparing themselves as we speak, uniting with Truckers and Patriots, they're getting ready for the FINAL STAND.

The covid slave mask's true purpose is far more sinister than most people know. Watch to learn the true effect that wearing a mask for 2-years will most certainly have. It's insidious, and the consequences of mask wearing are now starting to become evident.

 - Kenan, SonOfEnos


 Their latest video:
Donald Trump talks science with me
Jon Rappoport

I caught up with Trump as he was leaving the 18th hole at Doral, after six-putting the green. We sat down in the shade of an apple tree and spoke about Warp Speed and the COVID vaccine…

Donald, you’re aware the federal database lists 1.3 million vaccine injuries?

The federal what?


Who runs that? CNN?

So you think the vaccine is safe?

Of course.


Because I created the Warp Speed program.

If you did it, it has to be good.

Isn’t that what I just said?

The business of America is business.

I’m the economy President, yes.

What about all the reports of miscarriages and now the study documenting declining sperm counts---in vaccinated persons?

I haven’t heard anything about that. Look, these people at Pfizer and Moderna are great. Great people produce great products.

So it’s a great situation.

You have nothing to apologize for.

I saved the country with Warp Speed. No one gives me credit for that.

In early 2020, you stepped aside and let Fauci take over.

I didn’t do anything of the kind. We had alarming predictions of COVID deaths from that guy in England, so we needed the lockdowns.

That guy, Neil Ferguson, has a horrendous track record of failed predictions.



Because I relied on him. If I rely on somebody, he’s great.

By definition?

It’s a fact. You can check it out.

You relied on Fauci.

He eventually betrayed me. He was great when I said he was great. But then he turned into an asshole.

Have you seen the studies showing the lockdowns were a failure? Plus they crashed the economy, and you were the economy President.

The economy never crashed. It paused.
And there were huge numbers of business failures and bankruptcies and ruined lives.
Those were PAUSES.

You stood by and did nothing while the economy crashed.

You’re spreading misinformation. Do you work for MSNBC?


Did Biden send you to interview me?


You just showed up with this bullshit scenario, and you want to blame me?

I want you to admit your responsibility and your failures.

That’ll never happen, pal.

Why not?

Because I make America great.

I’m showing you where you didn’t. You did the opposite.

Hillary sent you, right?


Well, somebody did.

Donald, have you ever read a medical study?

Why would I? I had people who did that for me.

Like Fauci?

Why do you keep bringing him up? I already explained what happened there.

The vaccine isn’t great. It’s a disaster. The people at Pfizer and Moderna aren’t great. They’re criminals.



Just like I said, if I say people are great, they ARE great.

Where did you get that absolute power?

From making deals in the business world.

You learned the power of telling a bullshit story?

You judge a story by the results it brings.

And if you don’t like the results, you just call them great.

You’re twisting my words.

No. You’re defining yourself as a man who never causes a catastrophe.

Did Chuck Schumer send you here?


Then why are you attacking me?

I just want you to admit the truth.

Let me tell you something, pal. The truth is overrated.

How so?

Strategy is much more important.

So if you make strategic moves and they fail, what do you do then?

Make more moves. What you did in the past is gone. You move on.

I see. So maybe you HAVE had failures.

Me? I’ve never failed. I’ve only PAUSED.

OK. Horrible destructive vaccine, horrible destruction of the economy, and you had nothing to do with any of it.

Lies, all lies.

Donald Trump talks science with me
Jon Rappoport


Mirror Mirror Oh my God!
What is this beast that looks so odd?!!
The implications of Biden being crazy
Think it through

Jon Rappoport

 All ACROSS The World Freedom Rally July 24th 2021
Hugo Talks
Flashback to a year ago


According to Waters, Birx “admitted to making things up,” adding that she and Fauci “were lying to the president and to the American people about their COVID protocols.”

With the first lie; ’15 days to stop the spread’ – Birx writes “No sooner had we convinced the Trump administration to implement our version of the two-week shutdown than I was trying to figure out how to extend it.”



  1. This is damming evidence not just against Trump, that self-declared “Father of the Waaxeenes” and “Savior of Humanity”, but it is also very embarrassing for those who’ve been repeatedly saying that “it’s ruse from him and his secret friends known as the “White Knickers” that Trump is using, not raise suspicions and act with stealth, blah, blah, blah…”
    They can’t have it both ways; either he knew everything, which confirms that he is an integral part of the Jewish Fucking Cabal working hard to get rid of us all “Useless eaters”, or he hasn’t got a fucking clue of what’s gong on around him as President, in which case it makes him worse than senile Paedo-Satanist Bidon (sounds better than Biden).

  2. The thing that was initially most annoying about Birx was her neck gear. It was as if attention was being deliberately drawn to her neck. I wonder if there is any symbolism in that, you cancerous phucking witch.


So innocent trump … was misled by birx’s little mistakes

Now trump is leading the military in undergroud bunker , they arrested the pizzagate pedophiles and birx has actually been already excuted afters secret court in a secret place guantanamo bay, her body was burned and ashes thrown to sea

trust the plan

Donnatello on July 23, 2022 at 12:20 pm

One more to the list of those who should be executed by the military of this nation.

What are the FBI (Feral Badgers of Infestigation) going to do about these mass murdering criminals of astronomical proportions?

And what are all these police “men”, judges (“justices”…?!!!!), lawyers (liars), (in)justice departments and District Atturkeys going to do about this?


Let me know when you have news pertaining to victims of Sudden Asshole Demise Syndrome…

Exposing high-level criminality, corruption and insanity has become an addiction for many (including myself) but this can’t go on forever! The strident WEF-financed puppets, muppets and strumpets need to be shoved off the stage with severe prejudice and hauled off to prison where they can plea bargain with Umbra Bellator.

My two toonies.

  1. So presumably this megalomaniac and vile harridan will be severely punished.. (unlikely unless meted out by a citizen)..

    As she waffles she drops in the obligatory propaganda to bolster the existence of the imaginary ‘virus’… to differentiate of course.. adding a little meat to thin gruel…

    but then confesses that her protocols were pulled out of her ear and that dopey the dwarfs arse…

    Deary me.. dear..dear..

    Wait until they start laughing about giving you all cancer with their quackcines and sterilising your children… bemoaning the fact they didn’t get enough of you… and that they knew all along they were lethal…

    and writing a book about it…

    NB: it’s more than likely that this imbeciles marching orders came out of lmperial College..


After following (at least) 3000 years of Science and Sci-Fi precedents, my prescription for Fauci and Co. is a wooden stake and salt.


  1. @O

    About those scarves. They use unusual scarves, glasses, ear rings, hats, lipsticks, hair styles/colors, jerseys, cosmetics, plastic surgery, mannerisms, fake accents, name changes, fake ethnic backgrounds and fake religious affiliations to pretend that they’re not Jewish. Like the rest of them, Deborah Birx and her husband are Jewish and they know some of us can see through the layers of camouflage. To give but one example of those involved, Bill Gates Senior converted from Judaism to Congregationalism because all of them in banking and funding/promoting abortion/population reduction in white nations are Jewish. They changed the name from Goetz to Gates. Margaret Sanger and her husband were Jewish; they wanted to sterilize Catholics but you don’t hear much about that one, do you? You hear about the blacks and invalids but if they tell you about what they wanted to do to Catholics you will put it together and realize they want all whites dead. Remember how they made it all about the ‘Nazis’ and then they took off the mask and they want us all dead. Pure white people that is; if you are Jewish you get a pass. Once Christians have all been decapitated and the rest euthanized it will be paradise for them.

    Bill Gates jr. converted to Catholicism just like Tony Blair and Laura Southern and Owen Benjamin and so many other Jews in the ‘alt-right’. They do it because once you start looking into the backgrounds of just about anyone in MSM, government and ‘on the internet’ you see that none of them are actually Christian and every one of them are shameless grifters. They despise Christians and wish to protect Jews from the the so-called antisemites under the banner of a ‘level headed gentile’. The dim witted Owen Benjamin fumbling about with the Trinity looks like a monkey trying to fix a Rolex watch. He is like a Down Syndrome looking through the stained glass window of a Cathedral at The Asperges and Vidi Aquam. ‘Something is happening here, but what it is, isn’t exactly clear’. Then there is the Jew twerp Adam Green larping as a Viking and insisting that the obvious metaphors used in the teaching of parables must be taken literally. They are on the side of the rabbis, they want to decapitate Christians as idol worshipers. They are intellectually sterile and drip with hate. They are lying machines and there are ten times as many as they admit; they deliberately conceal their true numbers and they have large families while telling us to abort or breed with colored savages. For example, PM Boris Johnson who trained to be a rabbi is said to have nine children. If he became a rabbi he would probably have twelve.

    Every single aspect of Covid19 is a fraud committed by Jews and they know it. They want us dead, but for the cameras they have to pretend they are gentiles. The Judas goats putting on the face mask, hiding the hexagram and taking off the kippa when the lights come on. They are all murderers, thieves, liars swindlers and perverts telling us their intentions are good.

    Take a look at Deborah Birx and her husband: https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Finvestmentguru.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2021%2F02%2FDeborah-Birx-Paige-Reffe-min.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

  2. Maybe I’m too optimistic but I see here, and at other sites, more and more comments from people who are J-wise. Maybe the tide is turning. I hope so, for our future.

  3. “Margaret Sanger and her husband were Jewish; they wanted to sterilize Catholics but you don’t hear much about that one, do you? You hear about the blacks and invalids but if they tell you about what they wanted to do to Catholics you will put it together and realize they want all whites dead.”

    Hey catholics, did you follow the instrictions from the pope? I mean the command to take the jab came from the holy see. Now it is your time to take booster, it is also recommended by the pope.

    For surely, you want to protect your neighbour from a deadly disease

  4. @ Bob Smith

    Epic rant dude . Spot on – crypto operatives everywhere. Dr. Fausti , the demonic dwarf is another.

  5. Voltman, you brilliant chap, reeking putrid shit-stains on the fabric of humanity such as Birx and Fauxci can plea bargain until their throats are raw, but the best deal they would get from me is that satanic harpy would get a rabid porcupine shoved up her twat while she is slowly strangled with one of her own scarves. While Fauxci, that sniveling loathsome psychopath, would have his tongue ripped out with pliers and stuffed up his own ass, literally have the piss beaten out of him resulting in several broken ribs and a shattered jaw, receive 30 injections of the toxic sludge Jew jab all at once, get stuffed into a small cage, then be forced to watch as his entire family was raped by baboons then fed into wood-chippers. Anything more forgiving than that would be an egregious injustice to mankind.

  6. Hmmm . . . I wonder how long it will be before something “suddenly and unexpectedly” happens to Dr. Birx.
    @Umbra Bellator: Don’t hold back sir – tell us how you REALLY feel!

For the rest of the story:
Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns, Social Distancing
2nd Smartest Guy in the World – July 21, 2022
By Tyler Durden


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I'm just Beginning to Listen-to: the Latest Scorpio Show :-)


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Scorpio: "... "Intimate" Male-on-Male-contact .... is Easy to AVOID ..."

(((homo))): "..... butt, butt .... poopy-butt-holes ... are IRRESISTIBLE !!!" :-o


A jew, a homo, and a ni88er .... walk into a Bar ....

and AOC says: I'm a 'better'-Looking-Tranny than Big-Mike ... don't you Think: Barry?!


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It reminds me of my birth in Treblinka, from which I escaped at the age of 3 years by using my pacifier to hold my breath for 68 minutes while all around me gas was filling the lungs of thousands of eternally persecuted chosen people until I could crawl out from under the wooden door, unseen by the ferocious Nazi guards, 600 of them, who were masturbating furiously while watching giant imperial eagles strip the emaciated bodies of flesh, leaving only bones, bones, bones, the bones which i wish to forget but they will forever remain real in my mind.