November 26, 2022





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Dr. OriGinal Larry said...

Thanks, Noor
I always look forward to weekends on Mami's

Albert said...

This talk has a NICE mixture! :-)

"Enochered" + George Lincoln Rockwell :-)

ruxpert said...

Apollo 11 ?
Rammstein - Amerika

Albert said...

This is from Nov-5th

Alfred Monika + Giuseppe ...

Later, when Asked about: "magic-negros" Monika is NOT going to be Doing: ANY Arse-Licking !!! :-) :-) :-)

Alfred past-halfway was Describing how the jews Bring OUR-Civilized-Societies DOWN to the BASEST-"Instinctual"/Nature-Motivation-Levels ...

and Monika disagrees with this wording ... EXPLAINING: That: NATURE has Creatures: Male + Female HEALTHILY: Having Lots of CHealthy-Children-(Offspring) ... and yet, jews have OUR Little-Children: Having their reproductive-Parts CHOPPED-OFF !!! :-o

Alfred has Used: the Mumma-Grizzley-Bear Analogy a few times,... and I LIKE it too!

He explains How: Even with-HARMLESS/Good-Intentions .... YOU even Go-NEAR Her-Precious-Babies .... and She will RIP-YOU-to-Pieces !!! :-o

--> And jews, CLEAR-to-EVERYONE Nowadays .... CERTAINLY: Have NO Actually-GOOD-Intentions !!! :-o

(Despite (((them))) "cleverly" CLAIMING: to be [(((TRYING))) to] "Fixing-the-World" !!!)

Albert said...

HERE is a Lincoln-Rockwell Talk from 1965 :-)

Albert said...

The Limeys ...

I Listened-to: the first-HOUR of: (Friday's)-Tex-Marrs .... but it "pushed" MY-"Buttons" in soooo many ways !!! :-o ;-)

I am coming to THINK: that there is SO-Much "Interpretation" involved in "Christianity" .... "Hebrew" /"Obrey" to Aramaic to Greek to Latin to Older-English, to "Modern"-English .....

In the Very-INTERESTING: Benjamin-Freedman Talk (from the 70s, NOT: the Willard-Hotel-LP) HE explained that the "clever"-TERM: "jew" ONLY APPEARED: 200-Years-Ago, in English-Dictionaries !!! :-o
(INRI: "Jesus the Nazarean, 'Leader'/KING: of the JUDEANS")

---> Sooooo many Folks ... DON'T even SERIOUSLY-Confront: WHETHER: "jews" are even ANYTHING-to-do-with: "Hebrews" "Judeans" etc!

-----> A VERY "Crucial" POINT !!! :-o


Albert said...

I am 1 hour into This:

... it seems Very Interesting indeed! :-)

Albert said...


Panzerfaust said...

George Lincoln Rockwell and Frank Collins were straight out of ADL.Studios central casting

Panzerfaust said...

I'm with the sportsball Jew right here. The damn handegg superstar nigger can't follow instructions on a damn plane because he can't be bothered costing other passengers and the airline delays and money but HELL NAW DAT'S CRAZY HE DINDU NUFFIN BRUTHER WAS JUST TIRED

Sean said...

Geez panz- why did you make me watch that shit. What an annoying bunch of diversity hires!

Panzerfaust said...

I literally told you who and what but you watched anyway.

Panzerfaust said...

Jews are the real racist.
Jimmy The Greek on black athletes

Albert said...

"Bitches be Craaazy!"

I got to Talking with an Italian Guy (Who STILL had: Quite a Strong-Accent!), in the Store, the other day ...

It turns out: that he has worked in the Family: Organic-Food Business, "Made the Traditional Way" ... for Ages!

He has Run: the Old: De-Stemmer-Machine: for decades, and nobody else can even Keep it Working! ;-)

... So He has ended-up being Paid: A Good-Chunk: of All of the Profits in Stocks etc, in addition to: Great-Wages!

And, he was saying: that He was a GREAT Cook Too ... as Especially HE: Had MASTERED all of the Great: Family-Recipes, from their 'Nanna'!

... So I said: "Wow! -- Italian, a Great Cook, Loaded, ...... YOU must have a BIG Family!?" ;-)

and He (I-G) said: "Yes! ..... At Thanksgiving, it GETS: really-Packed !!!" ;-)

So I clarified things: By asking: "No, I meant: YOU must have a Large-Family!"

... and, he frowned, and said (I-G): "I've Never had any 'Luck' with Women!"

-- "What!, did Your Wife DIVORCE You and TRY: To Take: ALL of Your Money!?"

I-G: "No. I never even Got as Far as Marriage! ... the Only 'women' who I ever went-out-with, really, were crazy-sex-fiend-jewesses !!!
-- and, My Family would never Allow Me: to actually Marry, any of Them! ... thank Goodness!"

-- "What, do you have "a thing" for: crazy-sex-mad-jewesses, or something?!"

I-G: "No NO! -- Not at all! -- Far from it !!!" :-o
-- It's just that NO other women, ever seemed to be even INTERESTED in Me!"

-- "That is very Strange indeed! -- The "Manosphere"-Guys ALL Say: that virtually the ONLY thing: that women are even Really Interested in, is MONEY! -- And You aren't Short of THAT!" ;-)

I-G: "Yes! -- I "get" that ;-) ... it's just that most women start-out Asking: Quite-Soon: "What do You, DO, for a Living .....?"
-- And for some-reason: Whenever I would even START: Telling them about: MY-job ..... they: Almost Couldn't get-Away from ME: FAST-enough! :-o
-- I even TRIED for Some Years: To LIE about My Work! ... but, as soon as they Found-Out, in-round-about-ways ..... They were "Out-of-Here" ... like I had the Plague, or something!" :-o

"I find it Hard to understand WHY: Running a De-Stemmer, the Heart: Of a VERY Successful: Family-Owned: Organic-Italian-Food Company (worth: $Millions!):
--> Would in Any way: DRIVE the women Away!?
-- And, I don't even See: WHY You would need to LIE about such, either!?" :-o

I-G: "Yes! -- I 100% AGREE with You, there! :-o
-- I'm PROUD to BE: a STALKER !!! ... -- Screw them Crazy-Bitches!" :-o


Panzerfaust said...

Monkeydunk kang Lebron James wanna know why dey lynch Kyrie but no one talk about Klansman Jerry Jones keeping black chilren from skool