December 01, 2022

Is Fauci Not Going To Jail?! Vaxxie Vaxxie & Fear in a Handful of Dust By Dr. Graham Lyons, RFK Jr., Redacted


Vaxxie Vaxxie
By Dr Graham Lyons
* Suggested by Albert *
Fear in a Handful of Dust
by Dr Graham Lyons
 * Suggested by Albert *


Redacted with Clayton Morris

Redacted News Published November 28, 2022
"Dr. Fauci is worried about the investigations of Covid origins being too political. Too political eh? He says that the data shows that Covid was caused naturally. In a deposition for the lawsuit brought by the Attorneys General in Missouri and Louisiana, he said that he was inspired by China to suggest lockdowns. He said a lot of other frustrating things too! We go over it."


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From Albert:
Vaxxie Vaxxie
By Dr Graham Lyons
October 2022
Vaxxie, vaxxie, so obsessed
Wore your mask and took your tests
Still got Covid, every strain
Spike proteins inside your brain.
Short of breath at 24
"Dr Fauci, gimme more!"
Proteins tangle and misfold,
Amyloidosis taking hold.
Swollen heart at 25,
"Thank Moderna I'm alive!"
There's no cure for microclot,
Getting worse with every shot.
Heart attack at 26,
Prayed to Pfizer for a fix.
Vaxxie, vaxxie, death is lurking,
Doctor says "That means it's working."
Died of SADS at 27,
All good vaxxies go to heaven.
Obituary headline noted
"Anti-Vaxxer dies of Covid."
His family is quite upset,
But they're alive, at least on net
And, they say, "It's for the better,
"Without the vax "he would be deader." 
Fear in a Handful of Dust
A Nice Video by Dr Graham Lyons
 * Suggested by Albert *

Sam wrote:

It’s took only two years to get where our so-called “Brightest and Best” have arrived at as the truth. And these “brightest and best” will now be bragging that they were never fooled; they always doubted the “science” of Fauci”.

Fred B wrote:
The conservative Americans who are against the Covid vaccines will use Fauci and China in the blame game and in the process make any excuse to support Trump while ignoring the elephant in the room.

“The Donald” – see, their only hope. Any excuse for “the Donald”. There you go, the richest nation in the world cannot find and elect anyone to lead their nation with any more integrity than the Clinton, Bush, Obama, Biden or Trump liars and crooks. 

URGENT: Daniel Horowitz shared this from Dr. Lxx Fxx as to usual practice in hospitals when our parent, grand-parent, you, anyone, based on hospital 'COVID Protocol' to collect $500,000 per patient.

$500,000 per COVIDized patient & thus the COVID Protocol to ensure they collected for each patient; this is why I have called for CEOs, Fauci, Birx, Bancel, Bourla, Francis Collins, all, to be JAILED!

2nd Smartest Guy in the World
By Dr. Paul Alexander

You literally must do a rescue, an intervention, you got to rescue your family out of the hospital, they will be sucked into the ‘black hole’…if you do not, they will die there.
The Wuhan Bat

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