December 04, 2022

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Podcast #75

Ever since Agustin Carstens publicly confessed in October 2020 to lusting for the day when “central banks will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of” CBDC, BestEvidence has waited in vain for someone to credibly challenge him for the title of Scariest Fascist on Earth.

Yes, Carstens is the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements, which carries… well, it carries a lot of weight regardless of who holds that powerful global position. And yes, short of playing video clips of a wheelchair-bound Peter Sellers from Dr. Srangelove, it was going to be hard to top Carstens’ open yearning for global totalitarianism.

BestEvidence knew that much two years ago when Carstens let it all hang out. But we’re talking about central banking bureaucrats, damnit. Surely someone in a position of power, somewhere, we thought, would show his or her ass at a conference.

Well, finally, with less than a week to go before the two-year anniversary of Carstens’s CBDC True Brownshirt Confession arrived, a credible challenger indeed emerged at a CBDC seminar hosted by the International Monetary Fund.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Bo Li, Deputy General Manager of the IMF. As you are about to see, Mr. Li—or R/Bo D/bo as he’s known throughout BestEvidence Laboratories, because that’s the only way we’ve found to cope with Bo’s clinical creepiness—‘fessed up to a monetary control fetish of the most disturbing sort.

R/Bo also drops some pretty big hints as to how central bankers plan on ensuring the widest possible usage of CBDC, even on those segments of the population that may be unwilling to go along.

Along the way, we reveal the sinister intent behind the central bankers’ happy-face “Inclusion” campaign directed at credulous FaceBook addicts.

Amanda said...

    Latest from John Titus/Best Evidence:
    talked about this guy (another hero we don't know about b/c he exposed the banksters):

Published November 19, 2022
Subjects Covered:
U.S. army getting vaxxed 2 arms at a time.

Political Theater - Around the world in lockstep

Digital Control System being installed behind our backs

Bull Gates "gives" 1.26 $Billion towards Digital Identity

Deltacron variant - Keeping us busy exposing THEM

A License to live - Crash crypto, then bring in digital dollar

Katie the Hobbit Hobbs backed by Sorass
Creepazoids & Woke Freakazoids

The Mark of The Priest: Media Silence regarding Vaxx passports

Blaming Russia no matter what - FTX Secret Backdoor no longer secret

All Banks are doing the same thing as Sam Bankman

Crypto Exchange & Political Dough Nations - Bankman

The theme song for Batman needs to be rewritten: Bankman...Bankman...Bankman.

More stolen money to fund depopulation plans

They need ever bigger distractions: a fake alien invasion?

Pilots are seeing strange things...unusual things...orbiting, pulsating lights in the sky at 100,000 feet

Con-gress holds first hearing on UFO's in decades - Fox Jews

Media silence regarding quaxxine deaths

Trudope ecstatic about Moderna plant being built for 2024

Live from Sharm-el-Sheik,  the new punk group: Dope Francis & The Ten Commandments

Poop Francis calls for climate repentance for climate sins and future climate justice (No mention of punishing the chemtrailers)

Carbon allowance system & the worldwide religion

Carbon footprint trackers are coming
And much less....

CBDC's: Programmable Money
Programmable Economic Collapse?
Bezos says save your money
Depression Looming
Cyber Attacks To Be Blamed on Russians and Aliens

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 Friday, November 25th, 2022

Join David Hawkins and Christopher James for high level AI discussions that our fellow man is simply not aware.
David Hawkins Website and

Here below my current tweet and Twitter profile from to show you how Reverse CSI documentaries can break up the world's fake-news cycles and start us on a journey of discovery that we should be making together.

Tweet sent 4:54 PM November 24, 2022 ""Is Musk liable for deaths due to a combat-sportsbook program of AI body-count games? Did he silence witnesses after Trudeau enforcers raided Starnet's 'hardcore' Vancouver HQ? Did Serco use US6166679A, US9498694B2, US8088000B and US10000000B2 patents to hide WTC murders on 9/11?"

Profile: "Tracked Musk through narratives linking combat-sportsbook patents & Trudeau's Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) to AI bet-fixing body-counting games"

We will address the powerful AI on the loose worldwide that is affecting and infecting our world today on ever level. We together are going to change this for our world. Knowledge & Truth Is Our Armor

Christopher James website:

* Suggested by inthemix16 *

Major Offensive in Five Weeks
Douglas MacGregor – YouTube Nov 30, 2022
342 Comments - Dec. 4

"My German sweetie and I discuss current events, they may have won the battle, and they may cause a lot more damage, but in the end, all their evil schemes to rule the world will come crashing down around them, and those of us still alive, can have a good laugh."
Go Ahead, make my day!

"My German sweetie and I discuss current events, they may have won the battle, and they may cause a lot more damage, but in the end, all their evil schemes to rule the world will come crashing down around them, and those of us still alive, can have a good laugh."



ruxpert said...

Scott Ritter - Lies and deception about THE conflict

No, Putin Did Not Start the War in Ukraine
Mike Whitney • December 2, 2022 • 258 Comments

The death of Ukraine - Ritter

Amanda said...

fwiw-seems like lots of truther scandals going on out there...

Apparently, America's Frontline Doctors is accusing Dr. Simone Gold of stealing funds and buying million dollar properties (they apparently did a forensic audit while she was locked up for a couple of months and discovered lots of problems). More here:
I was always suspicious of Dr. Gold showing up on the scene (just lessons learned from the 9/11 truther movement and all the jews that popped up)

As for the German Corona Committee, Dr Reiner Fuelmich accused of stealing millions (I've been wondering about him--when he first came on the scene, he seemed to be saying the he was going to launch a lawsuit, but I'm not aware of any that actually happened, just lots of interviews):
September 21, 2022 – Bright Light News: Reiner Fuellmich Responds to €1.35 Million Theft Allegation From Corona Committee – Reiner Fuellmich left the highly visible and influential Corona Investigative Committee under controversial circumstances, having been accused by founder Viviane Fischer of stealing €1.35 million. Fuellmich responds – WATCH
Viviane Fischer allegations – WATCH

Psychiatrist Dr Peter Breggin calls BS on Dr. Mattias Desmet "Mass formation psychosis" (apparently Desmet denies there is a conspiracy against humanity) and also questions whether Dr. Robert Malone is a deep state plant:
And now Dr. Malone is suing Dr. Breggin for $25 million:

Amanda said...

From Fetzer's bitchute:
Your Digital Prison Has Been Constructed - Aman Jabbi with Maria Zeee

ruxpert said...

Entropy is a powerful force!
quickly kills the feeble meme

The Neurosis of misdirection & fractured identity
& weakness which results from lack of conceptual
clarity tends to spread its cancerous mendacity ;-)

Towers of Babble
The freaks and geeks in the 9/11 Truth movement are on to something-they
just don't know what (something they are unwilling to know/embrace themselves?)

the occupants :: hindsight

Focus Unite Our Mighty Might!


ruxpert said...

Twitter execs colluded with FBI in intel operation documents reveal | Redacted


From: The Greanville Post
Date: 12/05/2022 3:15 PM
Twittergate is here. Now the bottom falls off.
Can US democracy survive free speech?

ruxpert said...

European Union Parliament - Clare Daly speech

Clare Daly re: Elite Terrorist/Hypocrite Extremists!

ruxpert said...

22.11.23 Clare Daly Euro Union Parliament