December 03, 2022

The China Crisis - Is Xi Being Framed? - Mike King, Joe Imbriano, Redacted, Brad Salzburg, Clyde Do Something

Mike King
 ( The Invisible Critic )
Mike King Presents:
The Anti-New York Times
"We read and rebut their vile crap so you won't have to!"
Over the course of the past several days, the "paper of record" -- dutifully followed by all the rest of the howling hyenas of "mainstream media" -- have gone into sympathetic surround-sound mode over the "spontaneous protests" said to be engulfing China. Not including this Guest Essay penned by Wu Qiang (more on this POS, later on) -- Slimes propaganda operatives have crapped out no less than 18 other pieces on this event over the course of just the past 6 days -- 16 (and counting) of which over just the past 3 days alone.

What's happening in China is just the latest feeble attempt by the corrupt anti-Xi, coastal establishment "Shanghai Clique" and their western Deep State allies to stage a fake "spontaneous uprising" -- aka "Color Revolution" -- with the usual corny party theme (in this case, blank sheets of white paper to symbolize "the dead"). Shanghai is in fact the "epicenter" of both the brutal Covid lockdown policies and the emerging protests.

Much like US or Brazilian governors acting on their own during the height of the Stupid-19 lockdowns and mandates, the regional Shanghai-connected bosses throughout China imposed some horrible restrictions on their own initiative. The purpose is to incite a rebellion which they hope to steer into the overthrow of Trump's powerful ally, the "authoritarian" ™ Xi Jinping. See the trick? It won't work of course, but hopefully more of China's traitors will be smoked out and rounded up by Xi's White Hats, as was the case after the "spontaneous" uprising in since-pacified Hong Kong -- the "Umbrella Revolution" (rolling eyes).

The English-language, Hong-Kong-based, South China Morning Post (Deep State) -- a publication owned by the Chinese giant Alibaba Group -- did a puff piece on this character. Alibaba, for your information, is a tech & retail conglomerate co-founded and formerly chaired by the exiled anti-Xi billionaire and darling of the western media, Jack Ma.

From that piece:

"In a small, book-strewn flat in Beijing’s outskirts lives one of the last Chinese academics who refuses to be silenced by the ruling Communist Party’s relentless crackdown on intellectuals.

Wu Qiang, 50, once had an enviable career as a political science lecturer at the elite Tsinghua University. But he was dismissed in 2015 after conducting fieldwork at the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong a year earlier." (emphasis added)

Puffed up by Jack Ma's henchmen --- "academic"  -- "intellectual" -- "political scientist" -- "elite university" -- "Hong Kong movement" and NY Times approved. Case closed.

Go Xi!


1. Soros and the Globalists hate Xi -- whose pro-business, pro-tradition / culture, anti-corruption positions are actually "Fascist" (which is good)-- not "Communist." // 2. Xi's boys have gained the upper hand over the Shanghai Gang and also put the hard core Marxist Maoists out of the political business almost entirely.

For the rest of Mike King's article:
Edward Hendrie

As of July 28, 2022, there have been more adverse event reports in VAERS for the COVID-19 vaccines than all other 70+ other vaccines combined during the entire 32 year history of the VAERS database. Of the total 2.2 million adverse event reports in VAERS over the last 32 years, 1.3 million of those reports were for adverse events from the COVID-19 vaccines in the past 19 months. The Expose reported that "[t]he UK Medicine Regulator has confirmed that over a period of nineteen months the Covid-19 Vaccines have caused at least 5.5x as many deaths as all other available vaccines combined in the past 21 years." When measuring the lethality of the COVID-19 vaccines side-by-side over the same 19 month period, it was found that the COVID-19 vaccine caused 7,402% (75x) more deaths than all other vaccines combined during that 19 month period.

Redacted with Clayton Morris

"From time to time there shall be artificially contrived food and water shortages and medical care to remind the masses that their very existence depends on the goodwill of the Committee of 300."


Trudeau Supports Protests Against Covid Lockdowns IN CHINA
Clyde Do Something
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Jim Dent
Does he support their use of weapons too?  
Jarl of Swot
How utterly ironic. His boss Xi will be extra angry with the little hairball now.

Nelio Anderson
He also supported farmers protests in India even when they employed violence.

The Cat Came Back
Trudeau joins Canada-wide protests against Iranian regime. Oct 31, 2022. Trudeau led hundreds of protesters in a march between Ottawa and Gatineau, Que. Trudy joined in chanting "justice in Iran" and "stop killing in Iran...Does Trudy think we won't see this??!!

Mowgli Baloo
Is it still the government he most admires? 
keh depermit203477:

When asked which country he most admires, President Xi stated: "Trudeau's Canada, for their basic dictatorship." 

chet lilley
Yup! China's check must have bounced!

Brad Salzburg---Trudeau Government Partner With WEF For China-Style Social Credit System

"The fact that WEF is using China as a shining example of why Digital IDs work should worry anyone who cherishes the idea of freedom."

Digital IDs are closely associated with Social Credit systems. When one reads the words 'social credit system,' their mind automatically jumps to communist China, where 1.4 billion people are constantly monitored and graded."

"Those who fall short are banned from booking flights and enrolling their children in certain schools. They become prisoners, unable to relocate elsewhere, and unable to give their children a better life."

Has government not already established a prisoner class in Canada? Sure they have-- comprised of over two million Canadians who remain un-vaxxed.

Juju Bolo


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