February 20, 2024

Guy Ritchie's The Covenant

Surprisingly for 2023 it is a decent movie but look at that "number" LOL!

33B1 equals 9 which is the "magic number". Do you guys remember that weirdo John with his annoying bitch "singing" number 9 repeatedly?

Maybe BB9 remembers all that and could explain it much better than I could ever do? LOL


decree said...

still at movies, i cant over a decade maybe anymore series movies i see conditioning and programming everywhere to the extend its really no fun to watch anything, i did beta test advertisements over a decade and im allergic vs conditoning now, ad to this the awareness what hollywood is all about, i wish i could watch a movie just for entertainment but even with old movies it does not work, i can not switch off my brain, its like watching a jewish standup comedian makign jokes about goyim, i can not laugh about this anymore.

I do the best and in the time saved for movies i just read a book or listen a good podcast.

zapoper said...

I understand perfectly what you are describing and most of what I try to watch goes in the trash bin after ten minutes because of it.

I'm sick of their ridiculous concoctions just to cram in an immense amount of agendas in tv shows and movies. At this point the social engineering is so over the top that they can't even come up with decent story telling.

The whole thing is so in your face these days that even normies see it and they call it "woke crap". lol

Noor al Haqiqa said...

For me I watch primarily historical dramas but am always aware that they are trying, in most cases, to rewrite history. When they took history out of high schools and replaced it with sex crap quite awhile ago I knew then that this was how history would be learned. Poor movies and lousy tv. Sometimes I watch regardless. But for every series I watch I do a quick research into historical accuracy first. The moment the Queen Viking comes on as a negress, the show is done as far as I am concerned.

As for tv. It is a hell hole. I look back over what we watched over the decades and see the programming deeply hidden everywhere. Of course.

The 11th Judaic law is .. thou shalt control the media.

Jumbo Patterson said...

I can think of a few exceptions, just off the top my head (there are probably a few more), but 'Idiocracy', 'They Live' and 'Soylent Green' can be viewed without reaching for the barf bag every five minutes, imo.

TV just makes me feel physically ill after a couple of minutes viewing... it goes some way to explaining why the masses are walking around in a psychotic stupor.

Jumbo Patterson said...

Some of the indy films are pretty OK... guys like Cassavetes... movies of Bukowski and Patricia Highsmith books. That sort of thing.

I think they call it the 'Art House' genre.

Jumbo Patterson said...

There are a couple of German Highsmith movies that are worth a watch. 'Die Gläserne Zelle' (1978) and 'Der Amerikanische Freund'(1977).

zapoper said...

I cant find "La Cellule en verre", "The Glass Cell" aka "Die Gläserne Zelle"

But I also enjoyed the movie "I Am Mother 2019" and considering how it ended I would have liked to have seen a sequel.

zapoper said...

BTW just from the top of my head:

Passengers 2016 and The Mule 2018 were sort of fun movies too.

Jumbo Patterson said...

I can upload a copy of The Glass Cell to a fileshare server, if you think that is safe on your blog. English subs.

zapoper said...

Do it please. I will remove the link after I'm done.

zapoper said...

BTW another one I just thought of:

The Death Of Stalin (2017)

zapoper said...

Jumbo Paterson wrote:

There you go zap... enjoy!

Thanks for the tips, I shall have my evenings entertainment sorted.

The problem I have with Ritchie's gangster films is that, while entertaining, generations of English youth tend to view them as a 'how to guide', and as a consequence, that keeps the 'justice' racket very busy indeed.

I understand what you are saying but "The covenant" is a different animal though.

Thanks for that file man.

Jumbo Patterson said...

I'll give it a watch, he is a good filmmaker, for sure.

Jumbo Patterson said...

Dostoevsky's 'The Gambler' (1997) is pretty good, as was an earlier adaptation 'The Great Sinner'(1949), starring the lovely Ava Gardner, who was apparently a Melungeon from the Appalachians, lol.

zapoper said...


zapoper said...

I just thought of Robert Redford's "All Is Lost"

No possible bullshit because there are no niggers on the boat. LOL

Great movie.

Jumbo Patterson said...

Just watched 'The Covenant'... yeah! Cracking movie, it tells a story, and I assume it is based on a true story, from the photos in the credits.

Heavily propagandised, though... the insinuation that the Taliban were running the smack, when heroin production was NATO's primary objective for being there, kinda ruins it.

Conclusion; Ritchie is definitely a wrongun', but he makes a damn good film.

zapoper said...

I get it Jumbo.