February 20, 2024

RageCast 423: NO STEP ON LEAF Raging Dissident + 2020 Repeat, Worldwide Bolshevism, Mass Layoffs, Vax Payloads - Eyes Is Watchin

Hi there. I’m a big fan. I love this show. The other night you mentioned not having any visual cues from the audience for feedback for you to measure your performance…in response to that…I watch this show whenever you broadcast because you usually have me bursting at the seams with laughter….I agree with you politically about almost everything with a few exceptions which is actually quite rare. I get that you might think we are crazy (and for good reason, I respect that. It makes sense. I get it) could you, as a man of your stature, with all respect…take a peak into the gangstalking/targeted individual situation ? I assure you this is real. I’m no professional or anything, but I am a hobbyist hypnotist  I’m no magician but I have known a few in my day and I think I have a strong grasp on the art form (albeit, not at all practical or as a performer. Theory. I understand the theory of it. Quite well I would say.) we’re not crazy. You’re a very solid dude. Please help.

Another fucking traitor in a country run by hypocritical shitheads

Here's your standard parliamentary piece of shit
Ye shall know them by their targets - Voltman's Second Theorem
Ye shall know them by their targets - Voltman's Second Theorem


zapoper said...

Every time I listen to this guy I can't help but think how talented he is. I mean he's got the gift of gab for sure.

Fast forward to 40 minutes. lol

zapoper said...

Also I'm sure that anyone listening to this in any other country can relate to what he says. It's not just a "Canadian thing".

Albert said...

It seems that David-Irving has DIED! ;-(

Some of MY: "subscriptions"-channels have Posted various Videos of His Talks over the DECADES! :-)

I Find the 80s-90s ones BETTER! ;-)

I can't recommend a Particular-Link .... because, it seems David-Irving is always a "mixed-bag" ... (and, of course "Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20!")

Even in a 1987 Talk about (((church-ill))) ... which I was finding Quite-GOOD ... HE "opined" (based on BS-"Economics"!) that FDR "may" turn-out to "BE" one-of-America's "GREATEST"-Presidents! :-o

This is one of the "things" about David-Irving ... His self-promotion and "ego", and repetitive-(because he Toured giving SIMILAR-Talks to Sell His various-Latest-BOOKS!) "oratory-Skills" ...

--> Such that HE "HAS" to HAVE: Various-"controversial-"-"NEW"-Points !!!

I CAN, however Recommend THIS Brian-Ruhe Talk:


Wherein ONE of the GREAT-Points: WHITE-Guy-former-Monk made: Was that "It is Difficult to KNOW whether various-Authors "NEW-TAKES" on "History"/Famous-Leaders ... is SINCERELY-Held, and from-"EVIDENCE" ... or "just" a way besides the TREMENDOUS-WORK: of MASSIVE-From-Fundamental-Principles-Research .....

---> Of "coming-up-with": SOMETHING COMPLETELY-NEW/DIFFERENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o

(Something which ((("publishers"))) MOST-REQUIRE of ANY "author" WANTING-to-be-Published! :-o )


Albert said...

I have been Listening-to more:

Recent Gemma O'Doherty Talks .... she MAKES things a bit "humorous" + "FUN" !!! ;-)

.... and, I am Beginning to "GET":

Some of Her: "Catholicism"-Points ..... in terms of their "Thinking-Systems"-PRACTICAL-UTILITY !!!!!!!!!! ;-)

.... A FUNDAMENTAL-REQUIREMENT of-which is: HAVING LOTS of Beautiful-WHITE-Children, and LOVINGLY-RAISING-Them-UP in Protective-FAMILIES

(+ Homogenous-Reciprocal-Communities!!!)

:-) :-) :-)

"nit-picking" various-"fine-details"/"philosophical-Differences" ...... whilst we are EXISTENTIALLY FACING: NO:FUTURE Beautiful-WHITE-Children ......

--> IS indeed the "Pinnacle" of ......... jew-"cleverly"-(((INDUCED)))-"insanity" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o :-o :-o

Albert said...

I've HEARD Giuseppe PLAY this song numerous times .......

but I really "GOT" it TODAY !!! :-o

... There are VARIOUS VIDEO-Clip Montages !!! :-) :-) :-)


LISTEN to this Wonderful Wonderful SONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:-) :-) :-)

Jumbo Patterson said...

Sad news about David Irving.

He was a true hero... who sacrificed everything for the truth... even his beloved 'nigger brown' Roller.

Gonna miss that guy.

An anecdote I like to tell is how Wiesel and Spielberg backed Lippy Lippstadt to the hilt, and won... and then parlayed their ill gotten gains onto Bernie, who Madoff with all the loot. Must have given Mr Irving a chuckle.