April 17, 2024

­čÉÉRAGECAST 444: WE SHOULDA NEVA GAVE YOU N*AS MONEY! - General Jeremy Mackenzie + Iran vows to smash Zion if... + Operation: Looking Glass: The Game Is OVER❗ + All You Need To Know About Satellite Phones! - Jimmy Dore



Iran vows to smash Zion if...
That's the way you do it.


Yes it is, you ugly and disgusting shithead!
And you ain't seen nothin' yet!

The Iranians have what it takes to flush you and your fellow narcissists down the toilet of history, and I feel fine!

Iran vows to smash Zion if...
Go Iran Go!

That's the way you do it

 May the sacrifice of Palestinians and others serve a higher purpose.


Jumbo Patterson said...

Interesting three part documentary about the Triads:


Voltman said...

About the three part documentary about the Triads:

"This program is not available in my country."

Jumbo Patterson said...

You could try a VPN, Opera browser has a free one, there are a few free VPN add-ons for Firefox as well.

Jumbo Patterson said...

It's on youtube, yay!


Voltman said...

For all three, I get:

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

zapoper said...

Try this voltman and tell me if it works on your end.


zapoper said...




Jumbo Patterson said...

I imagine a TV broadcast licence in the Land of the Fee is probably cost prohibitive for a small broadcaster whose programmes are in French or German.