May 19, 2024

Grand Conspiracy, Camel & Bunny Flu, Weather Warfare - EyesIsWatchin + Israel’s Willing Executioners - Chris Hedges



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2 years old but worth watching

David Martin joins Emily almost 18 months after their first interview on “the topic,” to clarify a few loose ends, close a few loops and open portals to new conversations.
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Topics Include:
- Decoding the message
- Financial transactions and patents
- Law change in 1980
- Tracking the cheaters
- Clearing the confusion about David’s raison d’etre
- Tuning into the frequency
- Dustin Moskovitz and Sherlock Bioscience
- A Novel Therapy
- Syncopation of events
- “I go where I’m invited.” David Martin
- War on the drug that works
- Passing the buck to the Gates’
- COVID Spit Test
- The nefarious smart phone app
- Proving purity and perfecting a remedy
- Aubrey de Grey
- The Last Breath
- Alchemizing pain
- CAR T cell therapy
- DNA is a model, it doesn’t exist. Chromosomes exist.
- Unintended consequences of snips and clips
- Meta fields
- Messing with the organic human
- State of Israel partnering with German biotech firm…what?
- Papers please?…oh yes, let’s do that
- No to GMO food but yes to GMO self? What?
- Synchronization (not synchronicity) begets militarization
- The oscillating frequency of synchronicity will break the system

Adanac said...

Debate Review: Witsit vs. Pastor Shelly w/ Owen Benjamin