May 22, 2024

🐐RAGECAST 457: IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A GANGSTER - General Jeremy MacKenzie + The Architects Of Western Decline - Mental Hygiene + The Bolshevik Revolution, Black and White - Asha Logos

Who says crime doesn't pay? Seems to be working out really well for everybody in positions of authority in Canada, at least.
Prince Charming Unveiled
Meteor over Portugal
The Bolshevik Revolution - Darkness Descends
 Sikh and Destroy
Free Whining Franklyne
Prince Charming Unveiled

As the foundational edifice our forefathers built degrades and collapses all around us, it's never been more important to both learn to discern the dark from the light, and to *find your tribe*.. to reject this powerless and passive victim mentality, as if we have no options or agency, and find ways to help create or support parallel structure - parallel culture (art, music, entertainment, literature, philosophy and ideology), parallel groups and clubs, institutions and businesses and communities.. ultimately, parallel ways of living.

Of course all such efforts start small - this is a given.
Yet, if what results becomes attractive and compelling, if we're able to gradually create alternatives that are obviously superior to the corruption and decay we're seeing and experiencing all around us, others will eventually flock to these solutions, and enthusiastically lend a hand to this creation process.

I'm of the belief (and I think I'm far from alone here) that the corruption has burrowed so deeply, and become so all-pervasive, that using our time and energy to win conventional political battles or fight the most trendy and superficial culture wars is a mistake, and a waste. when you wake to the reality that much of all we see around us is now pure theater, and essentially 'rigged', designed to distract, disorient, and dissipate vital energies, the solution isn't to continue to play theatrical games.. at some point we need to be willing to step off of this stage, leave this artifice and deception behind, and seek to create something real in its stead.

Not merely as an 'escape', but as a means to help create and cultivate healthier people, to better fight (and more clearly understand) the inevitable battles ahead. I'd suggest we're being subtly poisoned in a multitude of ways we don't yet fully recognize.. and that this poison is causing us to increasingly lead desperate and broken half-lives. We've allowed sick men to become our storytellers and narrative creators and authors of prevailing culture.. and as inevitable result, we've grown sick. Yet, none of this is irreversible.

Find those you most resonate with, form genuine bonds, and work together to create the new.. create pockets of health that might be networked and allied to create something significant.

None of this is impossible.. and the process has now already begun, in earnest - seek to play a part.

Meteor over Portugal
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The Bolshevik Revolution - Darkness Descends

Who says crime doesn't pay? Seems to be working out really well for everybody in positions of authority in Canada, at least.

Phillip grows several sizes this night as the belief he is real begins to take flight! All the while, under his guile, endless Indians put our hearts and minds on trial!

All these nonsensical rhymes and other dark mysteries of the racist universe await inside this forsaken tome of bigotry but move quickly, especially if you aren't in your vehicle as you read this because if not — statistically — Indians are stealing it.

❄️ ᚦᛖᚱᛖ•ᛁᛊ•ᚨ•ᛒᛖᛏᛏᛖᚱ•ᚹᚨᛁ

Sikh and Destroy
Jupiter, the Sun and Venus on May 12 2024

Exact Conjunction: May 23, 4:30AM EST


Voltman said...

The ultra dumb shithead called Free Whining Franklyne had to come around AGAIN and prove how much of an idiot he is. Once again, his alleged "comment" was dumped in the trash bin where it belongs. What an ignorant and spiteful piece of shit he is.

Get lost junior! This place is for adults only.

Adanac said...

Space Wars | The Final Flat Earth Experiment | World Stage News

Jake The Asshole

1:33:40 on, It's worth watching!

Jumbo Patterson said...

Bit of an Ashkenazi vibe going on with Jake, imo... he's a funny guy tho', i'll give him that.

Adanac said...

Jake looks like Maxwell Smart/Don Adams. Don Adams was born in New York, to a father of Hungarian Jewish descent, and a mother of German and Irish ancestry. So based on that you may be right! I don't know, LOL

Adanac said...

Dr. David Martin: If the WHO Pandemic Treaty Agreement Passes This Is What Happens

Adanac said...


Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Delete anything you don’t agree with “truther” the da t remains your bullshit megaposts are clogging up this site and making it difficult to find zaps stuff which is the main reason people come to this site, not your self aggrandizing crap

Adanac said...

I like Volt and his point of view is a damn site more appreciated then your crap. Besides, Volt's post don't take up room until you open them, so don't open them FF. Now move along sunshine!

Freewheeling_Franklin said...

Flat earth retard with no filter defending Doltman - makes perfect sense

Freewheeling_Franklin said...
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Adanac said...

Saying it twice doesn't make it true FF.LOL

The Globe is a lie. As I've said many times, I don't know what we live on but it's not a globe. Before we can find out where we live we have to establish the fantasy of the round globe model. Then we can start looking at the true nature of this realm. As several people have shown, when the sun is observed from different places on earth the observations are not the same and can not be triangulated. What's up with that?

Flat Earth Polaris With Shawn Hawkins

Guys like Qnfee have been saying for a few years that both the flat earth model and the globe are both wrong and there is something else going on.

This video below titled "Flat Earth 15°" illustrates the problem with both the globe and the current limited and problematic flat earth model. In this video you will see a video put out by the US Army several decades ago talking about the fake "mean sun" model we use. If you don't have the attention span to make it through this, at least go to 10:34 and watch the segment of the US Army film. Here is that video.

Flat Earth : 15°

Or, keep standing with the rest of the monkeys clinging the the fantasies created by the people who run this realm.

Quote from Qnfee: "I don't know what this place is , I have my ideas about it because I ruled out all nonsense and bs and what is left can be close to what this place is , but I don't like to mention it because its already hard for people to get their heads around the stuff that I already show at my channel.
if I tell people about our place then they would call me crazy lol."